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Metal prints work with scenery, portraits, action shots. Or, choose a close-up or macro, and allow the vivid colour and detail to blow your mind.

Metal prints work with scenery, portraits, action shots. Or, choose a close-up or macro, and allow the vivid colour and detail to blow your mind.

I’ve written extensively about metal prints in past Photoblog posts. Still, it wouldn’t be a proper celebration of Photo Month without at a brief recap of this amazing yet little-known printing method. Here, then, in the proud tradition of BuzzFeed, I present a ‘listicle’ of the top four reasons to choose a metal print:

  1. Metal lives forever. These prints are made up of dyes that are infused onto specially coated aluminum sheets. Unlike standard photo papers, metal prints are very durable and won’t fade.
  2. Its unique look. Printed on aluminum, the print shimmers like glass and reproduces the image’s depth of field with an almost three-dimensional effect. Metal prints catch the eye from virtually any distance and from any angle.
  3. Image clarity. Metal prints offer image clarity and colour reproduction that simply need to be seen to be believed. You’ll notice that even the smallest, farther details appear incredibly crisp and defined. Perfect for showing off your handiwork with your hi-res DSLR camera.
  4. Image rarity. Although they are catching on, it’s safe to say that most people still have never seen an actual metal print. So when people see one (or more) hanging on your wall, it’s a guaranteed conversation starter. And if your interior design has a modern aesthetic, metal prints are the ideal choice.

No description, however, can properly do a metal print justice—which is why I recommend dropping by your nearest London Drugs Photolab to see a sample for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Metal Prints

  1. Gaye Letkeman says:

    I am very interested in getting a metal print for an anniversary gift. Can you please tell me the prices?
    Thank you!

    1. London Drugs says:

      This would make a beautiful anniversary gift. Nice choice!
      Here is a link to the various sizes and prices for the metal prints.
      Thank you!

  2. Kirsty says:

    I had a shot of mine printed for a cell phone cover. The original shot was intentionally very dark to showcase the image. Due to the processing it had to be lightened up a tad before it was printed to aluminium for the cell phone cover. The image is stunningly printed (thank you) and there is the added benefit that it reflects the surrounding light, so becomes darker and lighter depending on what is happening. It is a wonderful bonus, and I look forward to printing more of my work on metal prints…just wish you could do 12×36 as I have an incredible image of thoroughbreds rounding the final turn which is stunning in black and white on silver…how would it look on aluminium :-).

    1. London Drugs says:

      Hi Kirsty – we would love to have you chat directly to the lab manager as they would be able to look at what you have and talk on a more personal level. If you tell me which store you go to I can set up a connection for you to chat with them. With such beautiful photographs we like to work carefully with the photographer to give them an idea of what will work best for their needs. Glad you’re so happy with your cell phone cover. The image is fantastic!

  3. Chuck says:

    what sizes are available?

    how about putting in a shower room?


    1. London Drugs says:

      This would actually be a perfect item for a shower room. This material is very resistant to fading or damage by moisture.
      Let us know how it goes!

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