London Drugs donates $10,000 to help replace stolen equipment for North Shore Rescue

We’ve recently learned that North Shore Rescue’s two backcountry caches with thousands of dollars of emergency supplies have been stolen. Lifesaving equipment including: stretchers, rope rescue gear, tents and stoves imperative for saving lives – gone.

London Drugs has been a part of the North Vancouver and North Shore community for more than 40 years. Health, fitness and safety focused, when we learned about this vital equipment being stolen from this volunteer group that does so much good for hundreds of people year round, we knew we had to help.

London Drugs is immediately donating $10,000 in funds to re-purchase lifesaving equipment required in the backcountry caches for North Shore Rescue. The cache’s critical equipment is a huge priority for the volunteer team, both for their safety and their ability to save the lives of individuals who become caught in these remote areas and are in need of help.

The North Shore has such a variety of recreational outdoor opportunities and people enjoy the mountainous terrain and trails from all over the lower mainland as well as visitors from around the world. North Shore Rescue is an arm in need to the local North and West Vancouver police detachments when needed and absolutely vital to the safety of all of us who enjoy the North Shore outdoors.

If you look at the North Shore Rescue twitter page, you can tell even from this stream how busy the team is. Calls come in from Lynn Canyon, Grouse Mountain, Cypress Falls, Howe Sound and more. They are trained volunteers who are on call 24/7 assisting people who are in sometimes dire need and in life survival situations.

Thank you North Shore Rescue and your team members for your volunteerism, helping people in distress in all kinds of situations and for being there in any emergency. We want you to know what valued members of the community you are and how much we appreciate all that you do.

North Shore Rescue on Twitter:

More information on North Shore Rescue:

4 thoughts on “London Drugs donates $10,000 to help replace stolen equipment for North Shore Rescue

  1. Shirley Philpot says:

    Kudos to London Drugs. I love that store. They help the community a lot. Thanks <3

  2. Jamie says:

    Thank you, London Drugs! This donation will very likely help save lives. It’s great to see an outstanding corporate citizen such as yourself step up in an event such as this. When I saw the story on the CBC News this evening, I felt I had to make sure you knew your support was both recognized and appreciated. I’m a regular London Drugs customer, and this just re-affirms my decision to shop there. Thank you!

  3. dsinc says:

    Really impressed by this. You guys just stepped up like that. Funny our own government can’t be bothered…

  4. Bruce Moffat says:

    Many thanks to London Drugs for stepping up quickly to help us out in response this upsetting break in.
    Team Member for 15 years. Bruce

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