LD Picks: 23 Killer Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

OK, so we might have gone a little pumpkin crazy. But once you start looking at all of the amazing jack o’ lantern ideas out there, you just can’t stop! Here we’ve collected 23 of our very favourite inspirations for turning your plain pumpkin into a work of Halloween art. We hope they help and inspire — after all, Halloween will be here before we know it!

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1. Skeleton Pumpkins

Someone’s reaching out to you … but who?? Try this two-part pumpkin carving idea for maximum scare value.

Skeleton Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

2. Sparkly Pumpkins

Who says New Year’s Eve should be the holiday with all the glitz? Try making these pumpkins sparkle to add a bit of glam to this year’s ghoulish gala.

Sparkly Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of The Farmer’s Daughter

[How-to at The Farmer’s Daughter]

* * *

3. Constellation Pumpkins

A little chalkboard spray paint and a string of fairy lights are the secrets behind this night sky-themed jack o’ lantern. Find out all the steps here (slide 28).

Constellation Pumpkin

Image courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

4. Mummy Pumpkins

They just might be the cutest mummies ever. These googly-eyed pumpkins are fun and easy to whip up with the little ones, too.

How to make a mummy pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Hands On As We Grow

[How-to at Hands On As We Grow]

* * *

5. Black Cat Pumpkins

Cat o’ lanterns, anyone? The bonus here is that there’s no need to hollow out the body of the pumpkin. Clean hands–aaah!–and sleek felines guarding your door.

Black cat pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Sunset magazine

[How-to at Sunset]

* * *

6. Painted Pumpkins

Blogger Alisa Burke shares her tricks for making these painted suzani-inspired pumpkins.

Painted Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Alisa Burke

[How-to at Alisa Burke]

* * *

7. Sketched Pumpkins

Alisa Burke shares her love of sketching, here, with yet another way to create a non-traditional jack o’ lantern from a pumpkin or gourd.

Sketched Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Alisa Burke

[How-to at Alisa Burke]

* * *

8. Office Supply Pumpkins

Pressed for time? A handful of thumbtacks, pushpins or ‘brads’ (those paper fasteners that open and separate once pressed through the paper) might be all you need to create shapes, a message, or a random confetti pattern. Here’s how. 

Studded Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of A Subtle Revelry

[How-to at A Subtle Revelry]

* * *

9. Cross-Stitched Pumpkins

This one’s for the cross-stitchers (or for anyone who wants to be one). Full instructions here (slide x).

Cross-Stitched Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

10. Glitter Pumpkins

More glitz! More glam! A little glue and some confetti or sequins is all you need. 

Gold Glitter Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Made in a Day

[How-to at Made in a Day]

* * *

11. Address Pumpkins

Whether you want the kids to remember your address (YOU’VE got the good treats!) or just to create a seasonal decoration for your porch, you’ll want to get the hot knife ready for this jack o’ lantern.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 12.00.44 PM

Photo courtesy of In My Own Style

[How-to at In My Own Style]

* * *

12. Ombre Spiderweb Pumpkins

These ombre jack o’ lanterns add a touch of mystery to your porch, as it feels the fog is rolling in. Just in time for trick or treating.

Ombre Spiderweb Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Plaid Online

[How-to at Plaid Online]

* * *

13. Crayola Pumpkins

A vibrant splash of colour makes this pumpkin pop. And because it’s made from melted crayons, it’ll be messy fun for you and the family!

Crayola Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of The Nerd’s Wife

[How-to at The Nerd’s Wife]

* * *

14. Literary Pumpkins

A few stick-on letters and a dark line or two from your favourite poem or book (“Once upon a midnight dreary…”) might give your trick or treaters pause for thought.


Literary Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

15. Button Pumpkins

Crafters, get to work! A few buttons and bows will help create this pretty pumpkin with a spooky message.

Boo Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Better Homes and Gardens

[How-to at Better Homes and Gardens]

* * *

16. Toothy Pumpkins

Put those used vampire teeth to work again this season to craft these cute but feisty little jack o’ lanterns for your table or front porch.

Toothy Mini Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Martha Stewart

[How-to at Martha Stewart]

* * *

17. Ice Bucket Pumpkins

An old or new pumpkin doubles as a cooler a treat for when your wee trick or treaters finally hit the hay.


Photo courtesy of Everyday Dishes

[How-to at Everyday Dishes]

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18. Abstract Pumpkins

Inspire some serious pumpkin envy with this touch of artistry. The more abstract, the better!

Abstract Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of HGTV

[How-to at HGTV]

* * *

19. Emoji Pumpkins

Because, emojis!

Emoji Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of PopSugar

[How-to at Popsugar]

* * *

20. Drilled Pumpkins

Forget the knife, and haul out your trusty drill to create shapes and messages that become lit from within with a tealight.

Drilled Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

21. Confetti Pumpkin

A more colourful twist on the office supply pumpkins, shown earlier, these jack o’ lanterns use colourful pushpins and a neutral coat of paint for tiny bursts of colour.

Confetti Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of A Subtle Revelry

[How-to at A Subtle Revelry]

* * *

22. Candy Corn Pumpkins

Whether you love or hate candy corn, you know and remember it well. Best part: this jack o’ lantern requires no carving!

Candy Corn Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Midwest Living

[How-to at Midwest Living]

* * *

23. The Classic

Plan ahead with a bit of pencil sketching, or dive right in with your pumpkin carving tools of choice. You really can’t go wrong! Just don’t forget to light up your jack o’ lanterns on Halloween night so all the little ghosts and goblins know you’ve got treats to spare. Happy Halloween!

Classic Jack-o-Lantern

Photo courtesy of Flickr user William Warby

[No How-to Necessary, right?]

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