March 1st, 2016

It’s Time To Build a New Photobook

The holiday season has past. For me at least, it feels like forever ago. New Years, Family Day, Valentine’s Day, all gone. In fact the entire ‘15-16 winter season will have passed before you know it. No question, we’re in a bit of a lull around this time of year.

Which makes it the ideal time for a new photobook.

Makes perfect sense if you think about it: Before long Spring Break will be upon us, then Easter…leading into the May long weekend and then BAM! Summer is here. This little reprieve at winter’s end is one of the few opportunities we have to reflect and look back through the reams of photos we’ve shot and uploaded, and single out the gems that will be even more amazing once turned into a beautiful photobook and shared.

As I describe in a previous post, creating a personalized photobook is easier than ever since the Photolab launched its all-new website and in-store kiosks. If you haven’t checked it out yet, let me say again—this is the perfect time to make a new photobook.

It seems we’ve looked at the new Photolab site on a laptop, a smartphone, and via the new Photolab kiosks; so far, the only device we haven’t covered is a tablet…until now. So, finally, here is what creating a photobook looks like using an iPad:


As you can see, the site design adjusts to any screen size—meaning you can chill out on the couch and create your photobook.


The experience is virtually the same as you move through the process seamlessly.



Choose from five different sizes.



Choose between a solid cover, a window cover, or a cover customized with your own photos.





Between your choice of covers and page layout styles, you can create a book that is 100% unique and original, unlike anyone else’s on Earth. How often can you truly say that about any kind of product?



Since Easter is the next big public holiday on the horizon, I thought I’d preview a screenshot of the Easter themes.



When it came time to upload, I did what you can do with a tablet: turned it horizontally for a better vantage point. And the site, being responsive, adjusted automatically. You can see all your default upload options, plus you can add Google Drive—and had I signed in, I could have imported photos from Instagram as well.



You can edit your images, enlarge them, add text and then change font and adjust the font size.

Whatever device you use, making a photobook is as easy as it looks. If you have any trouble, however, you can visit your local Photolab and use the brand new kiosks. They function exactly the same as the website, only you have a friendly and helpful Photolab technician nearby to assist you if necessary.

Grant Proulx

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