Holiday cards, made personal in minutes

cardsSo…if you’re a regular reader of the Photoblog, and you read my post a while back about being proactive when it comes to getting your personalized holiday cards done, but you still haven’t done it, I have great news: you still have time! Not only that, but you still may even be able to qualify as ‘proactive.’

Also, if you’re a regular Photoblog reader, you’re probably aware that we’ve covered holiday cards extensively here on the Photoblog. And if you’ve ever made and sent even one, you’re already familiar with all of their benefits and their infinite superiority over plain ol’ standard off-the-rack cards.

For one thing, they are completely customizable, and therefore 100% original. You can tailor them to the preferences of the recipient(s): You can make them tasteful and elegant, modern and stylish, or completely over-the-top cheesy. Not only that, but you’ll find that doing so is surprisingly simple thanks to the intuitive Photolab home software—which, in case you were not aware, is completely 100% free to download and install. Once you’ve experienced the thrill of creation, simply click a button to send them for printing at the Photolab. You can send copies of the same card to countless recipients, or you can personalize each individual card.

Of course, if you’re really out of time or just don’t feel like doing any customizing, simply bring your image to the Photolab, where they will add a holiday template of your choice onto the left side. Available in 4×8” and 5×7” sizes and priced at $9.48 for 12 cards, complete with envelopes; additional copies are just 69 cents. Featuring same-day pickup and virtually zero effort on your part—but hey, they’re still a better option than off-the-rack in my opinion.

Of course, off-the-rack cards aren’t going away anytime soon. However, if you truly are a photography lover (and if you’re reading this blog, I suspect that’s the case), then I would urge you to show it! Search your archives for the perfect image, or even better, grab your camera and shoot one just for your greeting cards. It’s the perfect way to combine the joy of photography with the joy of the holidays.

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