Get in the Pink—Pink Shirt Day Feb. 29!

Five years ago, two grade twelve boys from Nova Scotia stood up for a younger boy who was being bullied for wearing the colour pink. They encouraged their schoolmates to wear pink and send a message against bullying. CKNW heard of the story and started running editorial dedicated to anti-bullying. Over time, this became a movement. Its goal is to discourage bullying by encouraging the wearing of the colour pink, and today we all know it as Pink Shirt Day.

2012 is the fifth year for Pink Shirt Day (, which will be held on Wednesday, February 29. This is London Drugs’ fourth year of participation, and all locations will be selling pink shirts and buttons to raise awareness and funds for anti-bullying programs supported by the Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast B.C. as well as the CKNW Orphan’s Fund.

Shirts are available at all
London Drugs locations
Last year, net proceeds of shirt sales at London Drugs totalled $75,000. This year we want to contribute even more, and hope to spread the word even farther that “Bullying stops here.”

Some facts about bullying:

  • Bullying happens to someone in Canada every 7 minutes on the playground (
  • 50% of Canadian school children report being bullied and 45% of children surveyed do not feel safe when they go to school (Bullying Study, University of Guelph)
  • Bullying can affect all ages—35% of workers have experienced worplace bullying first hand
  • Children who are bullied are at risk for imparied social development, mental and physical illnesses, suicide and school absenteeism
So dig out your pink shirts, pants or socks and have them ready for February 29th. Or visit a London Drugs store for the official Pink Shirt Day t-shirts or buttons. We’ll be rallying on our Facebook Page ( and on Twitter ( so follow us there for more information.

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