Enjoy True Whole Home WiFi with Mesh Networking

When you enter into an agreement with an Internet service provider, you typically receive a standard modem and router for home WiFi. While these components provide the basics for a home network, they are a one-size-fits-all system that rarely provides an ideal solution for homes. Wireless mesh network technology makes it possible to overcome the challenges posed by basic systems and gives you a true whole home WiFi system.

 The Problem with a Conventional Home Network

With the basic home WiFi equipment provided by your Internet service provider, you’re likely to experience dead zones in various areas of your house or condo. In these areas, you may not be able to access WiFi on your smartphone or tablet as connectivity may be poor.

Secondary routers can be added to a home network to try and address this problem, but this leads to other challenges. Smartphones and tablets are not smart enough to switch from one signal to another, making it necessary to manually connect to the secondary router as you move throughout your home.

What Is a Mesh Network?

Mesh network technology was developed as the solution to the problem described above. A wireless mesh network provides home WiFi with two pieces: a base unit and a satellite. The base unit takes the place of a conventional router and is connected to the Internet. Then, you place the satellite component of the wireless mesh network system in another location, such as on the second floor, and just plug it into the wall. Signals from the base unit are transmitted to the satellite unit and then distributed through your home.

Mesh networking provides a whole home WiFi system that does not require you to reconnect your mobile devices to maintain optimal connectivity as you move throughout your house. Your smartphone or tablet works seamlessly with no interruptions to data no matter where you are in your home. This means you can say goodbye to freezing and buffering when streaming videos.

Do You Need a Mesh Network?

Mesh networking is ideal for multi-level homes and businesses where there are noticeable WiFi dead zones. The highly efficient system can provide whole home wireless coverage when metal, water, or concrete interferes with or completely blocks connectivity.

Meet the Netgear Orbi

Netgear Orbi AC3000 Tri-Band Wi-Fi System – RBK50-100CNS

Benefiting from mesh networking is easy with the Netgear Orbi. This system gives you the ability to continue to grow your network with additional satellites to provide full connectivity throughout a large home. It’s dedicated channel for communication means that Internet speed remains fast no matter how many satellites you add and sets the Netgear Orbi apart from dual-band mesh networking systems.

With its larger size, the router in the Netgear Orbi system offers a stronger signal than other options on the market for a noticeable boost in performance. Plus, the sleek modern design of the base unit and satellites blend in with a home’s decor for a fashionable look.

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