Beautiful Canada: Let’s Get Cozy

Warm fireplaces. Fuzzy socks. Layers and layers of thick blankets and fluffy pillows. At this time of year, we’re all for snuggling up and getting cozy.

Whether you’re on the rainy West Coast or the frozen everywhere-else-in-Canada, we’ve collected nine of our favourite Canadian cozy photos to inspire you to curl up when it’s cold outside. Modern, rustic, or classic – we have a cozy style for everyone.

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Let’s get cozy!

1. @kylefinndempsey

2. @_ericashaw

3. @meaganrosesanta

4. @Cozy_Wood_Cabin

5. @StayAtHomeDecor

6. @ClydeAndRose

7. @MeaganFaye

8. @CanadaCozy

9. @SunnyNova79

How are you getting cozy this Winter?

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