7 Signs Of A True Canadian Spring

Hooray! It’s spring. Flowers! Sunshine! Bunnies! At least, that’s what the calendar says. But in Canada, looking out the window probably tells us another story. Here’s what our spring actually looks like. #realtalk

1. Shorts become appropriate. Kind of.

Photo by @chris_donaldson_in_3d on Instagram

The temperature is above 5 degrees, so obviously it’s time for shorts. Luckily, they go great with that toque.

2. In fact, all parts of your wardrobe are now in play.


You know, for Parka Tuesday, Umbrella Wednesday and Bikini Friday.

3. When you go to buy more rock salt at the hardware store, all you can find is patio furniture.

patio furnitures, iron chair and table after snow

BBQ season is soon! Really soon! Just two or three more…months.

4. Your mom is already on your case about summer camping.

Children with grandmother relaxing in tent

Reserving a campsite is tough. Luckily, she’s tougher.

5. You’re shoveling snow with a new sense of purpose.

Woman Working Hard To Shovel Snow

Who needs Crossfit when have a March snowstorm and a driveway? Swimsuit season, here I come!

6. Spring cleaning suddenly seems urgent.

The sun sure makes a difference to the way we see. You mean my windows have been this dirty ALL WINTER? Yikes.

7. Playoff hockey!

Ice Hockey Rink Stadium

Springtime obviously means great hockey, right? Or is that just us?

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