4 hacks to make face mask wearing a little easier!

Wearing masks has become part of our every day new normal. We wear them commuting on transit, at work, to the grocery store, and even during social distancing gatherings with friends. And we’re sure you have come across a few issues that make wearing them daily a bit hard to adjust to! We’re here to list off a few solutions to some of the small-yet-annoying problems that have come along with mask wearing!

#1 – Foggy Glasses

If you’re a glasses wearer, there is nothing more annoying than having your glasses fog up right after putting on a mask. So how can you prevent this? Try tucking the mask underneath your glasses. If it’s a mask that has a wired rim, make sure to pinch it tight so that it fits snug against your nose and face.

You can also try folding a piece of tissue paper into a thin strip and using it to line the top of your mask, right above your nose. This will ensure a tighter fit so that air doesn’t escape to fog up your lenses.


Lastly, use some dish soap to clean your lenses. Make sure you use it on both sides of each lens. This leaves a transparent layer that prevents the temperature changes that cause fogging. BONUS: Your lenses also get a cleaning!

#2 – Improper Fit

Let’s face it, one mask is not going to fit everyone the same. So if you’re stuck with a mask that fits a bit looser than you had hoped, an easy solution is to simply crisscross the mask straps before looping them over your ears. This will ensure a tighter fit against your face.

#3 – Running out of Filters

It happens to the best of us; with your busy schedule, you forget to wash your mask filters and are now left without any clean ones. So what can you do? Cut a piece of paper towel in half and fold it so that it is in two layers. You can now slip it into your mask and use it as a filter! Dried baby wipes and coffee filters can also double as mask filter options.


#4 – Ear Pain

Wearing a mask constantly can eventually lead to ear pain, especially when the straps are looped around your ears. You can fix this by wearing it so that the mask straps wrap around your head instead. Simply attach one hair tie or elastic band to each mask strap. Secure the elastic bands together by looping each of them to a paper clip. London Drugs also sells mask extenders, which you can also use to secure your mask around your head.


Hopefully, you’re able to use one (or all!) of these hacks to solve those little daily annoyances that come with wearing a face mask. They can help make your day a little easier and a little more comfortable! If you are experiencing maskne from continued mask wearing, check out our blog with 4 ways to prevent and treat maskne. Need a new mask? We’ve got you covered! Browse our selection of reusable and disposable face masks here in the PPE section of our website.

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