Provincial Wildfire Information and Updates for Residents

We will be continuing to update this page as more information becomes available.


(8/27/2018) Protecting Your Health During Wildfire Season

(8/17/2018) Updated Provincial Help & Information

(8/16/2018) BC Air Quality Statement for British Columbia

(8/15/2018) City of Prince George – Wildfire Evacuation Information


Delivering bags of much needed supplies to evacuation center in Prince George

Bags of supplies being prepared for victims of the wildfire

(8/15/2018) BC declares provincial state of emergency due to wildfires.

GlobalBC –┬áThe B.C. government has now declared a provincial state of emergency due to the wildfires burning around the province.

This state of emergency will be in place for 14 days but may be extended or rescinded as necessary.

It applies to the whole province and ensures provincial, federal and local resources can be delivered in a co-ordinated response to protect the residents of British Columbia. (view article).

Air quality advisories are still in effect in many areas due to the many fires burning. Our Pharmacy Operations Manager Shawn Sangha has some advice for reducing your health risks.

Current wildfires in BC

Current wildfires in Alberta

Current wildfires in Saskatchewan

Current wildfires in Manitoba

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