The Joy of Square


See? Your iPhone has a square photo setting, meaning they’re not just for hipsters anymore.

It’s official: square photos have gone mainstream. If you don’t believe me, just check the settings on your iPhone camera. Of course, if you’re a regular Photoblog reader, this most certainly won’t be news to you, as we’ve written about square photos in detail here, here and elsewhere. In particular, this post from March 2013 offers some great techniques and general advice about taking great square photos, and their compositional differences from rectangular photos.

Whether square photos are your thing or not, if you’re even a passing photography aficionado you’re well aware of the current supreme leader of social media photography: Instagram. But did you know that you can order prints directly from your Instagram account via the Photolab website or in-store kiosks? Say goodbye to the arduous process of having to download images from IG and then uploading them to the Photolab from your computer. The Photolab has made it a very straightforward and simple process, which I nevertheless describe in a new post. And in case you’re of the opinion that Instagram is just a dumping ground for memes and vapid selfies, DailyTekk has compiled a great list of some of the finest Instagrammers of 2015. They’re all follow-worthy, but have a look at some brilliant photos from the following Instagram accounts:

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