So…how about those holiday cards?


Leisurely creating your holiday cards using Photolab Home Edition Software is a great post-Thanksgiving dinner activity.

October is upon us. The air has turned crisp, the leaves they are a-changing, and pumpkins are appearing on doorsteps all over the neighbourhood. It can all mean only one thing:

It’s time to start thinking about your holiday cards.

Seriously. Holiday cards are the kind of thing that can totally sneak up on you, so that the day of the December postal deadline you’re scrambling to get them printed. Sure, the Photolab can have the cards ready within one hour, but do you really want to add to your impending holiday stress by leaving it so late?

No. No you don’t. Not unless you’re some kind of crazy stress junkie. Otherwise you wouldn’t do that to yourself. Besides, planning them out this far ahead also gives you the ability and time to sort through all your photos and choose the most perfect ones. And don’t feel inadequate just because you don’t have sufficient Santa or snowman photos. Your personal cache of photos probably has plenty of great subject matter for non-holiday cards photos:

  • Family
  • Skiing/winter-sports
  • Vacation (not necessarily winter-based)

Wanna be even less typical?

  • Photos of you and the recipient together
  • Photos of the recipient’s pet
  • Food photos—are you a photography fan and a foodie? Does seeing a nice shot of your favourite holiday dish make you feel all warm & fuzzy? Hey, if you like your food pics enough to plaster them on social media, then they might also make a good card to send someone like-minded.

Once you’ve very-proactively-in-October selected the ideal photos, you then have two sweet options for creating your personalized greeting cards:

  • Using a Photolab in-store kiosk so that, as mentioned, they will be printed and ready in one hour, or,
  • You can create them using your downloaded Home Edition Software and send them to the Photolab, where they will be printed on HP Indigo photographic paper.

And of course, if you need any additional advice, feel free to speak to your nearest Photolab technician. They will have nothing but respect for you tackling your holiday photos on the early side.

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