Canvas gallery wrap? Metal print? Or a simple enlargement? There is no wrong answer; it all depends on the effect you’re after.

Canvas gallery wrap? Metal print? Or a simple enlargement? There is no wrong answer; it all depends on the effect you’re after.

So…was that a summer, or was that a summer? Hopefully, a couple of months from now when, as the song says, you’re out there standing in that cold November rain, you’ll be able to look back fondly on your epic summer. Which is why, wherever you went and whatever you did to make the most of the warm weather, you’ll be glad you remembered to bring your camera along.

Assuming you took full advantage of the long, sunny days and captured a bounty of fun action shots at the beach, the pool, or on the boat—not to mention some gorgeous scenic shots as well—the time has come to ask the question I always ask here on the Photoblog: what are you planning to do with them? Especially since I’m going to further assume that you’ve already posted them all over your social media. Are you just going to let them linger in the cloud forever as they gradually fade from your memory? Because that would be a grave injustice to two things: this glorious, who-knows-if-we’ll-see-another-like-it summer; and your photography skills, because if you’re proud enough of a picture you took that you’d post it on social media, it’s good enough to hang on your wall.

Especially when the Photolab has so many great ways to display them, from enlargements to a wide variety of impactful art prints. Each of them has been covered in past posts, but here’s a quick recap of your options:

Enlargements: Turn your photos into fine works of art up to 44×100″. The Photolab’s enlargement process uses patented inks and the highest resolution printing in the industry to produce rich colour and superior definition. (Blog post)

Metal prints:    Specially-coated aluminum sheets are directly infused with dyes, giving your print a stunning luminescent quality with a high gloss finish. Sizes range from 8×12” to 16×20”. (Blog post)

Bamboo prints:            Bamboo is one of those all-natural ‘super-materials’—long-lasting and ultra durable. Its fibrous texture results in crisp, brilliant colour reproduction. (Blog posts here and here.)

Canvas gallery wraps: Display your images with the incredible depth and dimension they deserve. Using specialty pigmented inks with archival qualities, the Photolab prints your images on premium fine art canvas and hand stretches them onto 1-3/4″ deep wooden frames for easy placement or hanging. (Blog post)

And of course, if you’d like to see samples or learn more about any of these, take a trip to your local Photolab and speak with a friendly technician. Just do it soon; word is, this year has yet to bring us another El Niño, which in these parts translates to a drab and soggy winter. You’re going to want those beautiful memories of glorious summer, when the sun hugged us all so warm and bright.

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