June 16th, 2011

London Drugs President and CEO Official Media Statement Regarding June 15 Stanley Cup Riots

Of utmost concern for London Drugs was that our employees at our Georgia and Granville store were able to get out of the store safe.

“We are grateful to our security staff and the assistance from the Vancouver Police Department that our staff were able to leave the store unharmed,” said Wynne Powell, London Drugs president and CEO. “This is a sad moment in the history of Vancouver. Our Georgia and Granville street London Drugs store has suffered significant damage and will not open on time today as a result of the rioting. We need to assess the damage.”

London Drugs security preparations for Game seven of the Stanley Cup included having eight additional security officers on staff and the same resistant glass and secure metal grill barriers that were in place for the 2010 Olympics.

“We felt we were prepared but the sheer number and force of the rioters far exceeded the Georgia/Granville corridor’s barrier capabilities,” said Powell. “We are thankful the Vancouver Police Department were able to protect our staff – that is our number one priority.”

At this time it is difficult to put an exact dollar amount on the damage and theft the store has suffered but it will be significant. The first floor of the store was hit hard which included food, housewares and cosmetics products. There was also significant theft on the second floor of the store which includes a vast amount of cameras, computer and electronic technology products.

Moving forward, London Drugs will work cooperatively with the Vancouver Police Department to review all security surveillance and will work to re-open the store as soon as possible. London Drugs security cameras have sharp clean images of the 200+ rioters that ransacked the store.

Our Robson street London Drugs will be able to fill patient prescriptions until our Georgia and Granville London Drugs location re-opens.

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