London Drugs Partners with Alberta Food Banks


From left to right: Stephanie Rigby – Executive Director of the Alberta Food Banks, Suzan Krecsy – Executive Director of the St. Albert Food Bank, Brenda Marsh – Store Manager of London Drugs in St. Albert, and London Drugs staff members.

London Drugs is proudly celebrating a new partnership with Alberta Food Banks, which will support 10 of its member food banks across Alberta though donations of non-perishable food and hygiene products.

London Drugs has been a long-time supporter of food banks across Alberta through various community initiatives such as Five Hole for Food. However, this marks the company’s first formal commitment to a sustainable program supporting food banks in the province. The company expects to contribute more than 110,000 pounds of food and hygiene products annually.

reusable-bags“We couldn’t be more thankful for this partnership with London Drugs,” said Stephanie Rigby, Executive Director of Alberta Food Banks. “In the first four months of our partnership, London Drugs has donated more than 40,000 pounds of non-perishable food items to food banks in Alberta where stores are located. We expect to reach over 110,000 of pounds by May of 2015.”

Food bank use in Alberta has remained relatively unchanged in the last decade, despite the economic boom in this province. In 2003, 48,743 people per month accessed a food bank and that number crested at 59,311 in 2010 when the country began to regain strength after the recession.

Rigby says that despite the great economic growth and success in Alberta, hunger persists at staggering levels.

“Significant portions of our province’s population are vulnerable and face significant challenges. Food insecurity – not knowing where your next meal is coming from – has become a norm, not an exception,” said Rigby.

“London Drugs is proud to support Alberta Food Banks and help them meet their goal of alleviating hunger across Alberta,” said Kevin Sorby, General Manager – Retail Operations for London Drugs. “We operate stores within many of the communities where there is a member of the Alberta Food Banks, and it’s important for us to be able to contribute locally and help people in the communities we serve.”

In addition to the corporate donations from the company, Sorby also says the partnership will open up more ways for London Drugs’ customers to easily give.

“Our customers often ask how they can contribute when our company participates in seasonal campaigns such as Five Hole for Food or holiday hamper drives,” said Sorby. “This partnership is a catalyst for us to find new ways to enable our customers to easily support as well.”

London Drugs and Alberta Food Banks will be cooperatively hosting several events over the year in various locations across Alberta, including a food drive in the spring of 2015.

Food banks in 10 Alberta communities are receiving donated items through this new partnership.

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