November 17th, 2015

London Drugs donates to Granville Island based Arts Umbrella


In October, London Drugs made a valuable contribution to the Arts Umbrella. London Drugs Cambie and West Broadway store manager, Dave Woogman, presented Arts Umbrella President and CEO, Lucille Pacey, with a $5,000 donation to help contribute towards subsidized programs.

This generous donation will contribute towards the Arts Umbrella bursary program that is designed to help families with financial barriers provide arts experiences to their children. Through this donation, Arts Umbrella can continue to equip children with the highest quality arts training through their programs for children 2-19 years of age.

Arts Umbrella is a foundation that offers programs in Visual and Performing Arts to encourage the ideas in children’s minds. By supporting the lifelong love of art that may begin at a young age, Art Umbrella is interested in cultivating artists and ultimately cultivating an environment. Here, kids can be themselves, explore their identities, and grow into strong capable people with thoughts, visions, and ideas about the world.

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