LD Experts: The Best Back To School Tech

The school year is still ramping up, and many students are now realizing they could use some extra tech to help provide an edge in their studies.  

Luckily, London Drugs Tech Expert Julian Sanders recently talked to CTV Morning Live Regina about the best back to school tech for 2017.

Watch the full feature here.

Top Back To School Tech Tips:

A major challenge modern students face is managing their many digital files and documents. One risk is that a precious hard drive could fall and break or become water damaged. For that, a rugged, waterproof hard drive, like this one from Lacie, is a great option.

Just transferring files between devices is another frequent challenge, especially when using iPhones or iPads for school work. A possible solution is the Leef iBridge, a special flash drive available in a variety of storage capacities that lets you transfer to these popular devices with ease.

Another common wishlist capability is to easily create digital copies of printed materials on the go…

For that, a wireless, wifi-enabled scanner such as the IRIScan Anywhere is incredibly handy. You can create digital scans in seconds and the results are much more legible than a photo or photocopy would be. Plus, these scans can be searched and even manipulated digitally. They’re great for research, letting you scan documents to read later or search later. And for scientific papers, you even scan and analyze data tables.

Aside from other staples like tough and affordable laptops and cool new gadgets like handheld printers, there’s a final piece of tech students are just beginning to need this time of year: an electric kettle.

They’re perfect for whipping up a quick oatmeal in the morning or some lunchtime noodles. But they are especially crucial for brewing late-night study fuel in your dorm room.

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