LD Experts: How to Power Up the WiFi in Your Home

Our LD Experts are knowledgable about many subjects, but if you need key advice on tech solutions, we’ve got you covered.

On CTV Morning Live in Regina, our computer manager from London Drugs Regina East, Julian Sanders, was a guest for Tech Tuesday. He talked to on-location reporter Alex Brown about how to power up the WiFi in your home.

Watch the full segment here or read the highlights below.

Does your internet connection drop off in certain areas of your home? Do you give a not-so-secretive eye roll when your kids are playing computer games and you can’t stream your favourite show on Netflix? Or, do you just wish your WiFi was stronger so you didn’t have to restart it all the time?

We hear you. It’s time to give your WiFi the love it deserves.

Meet Orbi Netgear, the world’s first tri-band WiFi System that accommodates more devices on a network. Orbi is a new way of setting up WiFi, providing your entire house with a strong connection (and no more frustration!).

Orbi is easy to install and can be fully customized by our LD Experts to fit your needs. Plug one box in a dark corner of your house, like the basement, and plug the other one in your living area where your family gathers most.

These two high-end routers will pick up and repeat the WiFi signal throughout the house to create a single high speed network. You don’t have to be a nerd to set this up!

You can find Orbi Netgear online, or pop in to your neighbourhood London Drugs to speak to an LD Expert on powering up your WiFi connection. We’d love to help!


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