How to maintain your diet & exercise regime

So you’ve gone through a London Drugs Nutrition Clinic, and you’re armed with information about your current physical metrics, about healthy nutrition, and about some personal health goals you’d like to achieve. But how do you make sure that you can maintain the enthusiasm you have today and see your goals through? Here are some tips that can help you stay on track.

Steps to Maintaining your Regime

  1. If becoming more active is one of your goals, choose an activity you enjoy. You’re less likely to put off doing something you find fun. Even better—plan the activity with a friend or group. You’re less likely to put off something other people depend on your to participate in.
  2. If eating healthier is part of your health plan, make it easier by preparing meals in advance. If you’re cooking for the entire family, cook in batches and freeze meals.
  3. To keep your new routine top of mind, try to read something about nutrition or fitness every other day. Continuous learning will give your overall goal importance and priority over the long run.
  4. If you’re making many changes at once, try setting reminders on your computer or phone for things like taking a walk or preparing your grocery list. Program a few “way to go” messages for yourself while you’re at it. You deserve the recognition!

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