November 25th, 2015

How to Buy (and Then Pack) the Perfect Suitcase


Taking off on an adventure and uncertain how to travel light and arrive at your destination wrinkle-free? Follow these ingenious strategies and perfect your suitcase packing.

Pick the bag that’s right for you


  1. Measure your carry-on. Be sure your carry-on will fit on the plane in order to avoid extra charges. Remember that 21 by 14 by 9-inch dimensions will fit in any overhead bin.
  2. Know the full-size case rules. Four wheeled hard sided suitcases are best for travelling and should have a butterfly opening for easier packing. For a visual, take the Victorinox Spectra 2.0 (above) as the ideal example.
  3. Watch your bag. Use a luggage tracker like LugLoc to locate a lost suitcase and remember to label your bag with an email address for easy contact.

What to pack


  1. Go light on clothing. A good rule of thumb is three tops for every bottom. Limit shoes to sneakers and two secondary pairs – one casual and one formal.
  2. Look for wrinkle repelling fabrics. Blends with Lycra, nylon, or polyester will better survive the journey wrinkle-free. Wool or stretched cotton are the best of the natural fabrics, while textures and prints can also help mask fold marks.
  3. Pack a just-in-case kit. Bring a Downy wrinkle releaser and Tide stain remover for emergencies.
  4. Prep your carry-on. Bring layers to combat chilly airplane cabins and pack a toothbrush and a day’s worth of prescriptions in case your luggage is lost.
  5. Invest in useful technology. To make a long flight fly by, use noise-cancelling headphones like Sony’s ZX series. Other products like the Logiix World Travel Charger USB adapter, designed to work in over 150 countries, can help ensure that all of your devices work across the globe.

How to pack

  1. Learn what to roll and what to fold. If using a duffel bag, roll all of your clothes. If not, roll knit items and fold more structured pieces.
  2. Be efficient. Packing cubes can keep swimsuits, gym clothes, delicates and dirty laundry separate and compressed.
  3. Fight wrinkles with trash bags. Line the bottom and top of your luggage with trash bags. The slippery material helps prevent wrinkles from setting.
  4. Place content strategically. Stash heavy items near the wheelbase to keep the suitcase steady. A common formula is to then place packing cubes, rolled garments, folded clothes, bulky jackets, and fragile items in the bag.
  5. Maximize every inch of space. Use every section of your bag. Wrap belts around the outside perimeter, stuff socks into shoes, tuck accessories into pockets and fill bra cups with underwear to prevent distortion.

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