Five Steps to Pull Off the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

You can pull off your own perfect pedicure at home with a few tools and pointers.

You can pull off your own perfect pedicure at home with a few tools and pointers.

Sandal season is in full swing, but if you’ve been a little shy to expose the toes, these five easy steps will have you pedi ready in no time.

1. Soak Those Toes

Hard, calloused, dry skin is a dead giveaway that your feet haven’t been given the attention they deserve. The first step in your perfect at-home pedicure is a nice long soak. Dip your feet in a warm bowl of water (bonus points for a drop of essential oil or a prepackaged foot soak) for a few minutes to soften the skin and cuticles, and make the next steps a breeze.

2. Slough It Off

Buff the rough skin with a foot file or pumice to reveal the baby soft skin underneath. Don’t be shy, put some muscle into it. Concentrate on the heels and the callouses on the outside of the feet where skin gets the driest. A foot masque or an exfoliating scrub will seal the deal.
3. Care for The Cuticles

Trimming your cuticles may seem like a good idea, but leave that one to the pros. If you think your cuticles need some love, grab an orange stick and gently push them back – (the post-soak skin will be easy to push back). If your nails have gotten a bit unruly, trim them with clean, sharp nail scissors or clippers and then file them into the shape you like.

4. Colour Your World

Next up, the fun part: color! This is the year of the pink. From subtle pastels, to bright fuchsias and berry tones, there is a shade for everyone. Of course, feel free to stick to something that’s in your comfort zone, whether you love a vibrant red or an oceany blue, nail color is more about personal preference than trends. To paint the nails, start with a swipe of remover or rubbing alcohol to ensure a clean surface for the polish to stick to. Next step is a base coat. There are lots to choose from and some double as top coats too, so find one that works for you. Then two coats of color and top coat for shine and longevity. There are some new formulations that have that act more like the gel colors we see in salons but can be applied (and removed!) at home. If you’re looking for long wear and low maintenance, try one of those – just make sure to follow the instructions.
5. Maintain, Maintain

Finally, maintenance. Now that your feet are fresh and soft, keep them that way with a few easy steps! Use the pumice or stone file to keep the dry skin at bay and if you’re really hard core, slather your feet in moisturizer at night and sleep in your socks. You won’t believe how soft they feel in the morning.

Happy sandal season!

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