Be Kind. London Drugs and Carlton Cards invite random acts of kindness

Write a note, send a card, all just to say thanks.

With our world more connected than ever before, we are encouraging our customers to write a handwritten note or sentiment to brighten someone else’s day. Technology allows us to connect instantly, however there is an element of humanity that is lost in it. Now more than ever, people need be reminded they are appreciated. Whether that is sending love to your family or appreciation to a health care worker that you’ve never met, but know they are risking their own health to ensure the safety of yours. We want to help share that personalized tangible message to remind each other that we are in this together.

How it works – For healthcare workers

Simply write a thank you note in a card and drop it off at any London drugs location. You can choose to buy a card while in-store or bring one you already have at home, it’s that easy! We will send the card out to be delivered to health care workers on the front line at local hospitals in your community. Of course, you can also mail out your card to a loved one or pass your card along to anyone you feel deserves a thank you. This could be a delivery driver, retail cashier, teacher or anyone else who you appreciate. Our aim is to help spread the love in a tangible way.


What about virus transmission? We understand some maybe concerned about virus transmission, however the virus doesn’t live on surfaces for very long. It can be a few minutes to no more than 24 hours, so there is little to worry about in regard to contracting the virus in this way.

Why Healthcare workers? We have chosen to thank front line healthcare workers for their continued hard work keeping us and our communities safe and healthy. As mentioned above, you can also mail/give a card to anyone who’s day you’d like to brighten.

What about sealing the envelopes? Stickers will be on hand to seal the envelopes, so you won’t have to. 

What goes in the collection box? The collection box is just for healthcare workers, but if you were wanting to mail your card, you can do so at one of our Canada post locations.

Who do we address our letter/card to? You don’t need to address it to anyone specific if it is dropped of in our collection box in-store.

Also, if you do show an act of kindness through dropping off a letter or card in the box (or donate to United Way) we are going to gift you a London Drugs blue cowbell. You can use this to cheer for your frontline workers at 7pm each night!

From us to you, Stay Safe and be kind.



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