9 Amazing GoPro Videos That Will Make You Say…

You don’t have to look at many GoPro videos to find ones that send a shiver down your spine. These 9 remarkable clips, however, are more about virtue than vertigo. Enjoy! (Love the outdoors? Consider picking up a GoPro of your own before the next big adventure.)

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This is as close as you’ll ever want to get to a hungry young grizzly. Amazingly, there was no damage to the camera!

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Take flight with Anders Jacobsen, in a beautifully shot Nordic jump in Lillehammer, Norway.

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Get a bird’s-eye view of some spectacular fireworks on the wings of a flying robot.

* * *


It hardly needs saying—don’t even think about trying this. Two French daredevils attempt to outrun an avalanche in the Alps. The only problem? Their escape route.

* * *


Abandoned by his flock after a big storm, Bigbird the Pelican stumbles ashore and learns to fly with the help of some new friends.

* * *

“Double Awwww!”

Fireman Cory Kalanick resuscitates a kitten he found in a burning home filled with smoke.

* * *

“Holy cow eagle!”

Ever wondered how it feels to soar like a majestic eagle over, say, the French Alps? Wonder no more.

* * *


The heartwarming tale of a winter morning, a frolicking family, and a feline, near frozen, buried in the snow. Can they save a life?

* * *


Just because you’re wise doesn’t mean you don’t know how to get down. Dig?

* * *

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 11.24.28 AM

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