3 Ways to Improve Video Calling at Home

If you’re still using your computer’s built in webcam and microphone for your video calls or twitch streams, it might be time to consider an upgrade. With many people still working from home, consider how you can elevate your at-home streaming by being intentional with your lighting, camera and sound. These three simple steps will help add that extra umph to your next stream.

1- Camera

Many laptops come with webcams as a nice built-in feature, but lack in the professional video quality that a stand alone camera will produce. If you already have a Mirrorless or SLR, consider using it for streaming. Since the start of the pandemic, most camera manufacturers have released instructions on how to go about doing so. Check out our blog on how to set your DSLR or Mirrorless camera up as a webcam here. If you don’t have a mirrorless or SLR, you can always use a designated webcam for increased video quality. We have a wide selection available online and in store.

2- Microphone

Just like your video, having high quality, crisp audio can elevate your home set-up to a professional level quickly. With a wide range of options from the Blue Mic Snowball, to the Blue Mic Yeti X, there are options for every budget. A table top microphone can also add in that radio personality feel.

3- Lighting

The final piece of the puzzle is lighting. It can be as simple as rearranging a lamp to better light your set up, but if you’ve gone through the trouble of setting up a stand alone camera and microphone, consider a ring light. A ring light will help separate you from your background, make your eyes pop, and add that professional feel natural light struggles to produce. If on a budget, this affordable Mobifoto 6 inch LED Vlog kit will do the trick. To find the optimal light placement, adjust the light placement from straight in front of you, to left and right.

No matter what your home office set up looks like, a few simple tweaks can help make your next video call look like a professional studio. For more great ideas on how to get the most out of your set up, speak with an LD Expert today!




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