May 18th, 2017

Emergency Preparedness 101: How to Build a Basic Emergency Kit

If an emergency situation developed quickly, would you know what to do? In the event of flooding, a natural disaster, or an earthquake, it’s important to be prepared. Experts agree that you need to be prepared to survive for 72 hours with the possibility of having no water or power.

Key things to have in your emergency kit are:

  1. Water – estimate four litres per person per day for drinking and sanitation.
  2. Food – gather food that won’t spoil such as canned goods, protein energy bars, dried fruits, and meal replacement beverages. Don’t forget to pack the can opener. Include hard candies, chocolate, and gum in your kit as a lift for your senses.
  3. Essentialsflashlights, extra batteries, candles, matches, garbage bags, a blanket, hand sanitizer, whistle, and a small mirror are all must-haves.
  4. First Aid – ensure your first aid kit is up to date and medications have not expired, include gauze, pads and tape along with an assortment of bandages. Include several pairs of disposable latex gloves, face masks, antibacterial hand wash, and a small pair of scissors.
  5. Battery-powered or a wind-up AM/FM radio to keep updated on current conditions.
  6. Seasonal clothing and footwear along with a dust mask in case of poor air quality.
  7. Entertainment – cards or any other board games. Crossword puzzle or pocket book to keep you occupied while waiting for the power to return.
  8. Additional non-essential but important items include duct tape, Swiss army knife, Kleenex, toilet paper, city map, and recent photographs of loved ones in case of separation.

Prepared emergency kits are available from London Drugs, SOS Emergency Response Technologies, and St. John Ambulance, but you can pack your bag to suit your family’s needs. All of these items should be ideally stored in a conveniently located and durable backpack.

During an emergency, if a London Drugs store is able to remain open, we will offer:

  • PharmacyContact us at Customer Service for the latest information on your local store and for any urgent pharmacy inquiries 1-888-991-2299
  • Charging Stations – we will have charging stations available for your electronic devices
  • Supplies and emergency kits – our staff will be happy to help you find an emergency kit or help you to create your own that fits your needs
  • Batteries and Lighting, Candles – we’re here to help with emergency lighting needs from flashlights, batteries to candles
  • Water – It is always important to have an emergency supply of water at the ready
  • Less Urgent Inquiries –  We’ll field any question at

Emergency preparedness is always a good idea. Educate yourself, your family, and your friends on the potential risks, create a plan, and stay prepared for any situation that might arise. 

May 17th, 2017

The Latest Craze – Fidget Spinners!

Everyone is raving about the latest gadget. Fidget Spinners are the new must-have toy for both adults and kids. Fidget Spinners are available online now at

Can’t wait for a delivery? London Drugs we will be hosting 2 4  5 NOW SIX ‘pop-up’ stores May 18 – 21 where you can get your own Fidget Spinner – this weekend!

Locations are:

710 Granville Street

20th and Lonsdale
North Vancouver

West Broadway and Cambie

Guildford Mall

Valley Fair Mall
Maple Ridge

Lougheed Hwy and Barnett
Coquitlam Centre

Come on by and join the latest craze!

Not recommended for children under 8.

May 17th, 2017

The Ultimate Spring Wedding Planning Guide

Eliminate the stress of planning for your spring wedding, whether it’s next month or next year. While the dress, cake, venue, and bridal shower might be at the top of your list, it can often be the smaller details that get left to the last minute.

Thankfully, we’ve curated a guide of everything you need to know for this wedding season to ensure your special day runs as smoothly as possible.

Make it Official

Wedding celebration with wedding party

Marriage Licenses

Don’t let the paperwork put a damper on the wedding planning process. Deciding who will officiate the ceremony is the hard part–purchasing your marriage license shouldn’t be. At London Drugs, we’ve made it simple. Just bring your ID to our insurance department and we’ll take care of the rest!


Confused about how to alert Canada Revenue Agency of your status as newlywed? Don’t be! Follow these helpful steps, fill out a Marital Status Change Form, and navigate to your CRA account online or on your mobile to check on any tax information and benefit or credit payments.

Look Flawless

Wedding hair on bride with options from London Drugs

Whether you’ve hired a professional to make the whole bridal party glamourous or have enlisted your most savvy friend to the task, there’s no denying how important hair and makeup are on your wedding day. If you’re stumped for ideas, check out the London Drugs Beauty Blog for inspiration and new products to give your look a chic update.

Chignon, Updo, Twist—Oh My!

For brides, figuring out what to do with your hair can be daunting: you’ve got to consider the dress, your current style, and the rest of the bridal party. But have no fear: we’ve done the research for you and found a list of this season’s hottest hair trends, as well as a good primer on the classics. Whatever style you pick, make sure it feels like you!

A major decision may be whether to go with an updo or keep your hair down. While there are many ways a professional can twist and pin your hair into an editorial style, if you’re going the DIY route, one great spring trend for 2017 includes hair accessories with flowers and feathers. Whatever you choose, make sure you can rock it all night with minimal fuss, and—more importantly—that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Makeup Tips

Professional or not, your makeup will have to withstand the occasional happy tear and hours of mingling and dancing. Before you even get to the colour selection, take the steps to prime your face, use a setting powder over your face products, and finally invest in some heavy-duty setting spray to keep your look fresh and weather-proof throughout the night. A good tip for preventing flashback in photos is to make sure your products contain no SPF.

You can choose from an endless array of makeup looks out there, including romantic or glamourous. If you’re doing your own, get help by following a step-by-step guide.

Record Your Memories

Vintage Canon camera to take photos on your wedding day with LD Photolab

One of the lasting mementos of this important day are the memories you capture on film. If you’re on a budget or love the DIY approach, there are plenty of ways to capture all angles of your wedding without hiring a professional.

If you like the idea of a photobooth with props, or a designated photo backdrop, pick up a Fuji Instax Mini for instant photographs that anyone can use. These can be assembled for the couple in a scrapbook, or kept by the guests as a wedding souvenir.

A classic interactive approach during the reception is to purchase as many disposable cameras as there are tables, and have your guests fill them. Not only will you get a wide variety of angles, different faces, and scenes of the wedding, but you can have the photos developed and assembled into a wedding photobook. Make it a coffee table book, mini, or express book for display. Another option for bridal party souvenirs or for your own home is to make magnets, mugs, ornaments and other gifts of your favourite photographs.

Hassle-Free Honeymoon

Newlywed couple on honeymoon with travel insurance from London Drugs

If you’ve planned on celebrating your marriage after the fact, you may already have a good idea of what your honeymoon entails. But if you’re a last-minute planner, or are waiting for the perfect vacation spot, here are some honeymoon hacks to make it a little easier.

First, make sure you know how much your honeymoon will cost and how you’ll be budgeting. Are you planning a week-long spa getaway, or three-month backpacking adventure? If you’re looking for the best spring honeymoon destinations, consider a city like Charleston, South Carolina to avoid too long a flight, or Jamaica after spring-break has passed. If you prefer something budget-friendly, consider staying in Canada, or an all-inclusive on a beach in Mexico.

Before you book, consider tips on when to find the most affordable airfare for your destination. Finally, understand exactly what you need to pack so you don’t forget any essentials before embarking on your romantic getaway.

And make sure to pick up travel insurance at one of our stores if you plan on leaving the province!

It’s our honour to be a part of your wedding, at any stage. Here’s wishing you a day  filled with family, friends, laughter, and love.  

May 17th, 2017

Sun Exposure

I know, I know, I know: Like most of you, I too wake up some days thinking summer will never arrive in western Canada again.

But smarter people than me assure me that this is wrong: Summer will eventually arrive and when it does, if you’re anything like me, you will rush outside to spend some time bathing in that big, beautiful, hot sun.

So let me play my standard role of parent and warn you all ahead of time that while some time in the sun is necessary for good health – sunshine acting on our skin helps our bodies produce vitamin D which we all very much need – too much sun is clearly linked to poorer health both in the short term which leads to problems such as sunburns and sunstrokes, and especially in the long-term through much higher risks of skin cancer, especially the most serious form known as malignant melanoma.

So here’s the advice that you really need to heed in the coming months: 10-20 minutes of sun exposure several days a week is OK but

  • Try to avoid being out there at the peak-sun times of day
  • Cover yourself and especially your kids with sun-protective clothing while outdoors
  • Wear a hat even if like me, you think that a hat makes you look nerdy: No one really notices, believe me
  • Slather on sunscreen with a SPF of at least 30 (and it’s a very good idea to carry extra tubes in your car, just in case)
  • Don’t forget to protect your eyes – sunlight exposure is said to raise the risk of cataracts
  • And remember that just being outside is linked to better health so a walk in the park in the shade is probably better for you overall than 2 hours spent on the beach.

Check out our full selection of suncare solutions here.


May 13th, 2017

How to Naturally Relieve Allergy Symptoms

The seasonal battle against sneezing fits, sinus problems, hay fever, and eyes that itch (so much they feel like they’re on fire) has begun. With so many foes, how can we properly equip ourselves against this onslaught of symptoms? 

While there may not be a secret weapon to vanquish every allergy symptom, there are a number of natural tools and tricks you can keep in your arsenal to help fight your seasonal allergies.

Schedule Any Outdoor Exercise for the Evenings

If you love taking spring time strolls, waiting to do so until after midday may help to lessen your allergy symptoms. Because most trees release their pollen early in the morning, waiting until the proverbial dust settles (and isn’t swirling around in the air you breathe) can make your time outdoors more bearable.

Change Your Clothes When You Come Home

When you come home from work, school, or errands, change into other clothing when you return to your house. Pollen likes to hitchhike on your clothing and stick to it like tiny sea urchins, so toss your outside clothes into the wash to prevent pollen from infiltrating the stronghold of your home.

Use a Neti Pot

If you’ve never used a Neti Pot before, you may be a little bit intimidated by the thought of pouring water up your nose. It’s actually not that uncomfortable (really!). It takes a little getting used to, but once you get the hang of it it’s quite effective, and will become a staple in your allergy-fighting regimen. Rinsing with a saline solution up to twice a day for short periods of time can help to clear out your nasal passages and help to lessen the effects of allergies on your sinuses.

Eat Local Honey

Many an allergy-sufferer claims that eating local honey helps them battle seasonal symptoms. It needs to be local because it will contain a wide sampling of different pollen carried on the bees who made it. By gradually exposing themselves to small amounts of local pollen, many people report it noticeably helping them build up a pollen tolerance and overall decreasing their allergy symptoms.

Purify the Air in Your Home

HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters in your appliances (like vacuum cleaners) can help ensure that allergens are taken out of the air in your home, instead of being stirred up and dispersed when you clean. There are also free-standing HEPA towers that you can put in high-traffic areas that will work to keep the air in your home as clear as possible.

Use Essential Oils

There are many essential oils that can help to support your immune system while it battles allergies. Add them to a homemade all-purpose cleaner, mix with water in a diffuser, or dilute and apply directly to your pulse points. Especially effective against hay fever, some favourites are lavender, eucalyptus, rose, and peppermint.

Put Turmeric on Everything

This vibrant spice, belonging to the ginger family, is about to become your new best friend. Turmeric contains curcumin, which acts as a decongestant and is a natural antihistamine. If you’re not sure what kinds of dishes you can add this superhero of a spice to, try making this golden turmeric tea recipe in under five minutes. It’s also perfect for curries and stir-fry.

Eat Allergy-Fighting Foods

Mother Nature provides many kinds of foods that contain antihistamines, and incorporating as many as you can into your diet can help naturally ward off allergy symptoms. Naturopaths often recommend eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables, onions, garlic, ginger, cayenne, and deep yellow and orange vegetables as often as possible.

. . .

So there you have it: your arsenal of weapons against allergy symptoms. Even though it can feel like a hopeless battle, any of these remedies can help make a difference.

May 11th, 2017

7 Bizarre Products You Will Love

At London Drugs, we sell everything from cameras to candy, lipsticks to memory sticks. So it’s no shock that some of our many products are a bit, well…bizarre. And that’s okay. We love being surprised by some of our weirdly wonderful items.

Once before, we celebrated our favourite odd appliances. This time we broadened our scope to include all things nifty, neato, and unexpected.


Gidget Widget Cube

The concept of old-fashioned stress balls is taken to a new level with widget cubes. They keep your hands occupied with a six-sided barrage of buttons, balls, wheels, and levers all designed to take your mind off your stress.

Bike Brightz

Bike Brightz help keep you safe and seen at night, and there’s nothing bizarre about that! But we can’t help thinking how awesome they make bikes look. Remember those souped-up cars from our favourite early-2000s action movies? Us too. Vrrroooom.

Belkin Rockstar 5x Splitter

You’re having a listening party but need to keep it down for the neighbours, baby, grandparents, etc. You’ve been there, right? Well, even if not, you can surely appreciate how handy this nifty five-way earphone splitter would be. So it’s PARTY ON…quietly.

Hardbite Beet Chips

Included for two reasons. First, these beet chips may seem bizarre to those trapped in a “potatoes only” chips mindset. Psst…they’re actually amazing. Second, we’re suckers for a good pun. Mad beets? Oh, that’s rich. (Also try: 18 Carrot Gold and Eat Your Parsnips)

Cover Blubber Food Saver

If you think these reusable food savers were included because they resemble a family of neon, outer-space blowfish, you’re only partly right. Wait till you feel how mind-blowingly stretchy they are, too. They work like a charm and are great for the environment.

iHome Bluetooth Dual Alarm Clock

This “clock” does everything. It wakes you up with progressive sound and light meant to mimic a natural sunrise, but also plays streaming music, can be used as a speakerphone, and glows in five selectable hues. Plus, it looks like a giant frog’s eye. So that’s pretty neat.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This list would be incomplete without a funky breakfast tool (sorry, we’re all sold out of the classic 3-in-1). But this one’s an award-winner based on consumer surveys, so you know it works great. Why bother making breakfast sandwiches in stages like a schlub. Instead, do it all at once and make two sandwiches at a time!

The best part? You can pick up these and other wacky, wonderful items at London Drugs in store or online. Until next time: keep it weird, Canada.

May 3rd, 2017

Special Ways to Spend Time with Mom This Mother’s Day

Moms of all sorts deserve a treat (not just this month, but always!). And what better gift is there than a little quality time with her kids? Whether yours likes to rest up or rev it up, go high brow or get down and dirty, we found some of the most interesting experiences for sharing special time with your favourite lady.

Natural Woman

Reconnect with Mom and nature at the same time on an easy-paced walk. The 2017 Meadowlark Festival offers more than 30 educational nature tours over five days across southern British Columbia, from Osoyoos to Summerland. Try the Twin Lakes Wilderness and Watershed Tour for painted turtle spotting and cool aquifer-water refreshment. Avid readers and dabbling writers should bring notebooks along for the Literary Hiker Tour with poet Nancy Holmes and ecology writer Dan Gayton.

For young families or moms with grandchildren, a family tour offers a curiosity-based pace and a guide with lots of patience for lots of questions. This toddler-friendly walk around Barrier Lake an hour west of Calgary seems very realistic: “Walks will be subject to toddler interest . . . maybe we will get distracted by something of interest and just hang around there for the rest of the event!”

To truly test mom and daughter (or son) cooperation, travel by canoe. This Mother’s Day, Wetlands Paddle near Invermere offers an introduction to birding as well.


Does your mom go all squirrelly over the winter? Try zipping her through the forest from the perspective of a flying squirrel. There are plenty of safe, fun zipline tours to choose from. Many allow children as young as 6.

Some zipline tours emphasize wildlife and nature like this Bear Zipline tour in Whistler, BC. While others offer more gladiator-style obstacles like this one in Chase, BC (near Kamloops) with its optional adrenaline-raising drop swing.

If your mom likes height but not speed, this non-zip Treetrek tour in Whistler offers spectacular views of the river valley from nine suspension bridges.

Getaway Girl

Those who can split costs with a pack of siblings may like to surprise Mom with a holiday weekend. For family harmony, sign up for the Banff Yoga Festival May 26 to 28. Whether you like your yoga on a mat, hanging from a rope or floating in a canoe, you will find many classes to suit everyone’s personal preference and abilities.

If y’all are more of a down-home bunch, the Cowboy Country Music Weekend (also May 26 to 28) may be just your jamboree. Located between Jasper and Banff at the David Thompson Resort, any family members that aren’t fans will have a quick escape to nature.

All Dressed Up

Some Moms like an occasion to get gussied up. Here are a few cultural events worthy of couture.

Our Canada is Alberta Ballet’s combined celebration of its own 50th year and the Canada 150 Celebration. The unique production is choreographed to the music of folk and country music legend Gordon Lightfoot.

Moms who love big ideas will be delighted with tickets to TEDxYYC on June 23 in Calgary. Other TEDx events throughout May and June are in Grande Prairie, AB and Kelowna and Parksville, BC. Check this interactive map for one nearby.

Whether your mom is a tracksuit or a tiara type, she’ll appreciate the gift of time with her kids–especially when the activity perfectly suits her personality.

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