August 23rd, 2016

6 Ways to Make This Your Most Organized School Year Yet

Don’t be fooled by the scorching temps, the tinkle of ice cream trucks and the sweet smell of sunscreen: summer is drawing to a close. You can’t fight it. It’s already that time of year. (Remember: the next step after denial, is acceptance.)

go back to school organized this year

While the prospect of having the kids back in school delights many a parent, remembering the busy-ness of the school routine can quickly turn that delight to dread. If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to revisit your strategy: getting organized early can make all the difference.

Here are some ideas to get you ready before it’s all systems go.

1. List it or lose it.

Whether you DIY, get an app (the Wunderlist app is definitely a fave) or download one of the thousands on Pinterest to choose from, first things first – get a list! Start one for school supplies, lunches, clothing – it’s amazing how good you can feel ticking off to-dos.

2. Kill it with a calendar.

Having a calendar for important school dates (and work and personal dates too!) is a must for any sane human being. For the digitally inclined, Google Calendar is an obvious choice: it’s free and easy to use on all your family’s devices. But dry erase calendars for home and work can be invaluable – they are always “on”, and don’t require batteries. Try giving each family member a different coloured marker for some seriously sensational scheduling!

Check out this beautiful (and minimalist) printable calendar currently making the rounds on Pinterest.

3. Do lunchboxes like a boss.

This school season, think bentos instead of bags. Current lunch-box hotness trends towards nutritionally balanced works of art; perfect triptychs of fruit, veggies and string cheese. Sandwich boxes are an easy way to keep it all sorted; note the colour tabs on this one for the ultra-organized. The best part? No wizardry required.

it's easy to pack lunches in these sistema containers

4. Put a label on it.

Personalized labels have come a long way from the drab, peeling stickers that used to adorn every kid’s school supplies. Today’s labels are built to last—and the choices have expanded too. You could stick with the traditional self-laminating variety – or, better yet, stick-on some bling. Your kids will love bejewelling their book bags, notebooks, pens (and themselves) with stickers and DIY jewelry sets to help them keep track of their favourite school stuff.

5. Get your game on.

Once school begins there are so many rules and routines to follow it can all be so…boring. Put a bit of fun into it with a back to school game. Scavenger hunts can be a fun way for little ones to find hidden school supplies (and then for parents to teach them how to put them away). They can also be used with somewhat older kids, to help teach new skills and concepts…just don’t forget the prize at the end!

6. Just wing it.

When all is said and done, the back to school busy is brief and before you know it you’ll find your groove – so don’t sweat the silly stuff! If all else fails, eat cake.

August 21st, 2016

The Ultimate 2016 Student Gadgets Guide

Attention College Students: it’s time to think again about #dormlife. Whether you’re entering your first year or you’re a vet of shower flip-flops and common room chill-outs, this guide is for you. (Yes, you should still check it out if you’re “living large” off campus.)

London Drugs College Gadget Guide

You’ll need survival basics and school supplies, of course. And London Drugs also has you covered for student tablets and study session laptops.

But then there’s the fun stuff. Those small, supposedly optional, but massively life-saving protectors of your comfort and happiness.

That’s right: student gadgets. Here are some to consider scooping up for 2016. READ MORE

August 19th, 2016

LD Picks: 5 Methods for Brewing Amazing Coffee at Home

best coffee methods london drugs

Lately, coffee is becoming about more than taking breaks and boosting energy. It’s an experience. There are even some gourmet coffee tastings now – called “cuppings.”

So it’s no surprise, then, that we’re all increasingly concerned with brewing the very best cup at home. Partly, that means experimenting with new brewing methods. Which is best? Well, that depends on your taste.

Here’s our beginner’s guide to methods for making amazing coffee at home.


August 17th, 2016

Peeling Too Many Potatoes? We Take Care of That.

Ever make massive potato salads or mashed potato batches? Maybe for a summer BBQ? Then you likely dread hand-peeling dozens of potatoes. For some, especially those with more “life experience,” that much peeling can severely irritate the elbows, wrists and hands. Ugh.

Don’t worry, London Drugs is here give your hands a hand with another handy life hack.

  1. Score a line around the middle of each potato with a good paring knife.
  2. Place the potatoes in a large stock pot, cover with water, and bring to just a boil. (Take advantage of your free time by prepping some other dishes for your meal!) Then carefully place them in cold water.
  3. Now you can peel the potatoes simply and easily, just by twisting the two sides apart with your hands.
  4. Remember, the potatoes aren’t cooked yet – they still need to be boiled, baked, or grilled! 

Whew. It’s that easy. No matter what hot water you’re in, London Drugs has you covered in store and online. And our prices mean you’ll always keep your cool.

Check out more LD ‘lifehack’ solutions below:

How to Quickly Smooth a Wrinkled Shirt

Surprising Way to Remove a Stuck-On Ring

How To Remove A Stripped Screw 

Six Things You Didn’t Know About Your iPhone

August 15th, 2016

4 Tips to Get Your House Ready for the Back to School Season

With summer ending, it’s now time to get your home ready for the autumn’s great return exodus. As days shorten, people move back indoors – and, pssst, it’s been been six months since spring cleaning. Ease the stress of back to school and work by keeping in mind four simple tricks to beautifully prepare your abode for fall. Remember: back to busy doesn’t need to mean back to messy.

yard end of summer back to school

Pack up the Patio

It’s always hard to accept the end of patio season, but there comes a time to embrace the chilly evenings. Wash and dry cushions or fabrics before you store them and put covers over furniture you can’t bring indoors. Drain kiddie pools and clean them thoroughly before storing them for the winter. Properly cleaning and storing your summer essentials will make room for raking the leaves when they inevitably arrive.

Get Set for Sweater Weather

Cleaning out closets and drawers to make room for the heavier togs of autumn. Clearly labeled boxes are a boon: Help the kids decide what to store for winter, what to keep in the closet year-round, and what to donate to charity. Give the summer clothes one last wash before packing it away! Need even more space? Shallow Rubbermaid boxes stay out of out of the way keep cargo protected from dust and sunlight.

Minimize Bathroom Clutter

If you’ve got teenagers, then there’s no greater struggle than accurately judging primping time. A well-organized bathroom can keep the lineup running smoothly by making everything from eyelash curlers to pimple cream easy to find. Purge seasonal makeup and toss cosmetics that have passed their expiration date. Most makeup is only good for three months to a year, and eye makeup in particular should be replaced regularly to avoid infection. 

Freshen up the Fridge

The end of popsicle season is a great time to de-gunk your refrigerator. Remove all food and turf anything past its expiry date. Then, remove the shelves,  soak, scrub, and air dry. Wiping them down with baking soda and water will eliminate any remnant odours. Put everything back in a logical, organized way and assess what’s needed for on-the-go breakfasts, brown-bag lunches, and quick weeknight dinners.

August 15th, 2016

8 Back to Dorm Kitchen Essentials

back to school campus dorm

For university-bound students, back to school shopping can be the most appealing part of the new semester. Of course, there are the usual suspects – backpacks, pens, notebooks, and if they’re lucky, new electronics. But what about back to dorm shopping? They may not have a full apartment to deck out, but there are still some essentials for late-night study sessions – namely, in the kitchen department. We’ve gathered eight kitchen essentials for every post-secondary student. While blenders and slow-cookers are a great idea, sometimes they just need the basics.


August 11th, 2016

LD Experts: Best Tablets for Back-to-School 2016

back to school 2016 tablets

Last week, our LD Experts covered the best school laptops of 2016. But what if you want a device that’s more practical for schoolwork than a smartphone, but lighter and generally cheaper than a laptop?

Of course, you’ll be interested in tablets. These days, that also includes convertibles or hybrids – with hideable or detachable keyboards. That way, they function as either a laptop or a tablet, as needed.

But which are your best options? As always, that depends on your needs and also your budget. Here are some of the best tablet options for 2016.


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