February 8th, 2018

When you buy Huggies at London Drugs, you’re giving a hug to a vulnerable baby

Hundreds of medical studies have shown that all forms of touch are beneficial to the health and development of babies. Through an exciting new partnership with Huggies, we’re helping to make sure that no baby goes unhugged.

With every Huggies Diaper purchase made by an LDExtras member between January 26 and April 30, 2018, a $2 Donation will be made to the Huggies® No Baby Unhugged® program at Victoria General Hospital.

This volunteer hugging program help ensure all babies, especially those in the neonatal or pediatric intensive care unit, receive physical human touch should circumstance prevent a parent from being at their newborn’s side.

Within the hospital, specially trained volunteers are available to hug, rock, cradle and even sing to newborns – sometimes for hours at a time – providing peace of mind to parents, knowing that their baby is receiving this vital care even when they can’t be there.

The benefits of human touch for babies are endless; more stable heart rate, faster weight gain, stabilized body temperature, healthier brain development, and better overall health. These benefits are crucial to their long-term development and their effects extend throughout childhood.

Donations through this campaign will be used to expand the No Baby Unhugged program and the prenatal unit of Victoria General Hospital.

Every baby needs human touch to thrive—it’s what mothers have always known and science has proven. To help us give all babies the hugs they need, simply shop for Huggies at London Drugs in‑store or online before April 30th.

Not an LDExtras member yet? Sign up today. Visit LDExtras.com

February 2nd, 2018

February Book of the Month


The Dry by Jane Harper
Federal Agent Aaron Falk hasn’t been back to the place where he grew up in twenty years. Not since he and his father were run out of town.
Even when Falk gets word that his childhood best friend, Luke, is dead and his entire family murdered, Falk still isn’t planning on going back. But then he gets a note: Luke lied. You lied. Be at the funeral. And just like that, Falk is swept back into the secrets of teh place and people he left so long ago.
When Falk returns for the funeral amid the worst drought in a century, long-buried mysteries resurface, along with the lies that accompanied them. And Falk will discover anew what he’s known all along: sometimes you have to go back home in order to finally leave your past behind.

An exciting book that keeps you guessing. The story keeps you engaged and wanting to read more! – Review by Laura

Book of the Month
Every month we will be featuring a new book to be showcased in our Book of the Month. Staff members and friends will be reading the book and posting their reviews. We’d love to hear what you thought of these books as well. Post your comments and let us know. The Dry is available at London Drugs along with many other great titles and is on sale for the month of February.

February 2nd, 2018

How to Host a Great Party for the Big Game

The Big Game airs this Sunday February 4 in the afternoon, and while the marquee matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the (heavily favoured) New England Patriots should offer an entertaining diversion, we all know what the true point of hosting a viewing party is all about–having a great time with friends and family. Here’s our guide to hosting a world-class Viewing Party.

Make A Classic Big Game Spread

We all know why people are really gathering together. For the FOOD! Here are four recipes that take classic sports food fare to the next level. Or, get creative and bring your own flavour to the party. Make the following recipes your own!

Slow-Cooker Family-Favourite Chili

Chili is a true American classic, and you can follow this recipe from Betty Crocker, or make it your own by substituting veggie ground round, ground turkey, or extra beans in place of the ground beef. Chili is a great make ahead meal that let’s you put that slow cooker you got for Christmas to good use.

Slow-Cooker Family-Favorite Chili from Betty Crocker

Perfect Nachos

Chips, melty cheese, assorted toppings, mmmmmm. Nachos are another game-day classic. The Guide to Perfect Nachos from Bon Appétit is less a recipe, and more a do’s and don’ts list for making absolutely mouthwatering nachos.

Perfect Nachos from Bon Appétit



Have you heard? Avocado sales rise around the time of the Big Game. Really! And we get it: guacamole is delicious, and any excuse to indulge is good by us. Here is a great method from Simply Recipes that looks divine. Don’t forget the tortilla chips!

Guacamole from Simply Recipes


Show the Game on a Beautiful Screen, with Great Audio

The Big Game is as good an excuse as any to upgrade your TV. Get the coveted true black screen of an OLED model like this 65 inch OLED UHD HDR TV from Sony. One cool feature is that sound comes to you from the entire screen, meaning you get to be totally immersed in the viewing experience. 

Don’t have a big TV budget right now? No problem! Check out this Samsung 50 inch LED/LCD Smart TV. It’s currently under $600, and a heck of a good deal! Your party goers will be impressed by the crisp picture. 

Help your attendees feel like they are in the stadium with a state-of-the-art sound system that brings the experience to your living room. This LG 320W 2.1-ch Soundbar with Subwoofer is a sleek option.


Plan Party Games

Not everyone loves to watch sports. And that’s OK! To ensure that these folks still have fun at your party, plan some fun activities that will help them get invested in the game. A no-money, no-skill-required football pool is a great way to get everyone involved. Provide your guests with fun themed prizes that anyone can enjoy. Sports movies, amazing TV shows about football, or an actual football make great prizes.

Another option for a fun viewing party game is Football Bingo. You can find several good ones online, but we liked the version below and this one from Sunny Day Family. Print out the cards in advance and see who wins!


There you have it! Everything you need to host a great viewing party. We’d love to see how you are celebrating the day. Share your party pics with us online at Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Happy Footballing!

February 2nd, 2018

Kiss-Proof Valentine’s Day Lipsticks

We know: finding a lipstick that doesn’t leave that telltale mark on a coffee cup (or a special someone) is a serious struggle. Not to fear lipstick lovers, the quest is over! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, our Beauty Advisor Amanda is testing the best kiss-proof lipsticks available at your local London Drugs. Watch the video to see her top 6, plus her go-to lip primer and lipstick remover, for a flawless pout that won’t budge ‘til the end of the night.

Products Featured:


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January 31st, 2018

Let’s Talk About… tough conversations

Most people want to appear like we have it all together, so we talk about what’s going well in our lives. But what about when we’re struggling with a difficult time in our life? The reality is that everyone faces ups and downs.

Whether is Bell Let’s Talk, Canadian Mental Health Association’s Ask About Suicide partnership with London Drugs, or celebrities sharing their challenges, there is a new openness to talking about mental health. This is so important, because every year one in five Canadians will have a mental health problem or illness. About half of them will not talk about it with family and friends, and that may keep them from getting the help they need. The more we talk about mental health, the more we make it safe for people to speak up when they are struggling.

Regular people like you can be the one to reach out first and start an important conversation. Here are three ways you could start a conversation with someone who seems to be struggling.

  1. Describe what you are seeing
    Keep it straight-forward and without judgement. “I’ve noticed lately that you have been away a lot. It’s made me wonder if you’re ok?”
  2. Offer your own experience
    “I had a really hard time when I was first home alone with a new baby. How are you doing?”
  3. Talk about the trends

When we show how common mental health struggles are, it makes it safer for others to talk. “People I know are really stressed out about debt and the cost of living, especially this time of year. Is that something that bothers you?”

Whatever words you use, reaching out to someone who is having a hard time is always the right thing to do. And it might just be what they need to hear. If you want more ideas or resources, visit www.cmha.bc.ca.

By Maya Russell, CMHA BC Division

January 30th, 2018

Valentine’s Day Gifting Ideas: A Guide to Getting Personal

So… you give chocolates every year on Valentine’s Day- that wouldn’t be a problem if half the box wasn’t missing. This year, ditch predictable, and get personal. Contrary to popular belief, the stomach isn’t the only way to someone’s heart. Show your sweetheart how well you know them, or take a couple’s stroll down memory lane.

Whether you’re a seasoned romantic, or feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to spicing up V-Day, the London Drugs Photolab has everything to make this year one you and your partner won’t forget.


Fleece Blanket – Personalized with a Heart Photo

You know those photos that warm you from the inside out? Match that feeling from the outside in with fleece lining and a little love. Wrap them up in a moment frozen in time- and give the gift of comfort, in the form of a personalized fleece blanket.


Personalized Valentine’s Day Cards

Is any holiday complete without that Hallmark touch? Your relationship is an original. Nothing down any “greetings” aisle could ever really capture the sarcasm, unique brand of humour, and feelings that make you and yours so special. Speak from the heart, or let a photo do the talking for you- the choice is yours! You can fully customize your card with Valentine’s Day-themed templates, text and personal photos.


Photo Mugs

They might be a caffeine connoisseur or a tea enthusiast – either way, keep things steamy by gifting them a unique, personalized mug. Pick a size that matches their sipping routine: a 14oz for long days at the office, or an 11oz for lazy Sunday mornings.


Aluminum Metal Panels

Make sure your photos withstand the test of time, through even the harshest conditions… just like you two crazy kids! Bright and crisp photos printed on sturdy aluminum metal panels come hang-ready, and are resistant to fading.


Heart Puzzles

Spend a little quality time together this Valentine’s Day. A board game for two is unheard of- instead pour a glass of wine, order a pizza and get puzzling! Put together the pieces to recreate an anniversary, vacation or wedding photo. Our heart-shaped puzzle design makes it extra special for the occasion.


Photo Books

You two wrote your love story, now tell it with vibrant prints, beautifully bound in a hard or soft cover photo book. At the London Drugs Photolab, we review and correct every image, then print them with exceptional ink on high quality paper. Watch those memories that were once just scattered throughout social media or sitting on your hard drive, come to life.


Posters and Collages

Because you just can’t pick one favorite.

Choose the best of the best for a thoughtful photo collage. Liven up any room, and give a heart melting gift of your greatest hits.


Break the cycle of giving the same gift, without having to break the bank! All of our Valentine’s Day products are 10% off  (valid February 2nd-7th, 2018) which is just as sweet as the box of chocolate you’ve already eaten half of…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

January 30th, 2018

Don’t Let Your Memories Fade: Preventing Photo Damage

A single photograph is capable of speaking a universally understood language: freezing an exact moment and feeling in time.

That big box full of vintage prints has been passed from generation to generation, but they’re not as vibrant as they once were. Now they live in your attic… how will you continue to preserve them?

Light, heat, and humidity can damage or even destroy what was documented long before the age of memory cards, Instagram and Facebook. If you have photos taken between 1936 and 1990, those are especially in danger of fading. The processing used during that time causes them to degrade faster. Digital restoration is only possible to a certain degree, so preserving those photos should be a top priority.

Digital duplication and restoration is one of the easiest ways to ensure all of your family vacations, birthday parties and anniversaries withstand the test of time. With our Photo Scanning Box, preserving a legacy is a painless, one-step process. Fill the box with up to 800 images and have them returned along with a USB flash drive full of virtual copies, yours to recreate, edit, or redistribute. Back them up on any or all devices at home or work, and never fear another year in a dusty shoebox. Check out more information on our Photo Scanning Box here!

If spider webs aren’t a bother, or if you’re a pro scrap-booker with a glitter glue collection even Martha Stewart would envy, knowing how to protect those hard copy prints is of the utmost importance.

Storing your photos in folders or files meant for archiving is a tried and true solution to keeping your wedding pics crisp. Before moving your prints and Polaroids to their new, and likely, permanent home, wipe the surface of each photo with a clean cloth to remove any residue or dust. Even better, wear a pair of gloves as you handle the photos, to avoid leaving oily residue on your snaps.

Whether you’re planning to store or showcase your photos, there are two things to remember when choosing a spot: the room should be weary of traffic; avoid well-used living areas and hallways, out of harm’s way and greasy fingerprints, and be cautious of the room’s average temperature. Areas that are typically warm with a lot of natural light is a big no-no: big bay windows will wash out color, leaving them dull and muted, and humid attics will crack, ripple, and curl the edges of the photo paper.

For walls that look a little bare, you could also consider putting your memories on full display. Best practice is to showcase them behind framed glass, where smiles stay white, and holiday sweaters will stay a festive shade of traffic stopping red. When you order your next prints from our Photolab, you’ll be able to choose a frame to match. Personalized and protected, your photos will be a lasting statement piece in your home.

Prints on aluminum metal panels are also a great choice. They’re fade resistant and super modern: a look that will liven up any home, and will last for a lifetime.

Photographs tell your story. Let that story be shared and protected for future generations.



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