February 23rd, 2018

Weird and Wonderful Products You Won’t Believe We Sell

London Drugs is a go-to stop for many people when it comes to health & beauty products, prescriptions, stocking stuffers, snack staples, electronics and more. But only true LD aficionados know that they can often find products outside of those categories – some surprising, and some just weird and wonderful. Here are a few of our favourites.


Yes, you read that right. We carry items to furnish almost your entire home, from your first apartment to your retirement man cave. Need an affordable way to get comfortable in a small space? Check out this sleek, space-saving futon. Time to treat yourself? Kick back in an iComfort Massage Chair. All products are available for home delivery, too!

Very Specific Specialty Gadgets

If you like eggs, and we mean if you REALLY LIKE eggs, the Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker is a must-have in your kitchen. Easily boil or poach up to 7 eggs at one time to the perfect softness or hardness, and all parts are dishwasher safe for easy clean up. And please don’t forget about Slicey the Egg Slicer!



Cat lovers who also like to cook can rejoice: your two worlds will delightfully collide thanks to MSC’s line of adorable cat-themed kitchen gadgets. Keep your furry favourites close while you cook with these cat-shaped measuring spoons , measuring cups and baking timer. Your baking and recipes will turn out purr-fectly. (Sorry, we can’t resist a good cat pun.)




We know you’re busy and time is precious, so if you’re in London Drugs shopping for snacks and vitamins, save yourself some valuable time by picking up a few extra items that might be missing from your closet. We’ve got stylish basics, warm outerwear, comfortable sleepwear, flattering slimming garments, durable active wear, and staples that never go out of style like socks, tights and slippers.



Fun and Nostalgia

For families that like to indulge in a sweet treat once in a while, we’ve got some handy and fun gadgets. Bet you didn’t know that you can make your very own gummy candies at home! Indeed you can with the Nostalgia Gummie Bear Maker. With fun shapes like bears, worms, and fish, you can come up with your own fun flavours and colours while saving yourself a trip to the candy store.


No need to wait for a hot day to go out for a cool treat – bring slushies home when ever the mood strikes with the Nostalgia Slushie Machine! Mix, freeze and dispense all in the same place. And clean up is a breeze with detachable components. Bonus: the retro styling will look great in the kitchen! Just make sure not to drink too fast (#brainfreeze).




Have you found any strange and surprising items that you couldn’t believe we sell? Post them in the comments!

February 22nd, 2018

Surprising Things You Can Recycle at London Drugs

It’s 2018, and recycling is now, for most of us, an essential part of everyday life. Unfortunately, though, curbside recycling can be quite limited in Canada, and city programs may not accept all recyclable items. This is where London Drugs comes in! The list below includes just seven of the surprising things we recycle at London Drugs. We challenge you: sort through your drawers and cupboards and see how many of these seven unique items you can collect and bring in to us—to keep them from the landfill.

  • Styrofoam – London Drugs is Canada’s only major retailer to offer packaging return and recycling on anything they sell. Seriously. Anything! The Bring Back the Pack program includes Styrofoam (from items bought at London Drugs), which is not accepted as part of most municipal recycling programs.
  • Smoke Alarms – Smashed your alarm one too many times while burning the bacon? Bring it in and we’ll recycle it.
  • Non-Rechargeable (and Rechargeable) Batteries – Alkaline batteries are recyclable too. We have them sent to Inmetco in Pennsylvania, USA, where they use a High Temperature Metals Recovery Process (HTMR) to obtain an overall material recovery rate of 83%. Metals recovered include Iron, Nickel, Manganese, Copper, and Zinc. Ni-CAD, Ni-MH and Ni-Zn. Rechargeable batteries are also processed at Inmetco.
  • Plastic Insurance Folders – Don’t leave expired documents in your car! Shred your old insurance papers and bring the plastic to us. London Drugs also accepts all soft plastic bags (except biodegradable bags).
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Bring in your Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) Bulbs and Fluorescent Light (FL) Tubes up to 4-foot lengths to London Drugs for safe, responsible recycling. Simply wrap old bulbs carefully in a plastic bag or a box and drop them off at our Customer Service Counter.
  • Waffle Makers (And Other Small Appliances) – Need a new small appliance? Bring in your old one at the same time. Any dead small appliance with a plug can be recycled at London Drugs through the Small Appliance recycling program. All electronic products are responsibly disassembled to basic materials right here in Canada. London Drugs works diligently to ensure that recyclables are shipped to responsible recycling facilities.
  • VHS Tapes – London Drugs offers customers drop-off recycling for virtually all recordable media or media storage devices when customers are making similar purchases in our stores. (Maximum 16 items at a time, please)

You can help make a big difference. For more information on London Drugs’ green initiatives, visit greendeal.ca where—along with more info about our recycling program—you can learn about the green products we sell, saving energy in your home, sustainability education events, and more!

February 19th, 2018

7 Beautiful Signs That Spring Is Just Around the Corner in Canada

Since it’s technically still winter, we may be jumping the gun here in Canada, but the the thought of Spring is too exciting not to talk about. There aren’t many other things that thrill Canadians more than seeing the first few signs of warmer weather: the old, grey piles of snow in Calgary transforming into ankle-deep puddles, the first sights of the new potholes blooming in Saskatoon, any temperature that doesn’t have a minus in front of it in Winnipeg, or one day, just one day, that it doesn’t rain in Vancouver are all welcome signs that spring is near, and we can put another Canadian winter under our belts. Here are 7 Signs that spring is juuuuuust around the corner.


These little friends are usually the first signs of spring Canadians will see. Of course, the second thing they’ll see is fellow Canadians running around exclaiming, “BUDS ON THE TREES! BUDS ON THE TREES!”


Robins know when things are starting to thaw out, so when they show up in your backyard, it’s a good sign that your extremities are about to get warmer.


Photo courtesy of Banff Lake Louise Tourism

It’s a unique experience to play a bit of pond hockey with the warm sun on your face. In the above photo, the Banff Women’s Hockey team are here taking full advantage at the Fairmont Banff Springs hotel.


Crocuses are usually the first buds to poke their little heads out of the cold, Canadian ground, and we’ve made early Crocus spotting a competitive spring sport.


The comforting honk of these feathered friends making their way back to our lakes and ponds are a welcome sound in the ears of chilly, damp Canadians.


This patio at Canim Lake, BC isn’t quite ready for lounging on yet, but you know as soon as the temperature gets anywhere around 5 degrees, it will get dusted off and put to good use.

Spring Skiing

Is there any better feeling than skiing with no jacket? No. No there is not. Check out this daring canuck flipping for spring in Whistler, BC.


How excited are you about spring? Tell us, or even better yet show us, in the comments!

February 18th, 2018

5 Reasons Curling is Awesome (and So Canadian!)

Haaaaaaaaaaaaard! If the games in PyeongChang have re-awakened your interest in curling, you aren’t alone. Curling clubs see membership increase every four years, as wider audiences are exposed to the drama and fun of this very Canadian sport.

Curling was invented in Scotland, but long, cold Canadian winters have driven generations of Canadians into curling clubs where community is built with every end played. Here are 7 reasons curling is awesome, and so, so Canadian!

1. Anyone Can Curl

Certainly at the elite level, curlers are in top shape. The fields at the Scotties Tournament of Hearts (Women’s Canadian Championship) and the Brier (Men’s Canadian Championship) train like crazy and are incredibly fit and strong athletes, but this may not always be the case down at your local club. Wonderfully, curling is a sport that players of all ages and fitness levels can succeed at. This inclusivity is a Canadian ideal, and we’re incredibly proud of it.

2. Curlers are Mild-Mannered

Canadians don’t love the stereotype that we’re all too polite (sorry!), but in curling, it’s kind of true. The way curlers talk about the game with each other, even at the highest level, in the most intense situations, is as if they’re two buddies deciding whether or not to go for Italian or Vietnamese food tonight. One curler will mildly express an opinion on the type of shot to take: “Let’s do an in-turn tap to the four foot.” The other curler’s response? “I don’t mind that.” You must understand that “I don’t mind that” is curler-speak for: “This is the best idea I have ever heard and if you do it we’re going to win the Canadian championship.” It’s utterly refreshing to watch nice people play sports with respect for each other. And it’s so Canadian.

3. Curling is Chess on Ice

The strategy involved in a curling game is fascinating. Shots that are made at the beginning of a 16-rock end often come into play in the very last shot, and the great curlers are the ones who manage the house and their rocks throughout. What makes it fun for the viewer is that we get to hear everything the teams are discussing as they weigh their options. The commentators play a huge role in translating the curling jargon for the home viewer, and as you learn the basics, you will start to see the different strategies paying off for the teams. The mental focus and planning that great skips need to bring their teams to victory is something to behold.

4. Curlers Make Crazy Shots

Along with the thoughtful strategy in a curling game, you’ll also get to see some big weight shots that get 3, 4, or more rocks scattering around the house. Check out Glenn Howard’s shot for 3 at the 2009 Brier. Or this one from Jennifer Jones, simply called “The Shot,” to win it all the 2005 Scotties Tournament of Hearts. Or here is a compilation of 10 great shots from the Canadian Curling Trials in 2010. Totally crazy shot-making from the best in the world, who just happen to be Canadian.

5. Curling Creates Community

Life in Canada can be tough in the winter months. It’s no wonder that people in towns across the country take to their community curling clubs for some shelter from the elements and good times with friends and neighbours. Camaraderie is baked into the sport, with players wishing each other good luck or “good curling” before the game and usually sharing a table up in the clubhouse after the game as well. These clubhouses also capture the spirit and history of the curlers and community members that have come before, through memorabilia, photographs, and stories. Drop into a curling club for a glimpse at the people who have made their Canadian community what it is today.

February 16th, 2018

Rose Blonde Hair Tutorial

Our Beauty Experts have been keeping a close eye on the top hair trends for 2018, and rose gold (or rose blonde) hair is going to be a big one! In this hair tutorial, our Beauty Expert Britta will show you how to get this gorgeous metallic rosy gold hair, using her favourite new hair tool, the Conair Infiniti Pro Meta e Meta, and her go-to temporary hair colour, L’Oreal’s new Colorista Spray.

Products Featured:


Subscribe to London Drugs on YouTube and stay tuned for more beauty videos!


February 13th, 2018

Nice Needs No Filter on Pink Shirt Day 2018

In today’s digital world, it can be a challenge to escape online negativity, whether it takes the shape of harassment, spreading rumours, sharing embarrassing information, or posting threats. In fact, nearly one in five young Canadians aged 15 to 29 have reported being cyberbullied or cyberstalked.

For the tenth year, London Drugs is proud to once again be a part of the Pink Shirt Day campaign, which this year focuses on the unfortunate, but common threat of online bullying.

The 2018 official Pink Shirt Day t-shirt says it all: ‘Nice Needs No Filter’. It’s a message of possibility that with education and encouragement, the World Wide Web can be a more kind and positive space.

This year’s theme encourages everyone – no matter what age – to think twice before posting something negative online. Instead, let’s use the internet to spread kindness, and together, we can prevent the harm and devastation that cyberbullying causes in our communities, schools, and neighbourhoods.

Get your official Pink Shirt Day t-shirts at any London Drugs location. By doing so, you’ll be helping to support youth anti-bullying programs in BC and throughout Western Canada. These programs give youth a voice against bullying and help them build up the character, resilience, and bravery to stand up for themselves and others.

Youth and organizations continue to support Pink Shirt Day following the stand of two grade 12 Nova Scotia students in 2007. The students took action after witnessing a grade 9 student being bullied for wearing pink to school and encouraged their schoolmates to wear pink to send a message against bullying. Since then wearing pink shirts has sent a powerful message to help end bullying in schools, workplaces and communities.

As one of the first official Pink Shirt Day sponsors and now after a decade of involvement, London Drugs has helped raise more than 1.2 million dollars for Boys & Girls Clubs in Western Canada through the campaign.

Pink Shirt Day is Wednesday, February 28th. Thousands of Canadians are expected to wear pink to take a stand against bullying.

February 12th, 2018

Gift Ideas That Prove Valentine’s Day is For Everyone

Valentine’s Day as we know it is all about the romance: low-lit dinners in romantic restaurants, flowery poetry on greeting cards, smoochy couple photos all over your social media feeds. If you happen to be in a romantic relationship, it can be the most wonderful day of the year. But if you’re not, it can be the kind of day that makes you want to turn off your phone and stay in bed.

At the heart of it all (pun intended), it’s true that Valentine’s Day is all about the love. But it doesn’t just have to be romantic love. Valentine’s Day should be a day when no one feels left out. Everybody loves somebody sometime, so why not use V-Day to express your love and gratitude to all the people in our lives that make our hearts feel full?

Here are some ideas about how to say “My life is sweeter with you in it” to everyone in your life who deserves it. As we all know, the more love you give, the more you get back!

Love your family

Family members never get tired of hearing “I’m glad we’re related” from their loved ones, so take some time to connect. A card or a phone call can mean a lot after the excitement of Christmas has worn off. If you’re looking to treat a family member, you can tug on your mom‘s heartstrings with a thoughtful custom photo gift, help your dad soup up his Man Cave with a new beverage fridge, and what grandma or aunt doesn’t love a little Almond Roca?

Love your kids

Your kids probably don’t have any problem knowing that you love them, but Valentine’s day is a fun holiday to really show how much you appreciate them in a special way, without all of the extra hoopla of other holidays. We love this tradition of writing one reason why you love your kid on a paper heart and sticking it to their door every day in February. And even though they might try to squirm away from the real thing, no kid can resist a big box of Hershey’s Kisses. Oh, and don’t forget the cards for their school class! London Drugs has a huge selection of cute and fun Valentine’s card kits.


Love your pet

Your pets don’t know what the heck Valentine’s day is, but that shouldn’t stop you from thanking your favourite furry friends for all of the unconditional love. Spoil Benji with this Totally Pooched Bolster Pet Bed for a cushy place to take a nap, and give Tiger the gift of not having a bath with Burt’s Bees Waterless Cat Shampoo.

Love your friends

Busy lives, work demands and family schedules can sometimes get in the way of keeping in touch with close friends, but good friendships can sustain the test of time. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to make sure your pals know that you’re thinking of them. To keep memories with friends close by when you have to be apart, a custom photo calendar can take them back every day to that hideous grad dress or that notorious weekend in Vegas.

Love your handyman/physiotherapist/babysitter

Yes, you pay them, but these are the people in your life who save your skin on a daily basis. They work hard to make your life easier, and if you’ve ever worked in the service industry, you know that a little heartfelt thank-you is all it takes to brighten the worst of days. Why not show them how much you appreciate them with a surprise gift set?


Love yourself

We all know that self-care can be just as important as taking care of the other people in your life for a healthy balance, and a little pampering can go a long way. The Homedics Shiatsu Select Foot Massager will rejuvenate your tired feet with penetrating massage and soothing heat to melt away the tension of the day.

Treating your skin right is one of the best ways to show yourself a little love, and our Luxury Beauty Event will get you a $15 bonus with a minimum $75 purchase on select beauty brands.

Love your sweetie

Of course, romantic love should also be included in the Valentine’s Day celebrations, if that is a part of your life. Great romances don’t happen by accident, and we’ve heard from people with experience that you should treat your relationship like a job that you love: show up every day, do your best work, and don’t get lazy. Adding some spice can help get brownie points with your loved one, so set the mood right with some sensual aromatherapy scents, and a sexy surprise.

Most people know Valentine’s Day as a special day for lovers, but let’s take the opportunity to remember that it’s actually meant for everyone. It’s not just a day for passion; it’s a chance to lift the people around you out of cold, drab February and warm them with the sunshine of your gratitude and kindness.

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