March 2nd, 2017

March 2017 New Game Releases

Greetings gamers!  It’s March 2017 which means it’s time to celebrate!  Not only do we have ten new games released this month, we have a whole new platform! The Nintendo Switch debuts this week on Friday, March 3rd!

Let’s take a closer look!

Nintendo Switch

The Switch is Nintendo’s seventh home console and is a clear successor to the Wii and Wii U.  It’s a hybrid of ideas, featuring both a docked TV connected use mode and a portable, touchscreen enhanced use mode.  What does that mean?

When it’s docked it functions much like your existing consoles, complete with wireless motion sensing controllers.

When it is undocked you can place it on a table and still use the controllers wirelessly, or the controllers can be attached to either side of the touch screen and you can use it like any other portable gaming system.

This new design is bold and ambitious, and is sure to create some interesting new gameplay experiences.  The Switch will be available in stock in limited quantities on Friday March 3rdy for $399, be at your local store when it opens to get yours!

What good is a console without games though?  Let’s take a quick look at some of the Switch launch titles!

Skylanders Imaginators for Nintendo Switch

Skylanders Imaginators has been out since the fall and will be available ady one for the Switch! This new entry in the long running franchise lets player create their own Skylanders for the first time and sees the return of many popular characters –including all characters from Skylanders SuperChargers, Swap Force, Trap Team, Giants, and Spyro’s Adventure, and a whole new story to play!  Order it now at!

Just Dance 2017 for Nintendo Switch

Everyone’s favourite party game, Just Dance 2017 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on launch day.  Use the JoyCon controllers and follow along on screen as you dance to the songs you love. Order your copy on our website now!

Super Bomberman R for Nintendo Switch

Bomberman has been around since 1985 and is getting his first new release in over 5 years!  Super Bomberman R will be released alongside the Switch on March 3rd and will feature a 50 stage story mode that you can play alone or cooperatively with a friend, plus a 8 player competitive multiplayer mode. Order your copy now at!

1 2 Switch for Nintendo Switch

Having a party?  Nintendo has you covered.  1 2 Switch features 28 mini games to play with your friends including quickdraw, table tennis, sword fight, samurai training, safe cracking, and so many more!  1 2 Switch will be available alongside the Switch itself on March 3rd, order your copy today!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Nintendo Switch

No new Nintendo console would be complete without a new Zelda game. in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild our hero Link awakens from a 100 year slumber to find Hyrule in ruins, the mysterious beast known as Calamity Ganon is trapped in Hyrule Castle but is growing in power and will soon escape.  Naturally, Link must go on a quest to find a way to defeat the beast before time runs out!

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be available on March 3rd alongside the Nintendo Switch and you can order it!

That’s it for the Nintendo Switch! There are of course more than a few titles coming out for other platforms this month so let’s take a look at those too:

WRC 6 for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

WRC 6 is the officlal game of the FIA World Rally Championship and the latest entry in the long running franchise.  Race in 14 WRC events along with all of the official WRC teams, and a large selection of Junior WRC teams too.

WRC 6 will be out on March 3rd and you can get your copy right here!

Lego Worlds for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

Become a master builder! Dive into a world made entirely of Lego, any brick you encounter can be used to build whatever you want! Go on adventures, build yourself a castle, raise a mountain range or populate a tropical island chain!  Anything you can imagine in Lego, you can do in Lego Worlds! Fly on the back of a dragon, or a helicopter! Fight monsters! It’s all possible!


Lego Worlds will be out on March 7th! Order your copy now!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

In the near future Bolivia is being overrun by a drug cartel, the Santa Blanca.  Rising to the top of the world’s cocaine trade they challenge even the United States Government.  When an American DEA agent is kidnapped, tortured, and killed, the US decides something needs to be done and sends in the elite special forces team, The Ghosts.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands plut players on a massive open world map, and outfits them with all the latest military hardware in the fight against the Santa Blanca.  You can complete the main campaign on your own or play it cooperatively along with as many as three friends.  Get the standard edition, or the Deluxe Edition which includes exclusive extra content.

Order it today at and pick it up on March 7th!

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth for Nintendo Switch

The Binding of Isaac has been around for a few years ago and now it’s coming to the Nintendo Switch! Afterbirth+ edition includes the main game and all expansions released to date.  You can order your copy online at and pick it up on March 17th!

Mass Effect: Andromeda for PlayStation 4, XBOX One, and Windows

A new entry in the massively popular Mass Effect franchise is finally here!  Mass Effect Andromeda is set between the events of the second and third games in the main series.  Each of the main races is sending a host of colonists to the Andromeda Galaxy and once they arrive they are to build a massive space station and populate the galaxy.  When they awaken from their 600 year journey they find something is amiss: there are already people there!

Andromeda will be available in a standard edition and a deluxe edition.  The latter will also include new skins for your ship, additional weapons and armors, and even a pet monkey for your ship.

Order it now at!

Styx: Shards of Darkness for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

Shards of Darkness is the third game int he stealth action Of Orcs and Men series.  You play as Styx, a goblin who must infiltrate an Elven city and discover why the Dark Elves and Dwarves have formed a new alliance.

Shards of Darkness will be released on March 14th. Order your copy on our website today!

Troll & I for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

When a ruthless hunter moves through young Otto’s homeland he finds himself alone and on the run from evil forces.  Hiding in the mountains he finds and befriends a mythical, giant troll and only together can they save their Nordic homeland!

Troll & I will be available on March 21st and you can get your copy at!

RBI Baseball 2017 for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

Play in the bigs!  R.B.I. Baseball 2017 is out this month.  Fully licensed by Major League Baseball you can play as all 30 MLB teams in all 30 MLB ballparks, with over 1000 players all with highly detailed attributes.

Plus, the Canadian edition of the game features Blue Jays star Kevin Pillar!

R.B.I. Baseball 2017 will be available on March 28th and is available to pre-order at now!

Mario Sports Superstars for Nintendo 3DS

Here’s another one for you 3DS owners.  Mario Sports Superstars features five sports for you to play with your favourite Mario characters: Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Golf, and Horse Racing.  These aren’t mini games either, they’re full recreations of each sport, and each sport will feature single player tournaments, as well as local and online miltiplayer tournaments.

Mario Sports Superstars will be released on March 24th.

Pikmin for Nintendo 3DS

Good news 3DS owners, there’s a new Pikmin game finally coming to your handheld! Not a lot is known about the upcoming addition to the most adorable franchise Nintendo has going, but we do have a tentative release date of March 31st!

March is going to be a big month for games! Remember to visit us Friday morning to get your Nintendo Switch, and you can ask any of our LDExperts for details on upcoming releases!

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