August 4th, 2017

World Photo Day: The Evolution of the Camera

Olympus film camera

Photography wouldn’t be possible without the incredible invention of the camera. According to Kodak, “the use of photographic film was pioneered by George Eastman, who started manufacturing paper film in 1885 before switching to celluloid in 1889. His first camera, which he called the ‘Kodak,’ was first offered for sale in 1888.”

It truly is amazing how much the camera has evolved since then. In came the digital camera, and the debate between film vs. digital began. Today, people appreciate the merits of both, and choose based on their preferred aesthetic.

If you love the nostalgia of film, you’re not alone. Film offers a creative challenge for photographers. Shooting analog photographs is an art form that truly embraces the candid nature of photography. The excitement of having your film photos developed, anxiously awaiting the final images, is a feeling many people love. There is something to be said about the simplicity of shooting with film too; without a Photoshop program to edit with, the result is a much rawer, visceral image. There is also a great deal more thoughtfulness involved in film photography, as you are limited by the amount of film you have. This is one of the reasons why many people recommend starting out on a film camera, even if you want to shoot digital. Being forced to be more selective with your shots will ultimately make you a better photographer, whether you shoot on film or digital.

Meanwhile, if you prefer to shoot digital, there are plenty of benefits that come with the ever-evolving technology of digital cameras. They are more convenient than ever, and are constantly being upgraded with more advanced features. Photographers can choose from point and shoots, DSLRs, and even compact mirrorless cameras, depending on what the situation requires. Today, many digital cameras also come with added features such as WiFi and Bluetooth. This allows you to directly transfer images to your smartphone or tablet, making it super easy to share all of your great moments.

Nikon camera and Nikon lenses

As digital technology has progressed, mobile phones have become the camera of choice for many people who wish to snap and share moments instantaneously. Some of you may remember seeing the #shotoniphone7 campaign, which inspired iPhone users to take incredible photographic shots simply using their phones’ camera. Today, millions of photos are uploaded every minute, allowing us to share our snapshots with the world in seconds, and find inspiration in the talent of other passionate photographers worldwide.

Whichever you prefer, London Drugs proudly offers a large selection of both digital cameras as well as film, and still offers film developing.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current gear, whether it’s a phone, film camera or DSLR, World Photo Day is a great time to see what’s out there and try something new. Our LDExperts can help you choose the right camera for your interests and needs. London Drugs’ selection of photography gear doesn’t end with cameras, either. We also have an extensive collection of lenses, camera accessories, photo printers and photo editing software to help you achieve the best images possible.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned for our World Photo Day deals (including a very special drone offer, available exclusively on August 19th)!

July 20th, 2017

14 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram

If you’re anything like us, you find yourself sucked into the Instagram rabbit hole every once in a while. And who can blame you? Not only is Instagram a fantastic way to discover new events, products and companies, but the popular social media platform also provides  a way to unwind and appreciate truly spectacular photography.

The following list features some of Canada’s own local talent, allowing us to visually explore the country’s great mountains, grasslands, oceans, food, and people. Get inspired and check out these fourteen amazing Canadian photographers on Instagram. You can also discover these and other great images using #BeautifulCanada.

1. Martina Gutfreund @enchanted.forest

Based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Martina Gutfreund posts colourful, breathtaking scenes of the snow-capped Rockies and peaceful Provincial Parks in her area, all alongside her furry travel companions.

2. Brie & Reuben @vancitywild

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Brie and Rueben Vancity Wild

Image from @vancitywild

Hailing from Vancouver Island and the Edmonton area, Brie and Reuben are a Vancouver-based photography duo with an eye for adventure.

3. Flo Lum @flolum

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Flo Lum

Image from @flolum

Flo Lum takes stunning photographs of Vancouver, BC and the surrounding Lower Mainland. She has a way of using interesting angles and mixing up her feed with images of nature, food, and family.

4. Karlynn Johnston @thekitchenmagpie

Karlynn Johnston is a food and travel writer from Edmonton who takes titillating food photographs of her cookbook creations as well as delicacies from her travels across the country and abroad.

5. Brayden Hall @braybraywoowoo

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Brayden Hall

Image from @braybraywoowoo

An avid explorer of BC, Brayden Hall is an adventure photographer and professional drone pilot who captures stunning aerial photos of the province’s most beautiful landscapes.

6. Dan Lum @dudelum

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Dan Lum

Image from @dudelum

Husband to Flo Lum (what a team!), Dan Lum takes incredible photos of the British Columbia wilderness and landscape. His way of using perspective always tells an intricate story in each photograph, from sea to sky, forest to mountains.

7. Adam Hill @adamhillstudios

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Adam Hill

Image from @adamhillstudios

A resident of the Northwest Territories for almost a decade, Adam Hill’s images of the True North reveal mesmerizing waves of aurora and intricate portraits of wildlife. His work has been featured in Canadian Geographic and Outdoor Photographer Magazine, to name a few.

8. Andrew Knapp @andrewknapp

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Andrew Knapp

Image from @andrewknapp

If you haven’t been following the photo adventures of Andrew Knapp and his adorable border collie Momo, you’ve been missing out. By incorporating his canine companion into gorgeous wilderness backdrops, he’s created a new style of travel photography.

9. Emma Choo @vancouverfoodie

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Emma Choo

Image from @vancouverfoodie

Based in Vancouver, Emma Choo shares delectable photographs of her city’s amazing international and local cuisine. Her photos are vibrant, enticing, and guaranteed to make you drool.

10. JongSun Park @adl2enaline

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - JongSun Park

Image from @adl2enaline

JongSun Park is a Vancouver-based photographer keeping a daily photo diary of his life. From cafés, antique shops, and motorcycles, JongSun captures the city from a vintage-inspired lens that takes you back in time.

11. Chris Sheremata @chrissheremataphotography

From Canmore, Alberta, Chris Sheremata’s photographs range from serene lake views to incredible glacial ascents, and from hypnotizing starry mountain skies to collaborative bouldering adventures.

12. Brooke Willson @brookewillson

Image from @brookewillson

Not only do Brooke Willson’s photographs feature inspiring mountain ranges and sprawling waterfront views, but the inclusion of her dog Timber appeals to all the dog lovers who never leave home without their pup.

13. Paul Zizka @paulzizkaphoto

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Paul Zizka

Image from @paulzizkaphoto

Paul Zizka is an award-winning landscape and adventure photographer hailing from Banff, Alberta. He has has explored the peaks of his native Rockies and beyond, all while capturing the natural beauty of the surrounding ice, rock, sea, and sky.

14. Kari Medig @kari_medig

10 Amazing Canadian Photographers on Instagram - Kari Medig

Image from @kari_medig

Kari Medig is a photographer who grew up in northern BC, now living in Nelson. He shoots in film, which gives his images a dreamlike quality, and many feature snowcapped mountains. Kari has shot for several Canadian publications, including Destination BC, the Globe and Mail, and Air Canada’s enRoute.

April 2nd, 2017

LD Experts: Shoot 4K Photos and Video Like a Pro

Looking for the update on the latest photo and video tech? Our LD Experts have you covered with exactly what you need to step up your camera game.

On CTV Morning Live’s Tech Talk in Regina, LD Expert Joel Bortnick shared his thoughts on the newest camera to shoot ultra HD resolution photos and video. Watch the full video here.

Here’s the gist … If you’re looking to step up your photography from an iPhone, but aren’t ready to invest in a DSLR, the LUMIX G85 camera is for you. As the latest user-friendly model from Panasonic, the G85 (much like Canon or Nikon) allows interchangeable lenses, but is mirrorless, making the camera significantly more compact and portable.

If you enjoy ultra-high-definition, the LUMIX G85 shoots in 4K resolution for video, with the option to save in 4K Photo Mode. This camera represents a happy bridge between photo and video, giving you the ability to shoot both—simply.

And if you’re a blogger or musician looking to take video with incredible sound quality, you might consider trying the Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder. With a wide-angle view of 160 degrees and battery capacity of about two hours of filming time on a single charge, this recorder makes high-quality video a breeze for anyone.

Visit your local London Drugs store to chat to an LD Expert, or visit to find the top photo, video and tech products online.

Also, shop our Computer Event on now until April 12

November 4th, 2016

5 Things to Do With All Your Smartphone Pics

At London Drugs, we love smartphone photography. It’s not just for amateurs anymore, either. Even most pros have probably found themselves taking more and more smartphone pics lately.


In fact, it’s estimated 78.8% of all photos taken worldwide will be shot on smartphones by 2017. We’re also currently taking more pictures than ever, largely because of smartphones. In 2015, one trillion photos were taken worldwide for the first time – a 16.2% increase from 2014.


May 17th, 2016

Film Processing is Alive and Well at London Drugs!

While cell phones and digital cameras have largely taken over the photographic industry, FILM PHOTOGRAPHY IS NOT DEAD! It’s alive and well in the London Drugs Photo Department and particularly attractive to a generation that never had to wait longer than half a second to see the results of their snap! To accommodate these up and coming film photographers and artists (and those who are just too darn stubborn to make the leap to digital) we have been hard at work making sure we have the tools, the know-how and in some cases the creativity to give our customers the quality they expect from a London Drugs photograph.

Single Use Cameras

If you want to give film a shot and you don’t want to invest in an eBay camera, a single-use camera could be for you! It used to be that people carried one of these little guys around with them everywhere “just in case” they had to take a photo. These days, everyone is pretty well soldered to their cell phones so nobody is without a camera when they need it, but there are still times when a single-use camera could come in handy.

Since the only part of the single-use that actually needs a battery is the flash, a dead battery doesn’t leave you completely camera-less unlike a phone that could leave you high and dry after 52 levels of candy crush. So if you’re camping or find yourself with no phone (GASP) or a dead phone battery, a single-use camera could save the day!

Worried you might damage your new iPhone while skiing? Single-use camera. Afraid your DSLR will get lost or stolen at a concert or festival? Single-use camera. Want to allow the guests at your wedding to take some photos from a different perspective? You guessed it – single-use cameras.

These cameras also come in an underwater style which means yes, you can take them underwater! They’re reasonably good for snorkeling or perhaps in the swimming pool where there’s still a decent amount of natural light available as these cameras do not have a flash. So while you can’t catch the Loch ness monster at 40 meters, you might be able to at 5-10!


Fujifilm Quicksnap Waterproof Camera shown above


Toy Cameras


This is where things get seriously, legitimately FUN. If you have a tinkerer in your life – you know – the one who takes your new alarm-clock apart to see how it works and pulls all the guts out of your computer to see what’s in it – they’re going to LOVE this. There is a KIT that you can buy to build your own film camera! If you can build IKEA furniture, you can build a camera from scratch AND it actually works!

Konstruktor_part 2
Diana series

If you’re not into building your own, you can also buy toy cameras that are completely made of plastic – some even come with multiple lenses similar to an SLR. The neat thing about these cameras is that every one is a little bit different. The lenses may be slightly warped or something might not fit quite perfectly which lends itself to light leaks, flares and differential focus. I can literally hear your OCD squirming, but seriously, this is like the original Instagram! If you want funky colors and effects that make your images truly one-of-a-kind, this is an AWESOME way to go.

The Diana Instant Camera - Black - HP800INST. Just one of a number of film cameras in store


And don’t forget World Toy Camera Day is October 16th this year!

Pinhole Cameras

If you really want to get down to the nitty gritty and McGyver a camera out of a matchbox, a pop can some film and tape…GO FOR IT! I’m not kidding you. It really is this simple to create your own pin-hole camera and you may even have everything you need on-hand right this second. There are plenty of tutorials on the web for different ways to create one of these truly DIY cameras, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different equipment and methods – you might create some pretty unique looking artwork!

C-41 Process (35mm & 110 film)

Being the most recent predecessor to digital photography, this is the most common type of film processing. It relies upon the development of silver throughout several chemical baths to create an inverted copy of the image you have taken. Our technology allows us to pass the negative through each chemical bath at a controlled speed to ensure that each photo on your roll is properly developed.

Some of these film processors have been with us for more than a decade and these old gals require some tender loving care to keep them in tip top shape which is why we clean them regularly, refresh the chemicals as needed and run a control strip every day to ensure our chemicals are in balance.

Many of our locations can still accommodate film developing in an hour.


E-6 Process (slide film)

Remember the good old days when Grandma & Grandpa came back from a trip to Hawaii and the whole family gathered together in front of the projection screen to see the gorgeous slideshow of the entire journey? No? You are MISSING OUT! Slide film can produce crisp, vibrant photographic-like tiny images on what’s called a ‘positive.’ During the chemical process, slide film undergoes a process called a reversal bath which creates the positive image.

If you wanted to, after you’d shot a roll of slide film, you could keep the little cardboard framed beauties as images all on their own. It could make for a kind of neat instagram-like display if you put them up against a light colored background, but more often than not you’ll want to print those bad boys or put them on a CD to share instantly with your friends and family – and guess what, London Drugs has you covered there too!

120/126 and ‘other’ films

Not sure if we can develop or print from the film you found in your great-grandmother’s hat box? Bring it in and we’ll take a look! In many cases we can send your film out to another location to be developed, or we can scan and print your images directly from your already-processed odd-shaped negative on our high quality flatbed scanner.


About the Author

meganMeghan is a meal-planning, food-prepping, Pinterest addict. She likes coffee – a lot. A mom of 2 boys, Meghan has a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Psychology, which she uses on a daily basis when helping customers create memories. Meghan is honoured to witness your histories unfold in real-time.

Known as “a social media pro,” LDExpert Meghan blogs about her experiences as Photolab Manager at You can also follow her on Twitter.

December 18th, 2015

Welcome to #beautifulcanada

Celebrating the country we love.

* * *



At sunset in #‎beautifulcanada‬, Winnipeg shows that winter can stun—in the good way, too.

* * *

Whistler Blackcomb

This morning in ‪#‎beautifulcanada‬, the skies sunny and crystalline blue over North America’s No.1 ski resort, Whistler Blackcomb.

* * *

Salmon Arm

As day subsides to dusk in ‪#‎beautifulcanada‬, B.C.’s Lake Shuswap ignites with colour.

* * *


Last night in #beautifulcanada, dusk steals orange upon Lake Kalamalka, near Vernon, B.C.

* * *



October 26th, 2015

Your first DSLR camera

Maybe it was your love of posting stuff on social media. Or perhaps it was having your smartphone camera handy and at the ready at all times. Whatever the reason, you have officially become a photo-snapping, Photoblog-reading photography buff. And now that you’ve admitted this (or at least allowed me to admit it on your behalf), perhaps it’s time to do what everyone does as soon as they upgrade their photography interest from just another thing into a full-on passion: invest in a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera.


You may be a beginner, but the super-sweet Nikon D5200 will have you looking (and shooting) like a pro

Purchasing your first-ever DSLR camera can be a daunting experience. Even the cheapest ones will run you a few hundred dollars, and the selection and number of different features available between different brands and models ranges somewhere between innumerable and infinite. That’s why—particularly for first-time buyers—I definitely recommend speaking to someone who is both knowledgeable enough to answer all the questions you should have when making such a purchase and respectful enough to understand how overwhelming such a first-time purchase can be. The good news is that you’ll find plenty of such people at your local London Drugs Camera Department.

In researching this post I was fortunate enough to speak with Ashley at the Georgia & Granville location. Not only did she make the process 100% less intimidating, but she could also immediately recommend a number of entry-level models from both Nikon and Canon that each featured different ways of addressing a number of needs that the newbie may have.

Ashley’s first recommends were Nikon models: specifically the D3300, D5200 and the D5500. Each of these comes standard with a helpful ‘Guide Mode’ that helps you select the best settings for the kind of image you want to capture. Best of all, at the bottom of each menu is a ‘?’ icon that provides a definition of each option in the menu. It’s basically like having a built-in manual right there on-screen.

Ashley also recommended the Canon T5 and T5i, suited for beginner to mid-level photographers. She noted that, while these didn’t offer on-screen features like the Nikon models, their lower price point (at least at regular price) made them a good choice for beginners to wet their feet. She then pointed out that many locations also offer workshops for novice photographers to learn the basics of DSLR photography—free with any London Drugs camera purchase. Check with your local London Drugs to see where they are offered in your area.

Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift for someone this holiday season, if you do your research and buy from a knowledgeable seller who’s focused on your needs, your first DSLR will be something you always remember fondly. A word of warning, however: as your skills improve, DSLR photography can become downright addictive. Your first camera may soon have you looking for your first lens, flash, maybe even your first studio kit. Don’t worry though—no matter how consumed you become, the LD Camera Dept. will always be there with friendly, helpful advice.

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