January 31st, 2012

WATCH: Nala takes a London Drugs Nutrition Clinic

I recently went through the London Drugs Nutrition Clinic, and it was pretty cool. It struck me how different things are today—even for high school kids—when it comes to personal health.

Back in the 80s (my time!) people were more caught up with physical appearance. These days, my daughters take courses like “Health & Fitness” (I don’t remember that one) and bring home information about balanced diets, physical activity and finding balance in one’s life. And I’m all, like…what about the leg warmers?!

Watch below to see what takes place in a one-on-one, private Nutrition Clinic consultation.


Music is by Bananarama—a staple for an 80s girl.
P.S. Pindy J. at London Drugs Wessex (Kingsway & Wessex) rocks!
London Drugs Fan
Nala Henkel, a former employee and current contract proofreader for London Drugs, is a self-confessed fan of our store. We’ve invited her to share her quirky perspective on all things London Drugs from a consumer’s point of view.

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