November 1st, 2010

Vitamin D3

  • Manufactured in the skin after exposure to ultraviolet rays from sunlight
  • Central to calcium absorption by the intestines and its incorporation into the bone to increase bone mineral density
  • Acts to prevent urinary calcium loss
  • Bone thinning is often related to Vitamin D depletion
  • Useful in people with a history of cancer or family history of cancer (works as a risk-reducer of cancer through vitamin D dependent cellular differentiation)

There is a growing clinical recognition of Vitamin D deficiency in the general population, leading to the conclusion that current levels of so-called adequate intake are too low [Vieth et al, 2007]. Vitamin D is well known for its role in building strong bones and teeth, but new research has led the Canadian Cancer Society to increase their recommendations for Canadian adults, under the age of 50, from 200 IU of Vitamin D to 1000 IU daily. Higher Vitamin D and calcium levels have been linked to lower risk for some cancers, including colorectal, breast and colon cancers [Canadian Cancer Society, 2007].

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