August 22nd, 2012

The amazing London Drugs coupon book!

Once again, another coupon book is out! And just as a reminder (because I was asked this in the store when I was looking through my copy) it doesn’t come in the mail, it’s in a stand that looks something like this:

Coupon savings at London Drugs

Working the coupon book when you’re in London Drugs

It used to be that the coupon book held the coupons, and you would take it to the cashier OR the cashier had a copy at the till. Things are a little different as of the last coupon book—you can find the coupons right on the shelf where the products are, and the coupon book is like…your treasure map!

For example, here I am confronted by reminded of my need for reading glasses in the coupon book—in this case, an Infokus offer to save $10:


London Drugs Infokus coupon book savings offer

And here is the Infokus reading glass display in the store. So instead of the coupon being in the coupon book, you’ll need to tear it off and bring it with you to the cashier.

Infokus reading glasses at London Drugs

Also, here is a photo of the Nail Wall that is mentioned on page 7, because in real life it is much more wall-like than the photo shown in the coupon book. Plus—“A NAIL WALL!” as my daughters would emphasize.

London Drugs coupon book savings for cosmetics


Things I’m excited to see in the coupon book

Savings and free items are always good reasons to pick up the London Drugs coupon book. For example a free pedometer, free makeup, and saving a couple bucks on Ibuprofen (need I remind you it’s back-to-school time?) is nothing to scoff at in this latest book. But here are some other things that personally appeal to me. These are things I use regularly, and finding deals on them makes my heart smile:

  • Page 2, Yorkshire Tea. While I haven’t used this tea kettle/steeper combo, I’ve been told by an ACTUAL BRITISH LADY that Yorkshire is the legit  tea of choice for High Tea. I bought it, I drink it…and yes, I feel British.
  • Page 17, the Goody Spin Pins. These are awesome—and got me through the hottest part of the summer (so far) by letting me throw my hair into a bun in seconds. I have mid-back long hair, on the medium thin side, and the 3 smaller pins work great.
  • Page 27, getting a free Shout with 3 Scrubbing Bubbles. This is so worth it. I use both brands, and the Scrubbing Bubbles in particular really does save me time.

What about the coupon book makes your heart smile?

London Drugs Fan

Nala Henkel, a former employee and current contract proofreader for London Drugs, is a self-confessed fan of our store. We’ve invited her to share her quirky perspective on all things London Drugs from a consumer’s point of view.

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