August 5th, 2015

Six Tips on Keeping Your Dorm Room Clean

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Cleaning your dorm room doesn’t have to be such a chore — with a little planning … and pizza.


Student life is busy. Here are the facts – if you take the time to keep your dorm clean and organized, you’ll be ready for whatever school throws at you. A clean, orderly space keeps you organized and saves time for having fun. Plus, it’s totally not hard. Here are six easy ways to keep on top of things (without Mom).

Have A Plan

The number one way to avoid roommate strife? Clear communication. Propose that you and your roommates have a cleaning party every Wednesday night or Sunday morning, where you can take turns to clean the bathroom or the grossest drawer in the fridge. Crank up your favourite Spotify playlist and treat yourselves to pizza when you’re done. Solo? Come up with a simple schedule. Maybe on Tuesday you do a general clean, and you always hit the laundry Saturday morning to catch up on next week’s readings and your darks.

Make Sure You Have A Place For Everything

Every dorm room seems to come with the standard issue closet that turns out to be a totally idiosyncratic storage solution. Invest in some sturdy storage caddies and boxes, and make sure everything has a place. This goes for your desk, your closet and your bathroom. Need inspiration? Pinterest’s got you covered.

Don’t Neglect The Basics

Take out the trash regularly. Figure out your recycling system. File all your important papers. Most importantly, make your bed every day. It is the one thing that really makes your room come together. (Don’t believe us? Check out cleaning maven Jolie Kerr’s #LAMOB hashtag on Twitter).

You’re Only As Good As Your Tools

Put together a cleaning caddy with some all-purpose clean, a small vacuum cleaner, laundry supplies and cleaning cloths. Having everything close to hand makes it easy to deal with unexpected spills and other mini-disasters. Make sure to have some rubber gloves in case something truly disgusting happens.

Stay On Top Of Your Laundry

One student we know nicknamed her dorm room laundry “Mount Washmore.” Don’t be that girl. Bring an easily-transportable laundry basket or bag with you on your first day and make your mom proud by having enough clean socks for every day of the week.

If All Else Fails, Cheat

There’s nothing wrong with keeping some air fresheners or deodorizing sprays stashed under the sink for emergencies. Midterms happen to everyone.

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