July 4th, 2011

Pixels to Paper: Printing your mobile phone photos

Modern mobile phones are the ultimate in convenience: small, close at hand, and capable of taking some pretty nice snapshots. Mobile phones capture the spontaneity of your life, those tiny, memorable moments that happen when you’re on the go.

The drawback of these photos is that they tend to gather virtual dust in the digital recesses of your phone’s memory. If you lose your phone, you lose the images. Now it is easier than ever to print these photo gems so you can share and display them for years—long after your mobile runs out of juice.

Step 1: Check Your Megapixels
More megapixels mean better quality photos. A good rule of thumb is to choose a camera with at least a 2 megapixel lens. This should produce a good quality 4 x 6 print.

Note that the VGA (640×480) setting will not be good enough for photo quality prints, although it may produce an acceptable snapshot. Many camera phones come pre-set to 640×480 VGA, so you should put your resolution to a higher setting.

Step 2: Remember Your Light, Remember Your Lens
Most camera phones do not have advanced features that will correct your exposure, so be mindful of your light. Try to shoot your pictures in well-lit areas, preferably in daylight. As well, remember that while digital cameras have lens caps to keep the lens clean, your phone’s lens likely does not. Clean your lens regularly for the sharpest images.

Step 3: It’s in the (Memory) Cards
The typical mobile phone does not have a large memory capacity, so you are smart to use a phone that supports removable memory cards.

The default for most phones is to save images in the built-in memory. You will have to change your settings to automatically save images onto the memory card. You can also move photos that are already saved in your phone’s memory to the card to be printed.

Step 4: Step Up to our Kiosk!
Every London Drugs store has a photo department with kiosks for uploading your photos. The kiosks will guide you through the steps of transferring your photos—it’s very easy to do, and if you run into trouble, our Photolab staff can walk you through the process.

As soon as your photos are transferred, we can begin printing. Prints are available usually the same day, sometimes in as little as an hour.

Step 5: There’s No Place Like Home
If you are using a phone with no memory card, you can still get the files to us in just a few simple steps. Email the pictures to yourself, and from your computer, upload the images through our website. You can choose the London Drugs store to pick up your photos, or we can mail them directly to you.

Step 6: Ask Us—We’re Experts!
If you have any questions about how to change your camera phone settings, how to take better photos, or how to print images from various types of media, London Drugs is the place to go. We have experts in mobile phones, digital cameras, and the photolab, and we know how to make these technologies work together. Come in and ask—we can help!

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