July 26th, 2017

Nikon Celebrates 100th Anniversary With Nikon D850

Get ready for a new powerhouse to be added to the line of FX-Format, high-speed, DSLR cameras. Nikon recently announced the development of the latest addition to their high-resolution digital SLR camera line: the Nikon D850—an announcement that, fittingly, coincided with the 100th anniversary of the inception of the company.

As the successor to the Nikon D810, the D850 is designed to meet all the needs of a professional photographer while remaining user-friendly enough for the hobbyist to enjoy. You can register now to be notified about the release date.

The Capabilities of the Nikon D850

While the technical specifications of the much-anticipated camera have yet to be released, the Nikon D850 is said to be a great choice for still landscapes and high-speed sports photography alike. Its predecessor, which is part of the same collection, is known for producing sharp images and rich color tones. It is safe to assume that the new D850 will take that accomplishment and expand on it in this next addition to the highly-regarded series.

Nikon is a company that understands that their clientele requires the best performance out of every piece of photography equipment they own, and according to them, that is why the D850 will offer “new technologies, features and performance enhancements that are a direct result of feedback from users over the years.” The Nikon D850 camera’s full range of capabilities is unleashed when paired with NIKKOR lenses. These lenses, produced since 1933, are every bit as technologically advanced as the cameras themselves. Like all cameras in the FX collection, the D850 will be compatible with a variety of add-on products for further customization and enhancement.

Nikon also released a sneak-peek video showcasing the new camera on the website. Shot in its entirety on the new D850 camera, this video showcases the power of the new 8K Time Lapse feature. This capability is noted by the company to unleash “a universe of endless detail.” From the images featured in the video, it seems very likely that the camera will live up to – and perhaps surpass – the hype.

A Reputation for Excellence within the FX Series

The FX Series of DSLR cameras are designed to provide the exceptional image quality and the versatility you need to produce professional multimedia content. Not only do these cameras yield eye-catching, high-resolution photographs under virtually any lighting conditions; but they also produce cinema-quality, high-definition videos. Current cameras in the FX series, including the Nikon D810 boast:

  • Small File Formats
  • Time-Lapse Photography
  • Broadcast-Caliber Audio Control
  • 1080 Full HD and 4K UHD Video Recording
  • Detailed Photographs in Low-Light Situations
  • Continuous Shooting for Fast-Action Sequences
  • Full-Frame Images with Exceptional Resolution
  • High-Speed Photography Suitable for Professional Sports

Quality Construction Ensures Durability

The development of the new D850 showcases top-quality construction, for which the D810 was also well-known. Nikon cameras are designed to fit comfortably in the hand while keeping all the adjustments within easy reach, for the ultimate in ease of use. Strong and resilient hardware make this series of cameras a reliable option for everyday use.

Nikon: A Reputation for Excellence

Founded in Japan in 1917, Nikon has spent 100 years as one of the most respected names in photography. In that time, they have produced microscopes, lithography systems, and some of the most highly-regarded cameras in the industry. This rich history attests to the quality performance of every product produced by the company, and to Nikon’s record of attention to detail and dedication to excellence over the last century.

Register now to be notified about the release date.

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