September 7th, 2011

Milano Carbon Fibre Tripod—the only tripod you’ll need!

School events, basketball games, day hikes…there are many reasons why you should have a tripod to help you capture the very best images possible of your family. But sometimes the hassle of carrying around a heavy, fussy tripod doesn’t seem like it’s worth the effort. For good photography or video, especially in non-optimal conditions such as rough terrain or low light, tripods are a must. They eliminate camera shake, and provide stability for the best results. But finally, there’s a lightweight, classic-styled and easy-to-use solution—the Milano Carbon Fibre Tripod #M2-CF5SQR.
Milano Carbon Fibre Tripod—light-weight and
easy to use…the good looks are just a bonus!
Here are several reasons why the Milano Tripod is the perfect tool to add to your photography or video cameras.
  • Lightweight—Made from incredibly light yet strong carbon fibre, the Milano Tripod was made for trekking into remote areas. The carbon fibre material also acts as a damper, absorbing bumps or shocks that would result in camera shake on regular metal tripods.
  • Easy to use—Twist-lock legs lets you easily and quickly open the tripod. The unique folding system allows the head to be accommodated neatly inside the folded tripod.
  • Outstanding versatility—The reversible column lets you invert the mounted camera for low level macro work. The column can also be completely removed for even more options for low-level photography. The center column hook lets you weight the tripod with your camera bag or sandbag for shooting with longer lenses or in windy conditions. And for ultimate flexibility in use, remove a leg so you can use the Milano as a monopod.
  • Accessibility—If hiking is your thing, pack the lightweight Milano with you in the padded carrying case, and get to those places for incredible sunrises and unbelievable sunsets.
Take it anywhere in the padded, lightweight case
The Milano Tripod is perfect for the amateur or professional photographer. Its lightweight versatility makes it a joy to use—no more eye-rolling when you’re thinking how you should probably take a tripod to a soccer game or school play. It’s an excellent choice for compact digital cameras and DSLRs—even lightweight camcorders, and for a carbon fibre tripod the price is hard to beat.

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