May 10th, 2012

Home Organization Pain Pt. 1—Home Office Hurricane

I’m one of those people who have to trick themselves into cleaning and tidying up by calling it organizing. I’m not sure why, but there it is. So as I looked at my office desk after doing my taxes, I thought out loud “Wow, I have to really organize my space up!”

My taxes are a combo—self-employed and personal. The self-employed side means I have to dig through my mortgage statements, find my insurance form, pull together all my fuel receipts…it leaves my space looking like that aftermath of a tropical storm. This is because I’m not careful in my paper search by replacing the file folders and not-needed papers as I should. No, when I find what I’m looking for I do a happy dance and go back to calculating, leaving everything unfiled and unreplaced. I rationalize this by saying it makes the organizing easier.

I have enough furniture—filing cabinet, bookshelf, and desk. It’s really about what I do with all those bits of paper that come in the mail and out of my computer. Here’s how I sorted that out:

  1. Figure out where I’m failing—the things that don’t get filed
  2. Create a system that I will actually use—the filing cabinet is not working
  3. Start fresh—cycle out and store everything 2011

Things that don’t get filed

I was letting the utility bills pile up on top of the filing cabinet after I paid them. That’s close, but it’s not close enough. I bought a version of this and keep it under my desk, right beside my chair. Now I pay the bill, write down the confirmation code and file it right away. Score!
Argyle is awesome!

Create a system

There are bills I pay that need to be set aside for tax purposes, while others are strictly personal. The personal ones I used to file away in a holder near the kitchen phone, but they all migrated to the office where they clutter my brain by living on different surfaces. Now I’ve separated my mini folder holder into work and personal with coloured tabs. It may seem “Office Stationery 1.0”, but I LOVE highlighters, so that’s how I did it.
They’re like felts for grown ups.

Start fresh

To move forward on the right foot, I took out all my old papers and recycled what could go and filed what I need to keep in some bins that I now store in my basement. I also replaced my inadequate desk trash bin (tall and low capacity) for papers with a larger-capacity recycle bin.
This one takes longer to fill up.
This has made me feel pretty good! I think I’m going to tackle my laundry next.

What space in your home needs organization?

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