April 6th, 2013

Health Canada and Apotex Urgent Drug Recall

Update: Health Canada moves Alysena 28 Birth Control recall to Type 1.

If you have questions you may contact your local London Drugs pharmacy. Concerned patients can also call 1-888-991-2299 where you will be put in touch immediately with a London Drugs pharmacist.

Original Post:
If you had a prescription filled for the birth control pill, Alysena 28 day with Lot Number LF 01899A anywhere in Canada, you need to be aware of an urgent manufacturer recall. According to the manufacturer, Apotex, there was one unit of Alysena in Eastern Canada found to have an issue.

In a typical 28 day pack of Apotex pills of Alysena, the last week of pills are sugar (placebo) pills in order for the patient to remember to take the pills consistently. In Apotex’s recall notice, Alysena 28 day Lot Number LF 01899A, the manufacturer has received one report of a package of pills with the first 7 days of the 28 day cycle of pills to also contain (placebo) sugar pills.

Please note this is currently a Type 2 recall from Health Canada and Apotex. A Type 2 recall requires drug wholesalers and pharmacies to remove inventory of the recalled product. Although this recall is currently a Type 2 recall and does not require pharmacy to contact patients, due to the potential seriousness of the recall, and in an abundance of caution, care and concern for our customers, London Drugs has chosen to be proactive in advising our customers and patients of the recall.

Below is the excerpt of the Canada-wide manufacturer urgent recall.


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