September 16th, 2015

Dirt Devil Dust & Vac Giveaway

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Every month, we’ll post a new contest question. Just post your response to the current question in the Comments field below*. When you do, you’ll be entered for a chance to win one of three Dirt Devil Vac & Dust Corded Sticks awarded monthly.
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At the end of each month from now until December 2015, we’ll give away one grand prize–one Dirt Devil Vac & Dust Corded Stick along with a London Drugs Gift Certificate worth $25–and 2 secondary prizes of a Vac & Dust Corded stick. You may only enter once per month. Please see full contest rules for details. Good luck!

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59 thoughts on “Dirt Devil Dust & Vac Giveaway

  1. Theresa says:

    Coming home from the beach. Sand through out my car and tracked into my house from the kids.

  2. Tracy Saddul says:

    Flour bag splitting and flour flying all over the place.

  3. Grace Struthers says:

    I spilled a ten pound bag of rice all over the floor. Big mess.

  4. Alayne Langford says:

    The worst mess I have ever had to vacuum is the aftermath of 7 teenagers in my van after watching a drive-in movie!! It was utterly gross and disgusting – popcorn kernels, chips, nuts, hair, dirt, nacho dried up cheese, sticky gum and a lot of unknowns!! 🙂

  5. Sandra says:

    Sparkles. An entire tube of sparkles. It’s been 2 years since this disaster and I still see remnants.

  6. Anne Taylor says:

    The worst mess I’ve had to apply a vacuum to would be after dumping the cannister out of the vacuum accidentally and then revacuuming all of it!

  7. Kim Moldowan says:

    My foster kids love to dump everything….cereal, flour, sugar, rice but actually watching them giggle is worth me having to try and sweep it all up constantly lol

  8. Andrea says:

    Chicken feed tracked through the house by my young daughter. She was excited about her new chicks so I couldn’t get too mad.

  9. Patrick Armstrong says:

    An extended family vacation. Trying to vacuum out the car after all those spilled snacks!

  10. Roberta woolmer says:

    Worst mess I had to clean up was the styrofoam beads from the inside of a bean bag chair that my dog ripped open.

  11. Denise Houle says:

    My husband hauls wood chips. It’s all sawdust and wood chips in our world, but the little buggers pay the bills and keep a roof over our heads so I don’t mind cleaning up what comes out of his coveralls and work boots… and pockets and hair and underwear and and and …. LOL

  12. Andrew says:

    A bag of rice, a very large bag of rice! It wasn’t fun!

  13. Elizabeth Bryan says:

    Probably the worst mess to clean up with the vacuum is slightly damp soil from a dropped plant pot…you have to be so careful not to drag the dirt everywhere and smudge it on everything!

  14. Liz says:

    After making a bag of microwave popcorn I in one sweeping motion threw half the bag throughout my livingroom for my Dalmatian to hunt. A favored activity for her. It dawned on me even before the popcorn hit the floor, chair and couch, that my beloved girl had passed away. I laughed and cried as I cleaned up the mess.

  15. Val says:

    A crystal bowl that was a wedding gift was smashed all over the floor. It was a very sad clean up (the emotional worst) and those little pieces of glass go everywhere!

  16. Yuet Chan says:

    The worst scenario II have ever had was lifting up a bag of flour not knowing that it had a tear on the size. It tore across along and the bottom part fell off with the flour scattering around on the ground, on my jeans, shoes, dusting up everywhere!

  17. Yuet Chan says:

    The worst scenario I have ever had was lifting up a bag of flour not knowing that it had a tear on the size. It tore across along and the bottom part fell off with the flour scattering around on the ground, on my jeans, shoes, dusting up everywhere!

  18. Sonia says:

    After I spilled a bunch of my craft supplies.. Including the little bits! Went over that so many times

  19. Sandra S says:

    The worst mess I have ever had to clean up was cleaning up all the drywall dust, after sanding the mudd off the walls

  20. Loralei D. says:

    My 6’4′ son decided that he needed something out of our 2nd floor crawlspace, but missed his footing and put his full weight down beside the joist. I ended up with drywall, ceiling popcorn, insulation, and shredded plastic sheeting all over my dining room table, carpet, and bookcase. And a hilarious picture of his leg hanging from the ceiling!

  21. Cara says:

    The worst mess I had to vacuum up was when I was baking and spilt a bag of sugar on the floor! So much was stuck in the cracks between the hardwood floor and it needed powerful vacuuming. I would love to win a Dirt Devil Vac & Dust! Fingers crossed!

  22. Tina says:

    When everyone plus the dog comes inside after going to the park. There’s dirt and leaves and sticks all over the entryway.

  23. Mary Ann D says:

    After accidentally dropping a 3 kg bag of rice that I had just opened and was pouring into a plastic dispensing container, I had long-grain rice everywhere!! It was quite a work out for the vacuum cleaner but got the job done.

  24. Heather Ritz says:

    cleaning up a broken bag of sugar

  25. Susan says:

    My son who lives in basement has an issue with spiders this years batch was a couple of hundred baby ones on ceilings and walls also 1 wolf spider and 2 black widow ones along with regular ones he uses my vacuum to suck them up as he won’t squash them he dumps it outside for them to get away I don’t like him us using the same one for carpets so a new one would be most appreciated

  26. Dianne says:

    I cut out some ornament shapes from thin press board with a rotozip tool. That fine dust went everywhere and was so hard to pick up. It tracked all over the house before I realized what a mess it had made. It took about two weeks of daily vacuuming before I saw no more signs of that fine dust.

  27. Garnet Leib says:

    An accident with a bag of flour in my kitchen

  28. Linda says:

    Sugar that had been spilled in the kitchen and got tracked into the living room.

  29. Casey Miller says:

    Bag of flour with a small hole in the corner that was carried up multiple flights of stairs and into the kitchen. (tile and laminate flooring)

  30. Jenn says:

    Shattered black eyeshadow on my white carpet in my master bedroom.

  31. Gwen says:

    THE WORST MESS I’VE HAD TO APPLY A VACUUM TO is sawdust in the carpet after we had carpenters in doing renos.

  32. Lynne B says:

    Careless baking on my part ends up with flour all over the floor, not a nice mess to clean up!

  33. The worst mess I had when the dog was frightened and cooped on my white carpet !,,,,

  34. Dal Legault says:

    dirt from the garden

  35. denise says:

    It always happens after we go to the beach. The car is filled with sand and dirt. What a mess to clean up.

  36. Natalie says:

    When we took the popcorn off of the ceiling. Yikes!

  37. Carmen Lee says:

    We hosted a house warming party on a rainy day in a developing neighborhood, and one uninvited guest tracked mud all through the house, which was easier to clean only after it dried.

  38. Laura says:

    Flour spilled while baking.

  39. Chelsey says:

    Rice from a bag with a hole in it.

  40. Melia whyte says:

    When my toddler spilled a full bag of flour on my carpet

  41. Jeanna G says:

    My biggest mess is cleaning up after my 2 nieces who went to the beach… I had sand and twigs everywhere!!

  42. Christine Evans says:

    I own a Pug dog and live on the Wet BC Coast, paw prints and hair all over the hardwood floors.

  43. Penni Kiss says:

    The worst mess was after the last renters in my rental house. There is no telling what I was vacuuming up, but it was nasty!

  44. Helene Keuker says:

    Worst mess I’ve taken a vacuum to is the aftermath of a family beach day, furry children included, in both car and home.

  45. Phyllis W. says:

    Plant soil in a carpet. Not good!

  46. lori says:

    Drywall dust very hard to pick up.

  47. Brenda Hall says:

    I have 3 cats and a dog, every time I vacuum it is my toughest clean up!

  48. Paula says:

    while trying to pour a bag of sugar into a container the bottom fell out and I was so startled I knocked over the container as well

  49. Wendy Jensen says:

    After camping in the wilderness, dirt, leaves and who knows what else!

  50. Joanne Amery says:

    The worst mess i have had to clean with my vacuum is sawdust.this is terrible to clean up and terrible thing to breath in while cleaning it up.

  51. laurel jones says:

    a garbage can full of coffee grounds and compost super icky and messy

  52. Belinda McNabb says:

    The worst mess I have had to clean up after was when my son and his friends played outside in the fall. Grass, damp leaves and dirt ended up all over the carpeted floor!

  53. jacquie says:

    After Christmas vacuuming dried up needles from our Christmas Tree. Found needles for months after….we now have an artificial tree.

  54. Brad Kinchen says:

    I worked for a number of years as a flour miller and had a flour plug in the mill that was so bad that I had flour balls in my armpits, needless to say that required a lot of vac action!

  55. Andrea D says:

    I have to clean up after my dog & six month old baby everyday….the worst was when she started eating solid food a few weeks ago

  56. Katie McCready says:

    My youngest son’s car seat (and the surrounding area)!

  57. Lyndal Meyette says:

    A glassware was a terrible mess to clean up

  58. Julie Nicholls says:

    Drywall dust after home renovations.

  59. Shirley Nicholls says:

    When my white sugar container slip out of my hand

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