July 22nd, 2016

7 Tips for Taking Better Smartphone Pictures


take better smartphone pictures photolab app

Flickr photo: “iPhone Photography” by Olle Eriksson

The capabilities of most smartphone cameras have increased enormously over time. Using iPhone as an example, you can see dramatic improvements with each iteration. Celebrating these advances, Apple has even used snaps by users in the recent Shot on iPhone 6 ad campaign.

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 3.00.52 PMIt’s also becoming more common to professionally print smartphone pictures; they’re getting that good. Our own Photolab iOS app makes this process fast and easy — available soon for Android, too.

Of course, smartphone picture quality still lags behind results you’ll get from a high-end DSLR camera, or even from an advanced point-and-shoot model. With this in mind, we offer this collection of useful tips and tricks for taking better smartphone shots. (We hope by now everyone knows to press the screen to auto-focus!).

Here are seven ways you can improve your smartphone photography today.


July 14th, 2016

10 Outdoor Summer Entertaining Must-Haves

Before planning any backyard, block, pool, or patio parties this summer, consult our list of must-haves for 2016. You can probably do without some of them. But do you really want to?

But do you really want to?

Backyard Patio Party Tips


August 26th, 2015

11 Amazing Life Hacks That Save You Time, Stress, and Money


This is the Reddit robot. Don’t be afraid; he’s a fount of useful information.

The Internet is a wonderful place, and has a singular asset that trumps all others. (No, not that one—get your mind out of the gutter.)  No, what the web does better than anything else is make your life easier. Recent years have given rise to the “life hack”—lifehacker.com is a great resource—a term describing an elegant, novel, and inexpensive solution to an everyday problem. In other words, everyday tips and tricks that save you time, stress and money.

Lucky for us, a there’s a robust and sprawling website named Reddit that collects and sorts, well, everything. It has an excellent section devoted to life hacks, which it defines as “uncommon solutions to common problems.”  People submit suggestions and make requests on the forum, garner responses, and readers sort the newest and most popular posts. Collected here is a selection of what we consider the most interesting and useful lifehacks Reddit has to offer.


How to Remove a Stuck Ring

If you’ve ever experienced the quiet horror of trying to remove a ring that won’t budge from your finger, this is the corkscrew hack for you.


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