April 2nd, 2017

LD Experts: Shoot 4K Photos and Video Like a Pro

Looking for the update on the latest photo and video tech? Our LD Experts have you covered with exactly what you need to step up your camera game.

On CTV Morning Live’s Tech Talk in Regina, LD Expert Joel Bortnick shared his thoughts on the newest camera to shoot ultra HD resolution photos and video. Watch the full video here.

Here’s the gist … If you’re looking to step up your photography from an iPhone, but aren’t ready to invest in a DSLR, the LUMIX G85 camera is for you. As the latest user-friendly model from Panasonic, the G85 (much like Canon or Nikon) allows interchangeable lenses, but is mirrorless, making the camera significantly more compact and portable.

If you enjoy ultra-high-definition, the LUMIX G85 shoots in 4K resolution for video, with the option to save in 4K Photo Mode. This camera represents a happy bridge between photo and video, giving you the ability to shoot both—simply.

And if you’re a blogger or musician looking to take video with incredible sound quality, you might consider trying the Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder. With a wide-angle view of 160 degrees and battery capacity of about two hours of filming time on a single charge, this recorder makes high-quality video a breeze for anyone.

Visit your local London Drugs store to chat to an LD Expert, or visit londondrugs.com to find the top photo, video and tech products online.

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October 29th, 2016

Experience Pure Driving Realism at our Assetto Corsa Events!

Ever wonder what it’s like to be a race car driver? Assetto Corsa is a premier racing simulator with a fanatical focus on pure driving realism – and we want you to give it a try!

Assetto Corsa is pure driving realism, built by racing enthusiasts, for racing enthusiasts. On Saturday, November 5, we’ll be hosting dozens of Assetto Corsa Events in our stores, across Western Canada. Head to your nearest participating London Drugs store to experience the racing simulation for yourself.


Assetto Corsa is available now for XBox One and PS4. See a full list of Assetto Corsa Events at londondrugs.com.

June 21st, 2016

LD Experts: Connect Your Home With These New Gadgets

london drugs connected homes smart homes

LD Expert David Levitt chats with CTV Morning Live Weather Host Phil Darlington.

Watch the full interview here. 

Many know about Fitbit and other wearable fitness trackers, which connect to the internet to monitor many aspects of health. But fewer know about the range of similar devices designed to monitor your home.

David Levitt from London Drugs Grassland recently appeared on CTV Morning Live in Regina, Saskatchewan to discuss the emerging smarthomes trend.

He showed off many such gadgets available at London Drugs, including:

Eve Weather

Eve Outdoor Weather Sensor by Elegato: Eve Weather is built to live outside, and with IPX3 water resistance, even a little rain won’t hurt. Keep track of the weather at your actual home, and easily access your personal data right on your iPhone and iPad.

Note: Elegato also makes an indoor sensor.


L8908493mydlink WiFi Water Sensor by D-Link: It alerts you when water is detected, letting you know of a leak before it becomes a disaster. Use your mobile device to monitor what’s happening at home, even when you’re on the go with push notifications to your iOS or Android device.Leaks don’t always happen near an available outlet. That’s why D-Link has designed their 1 metre extension cable to be extended even further using any Standard RJ-11 phone cable.

L6065791Eve Energy Switch & Power Meter by Elegato: Live smarter by knowing more about the place you care about most. With Eve Energy, switch your devices on or off with a simple tap, and instantly see how much energy your devices are using.

Note: Elegato devices currently do not support Android.

L6141790WiFi Video Doorbell by Ring: With Ring, you’re always home. That’s because, with wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, it’s like you’re home even when you’re not. It even allows you to monitor your property from hundreds of miles away!

At LD, we know even the most useful gadgets have to fit within a budget in most Canadian homes. Not to worry. David also assured viewers that these devices will not break the bank, “They are entry-level priced, but not entry level in terms of what you get.”

Watch the full interview here. 


May 14th, 2016

LD Experts: Your Guide to Binge-Watching TV

With the popularity in tv streaming services comes a variety of products that can contribute to the movie night of your dreams. Not sure what you need? Read this article. Then get some candy and snacks, cozy up in a throw blanket, and hit play.

If you’re a basic binge-watcher, an HDMI cord is the simplest way to project your shows onto your TV. They connect your laptop to your TV, so you can have a larger picture and better sound. If you have a Macbook, you’ll need a converter in order to connect the HDMI cord to your computer. Logiix and Certified Data both offer HDMI cables and a variety of adapters, and Apple has a new three-in-one adapter. Ask in-store if you aren’t sure which cords you need for your TV and computer.

However, if you’re more of an intermediate binge-watcher, then you might be ready for a most sophisticated device. The following devices enable you to watch web-based video on your television. There are no monthly fees associated with these products – however, services like Netflix do charge a monthly fee.

Roku Streaming Media Players

your guide to bingewatching


April 3rd, 2016

LD Experts: On-the-Go Compact Technology

LD Expert Jake

LD Expert Jake Schultz

Just because you’ve travelling or working remotely doesn’t mean you can sacrifice technological productivity. That’s why LD Expert Jake Schultz visited CTV News Calgary to discuss some small, portable options to replace your clunky tech.

Need a printer? The Canon Pixma IP110 Compact Printer is wireless and can print 240 pages on a single charge.

For full-power computing needs, consider a portable device like the N2807 Ultra Compact PC by Certified Data. Since Certified Data is our in-house brand, any repairs, upgrades, or service you require will be done right here in Western Canada.

Next up is the Verbatim Mediashare Wireless Streaming Device. It allows you to share media across your devices, completely wirelessly – using it’s own wifi system.

The D-Link Wireless Travel Router creates a wifi hotspot from an ethernet cord. If your hotel only provides wired internet, this mini router will allow you to use wifi from that internet – and you can connect all of your devices at once.

But what about when you’re out and about and need a charge for your smartphone or tablet? The Logiix Piston Portable Battery Pack can charge your phone (or anything that uses a USB charger) three separate times on a single charge, so you can stay connected.

The last compact product is the Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard. It folds up teeny tiny and provides you with a proper, keyed keyboard for those urgent emails.

Visit London Drugs for all of your travel & compact computing needs.

Watch the full video here.

December 3rd, 2015

Gift the High-Tech Gadget That Will Make Your Holiday

Tech gifts make for difficult purchases because there are so many options. But fear not—any of these sophisticated gadgets will have kids (and adult kids) rocking around the Christmas tree with joy.

Ricoh Theta S-360 Camera

Capture an entire 360 degrees with a single panoramic shot—then use your PC, tablet, or smartphone to have fun with the spatial dimensions. The Ricoh Theta S-360 is a totally new concept that revolutionizes both conventional photos and videos.

* * *

S-Line Smart Balance Hoverboard

Sure to be a hot item this holiday season, the S-Line Smart Balance Hoverboard shows that the future really has arrived. The intuitive, self-balancing scooter charges in less than three hours and will travel up to 20 km (at a maximum speed of 10 km/h). It’s the new wave of transportation, and an ideal gift for early tech adopters.

* * *

Dyson Vacuum

New to our shelves, there’s no denying the star power of the Dyson line of vacuum cleaners. (It’s an important point, since a Dyson may be the only cleaning tool anyone would be happy to find under the tree.) With upright, cordless, and handheld models, Dyson offers a solution for every mess.

* * *


A Fitbit is the perfect gift for anyone trying to get more physically active. Depending on the model, it can track steps, kilometres walked, minutes of activity, stairs climbed, fitness goals, calories burned, and heart rate (all through the wrist, too—no pesky chest straps). The top-of-the-line Surge also offers a GPS option, which is handy for outdoorsy types, while the Flex is functional and affordable at $119.99. (The latter was selected by YoYoMama as a perfect gift for Dad!). Learn more about Fitbit from LD Expert Tom.

* * *

Canon CS100

A brilliant tool for any photography buff, the Canon CS100 replaces your external hard drive, USB sticks, and SD cards. With a full terabyte of storage, the CS100 can store up to 150,000 photos. Plus, if you want to view the photos on your computer, it plugs right in.

* * *

3DR Solo Drone

The world’s smartest drone is also the easiest to fly. With features like push-button flight and computer-assisted Smart Shots, Solo makes it easy for anyone to get professional aerial photos and video.

Shop the Gift Guide here:

Ricoh Theta S-360

S-Line Smart Balance Hoverboard



Canon CS100

3DR Solo Drone



April 27th, 2015

Tech Talk with GoPro and 3DR Drones

If you haven’t already heard, GoPro’s are the next big thing and London Drugs has all the accessories and items you need to capture the perfect video. On Monday, April 20th, London Drugs tech expert David Levett sat down with anchor Darrell Rumold on CTV Morning Live in Regina to discuss the latest GoPro and some of the newest accessories to go with it.


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