September 7th, 2017

Back to Dorm Essentials Every Student Needs

Back to school shopping is arguably the best part of the beginning of the school year. It’s even more important when you’re heading off to university. But while dorm rooms have the basics covered (bed, desk, at least one roommate you’ll either love or hate), it’s important to bring those little things that will make your space feel like yours (and of course to have on hand all those essentials every student needs). After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your dorm room, so it’s got to be comfortable!

Whether you’re heading off to your university dorm for the first time, or returning and looking to elevate your dorm room game, we’ve got tons of suggestions to make your home base more homey.

Back to Dorm London Drugs - Student on Campus

Essential Electronics

Sure, your phone can do basically anything these days, but for some things it’s good to have a backup when the battery dies and you still need to get to class. This iHome Bluetooth alarm clock has USB charging ports, will sync to your phone to play music, and rocks a “Gradual Wake” feature to make waking up a little less awful.

An external hard drive is absolutely essential these days, and even more so for students. You will inevitably accidentally delete an essay or have your computer crash at the worst time. Make sure you have all your files backed up to keep your stress levels down!

Even if you have a cafeteria meal plan, you’ll want a kettle for late night coffee, instant noodles, or tea. Electric kettles are quiet, fast, and only need an outlet to work.

This Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 camera is is more fun than essential, but it’s way better than taking pictures with your phone and it has a “party mode” to help you take clearer photos in low light. Impress your new friends with photo memories of the party where you met them!

London Drugs Back to Dorm - Students on Campus

Wall Decor

Nothing says boring like the plain white walls of a dorm room. Consider making your room more visually appealing—and comforting—by enlarging personal photos to poster size at the London Drugs Photolab! Fill your walls with your friends and family. It will help to reduce homesickness, plus you’ll look cooler than everyone else in your dorm who all have the same Bob Marley poster.

Invest in a good long mirror. It’ll ensure you never head to class in your pyjamas and it’s great for outfit selfies. This one can be hung over a door to save space.

Get Cozy

The most important thing with a new dorm room is to make the space feel comfortable. Grab some luxurious-feeling but inexpensive Egyptian cotton sheets for the bed and a soft velvet Berber throw to turn your bed into a cozy haven. Upgrade your desk chair with a chair pad for those long nights of essay writing.

Good luck with the new school year!

August 23rd, 2016

6 Ways to Make This Your Most Organized School Year Yet

Don’t be fooled by the scorching temps, the tinkle of ice cream trucks and the sweet smell of sunscreen: summer is drawing to a close. You can’t fight it. It’s already that time of year. (Remember: the next step after denial, is acceptance.)

go back to school organized this year

While the prospect of having the kids back in school delights many a parent, remembering the busy-ness of the school routine can quickly turn that delight to dread. If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time to revisit your strategy: getting organized early can make all the difference.

Here are some ideas to get you ready before it’s all systems go.

1. List it or lose it.

Whether you DIY, get an app (the Wunderlist app is definitely a fave) or download one of the thousands on Pinterest to choose from, first things first – get a list! Start one for school supplies, lunches, clothing – it’s amazing how good you can feel ticking off to-dos.

2. Kill it with a calendar.

Having a calendar for important school dates (and work and personal dates too!) is a must for any sane human being. For the digitally inclined, Google Calendar is an obvious choice: it’s free and easy to use on all your family’s devices. But dry erase calendars for home and work can be invaluable – they are always “on”, and don’t require batteries. Try giving each family member a different coloured marker for some seriously sensational scheduling!

Check out this beautiful (and minimalist) printable calendar currently making the rounds on Pinterest.

3. Do lunchboxes like a boss.

This school season, think bentos instead of bags. Current lunch-box hotness trends towards nutritionally balanced works of art; perfect triptychs of fruit, veggies and string cheese. Sandwich boxes are an easy way to keep it all sorted; note the colour tabs on this one for the ultra-organized. The best part? No wizardry required.

it's easy to pack lunches in these sistema containers

4. Put a label on it.

Personalized labels have come a long way from the drab, peeling stickers that used to adorn every kid’s school supplies. Today’s labels are built to last—and the choices have expanded too. You could stick with the traditional self-laminating variety – or, better yet, stick-on some bling. Your kids will love bejewelling their book bags, notebooks, pens (and themselves) with stickers and DIY jewelry sets to help them keep track of their favourite school stuff.

5. Get your game on.

Once school begins there are so many rules and routines to follow it can all be so…boring. Put a bit of fun into it with a back to school game. Scavenger hunts can be a fun way for little ones to find hidden school supplies (and then for parents to teach them how to put them away). They can also be used with somewhat older kids, to help teach new skills and concepts…just don’t forget the prize at the end!

6. Just wing it.

When all is said and done, the back to school busy is brief and before you know it you’ll find your groove – so don’t sweat the silly stuff! If all else fails, eat cake.

September 19th, 2015

Going Green: Harness the Power of Kids

Green recycle kids

Keeping the earth in great shape is a job for us all, young and old alike. And when it comes to recycling, kids can go green with no problems at all–with just a little guidance. Here are four ways to help your kids be kind to the planet–while having a total blast.

Make it a game: can it be recycled? Reused? Composted?

Make it a game: can it be recycled? Reused? Composted?

Host A Clothing And Toy Swap

Collaborate with other parents to recycle outgrown clothes and toys. Help everyone sort things by size or type (all the games and puzzles over here!) and see what treasures you can dig up. Afterwards, have some boxes and bags set up so you can drop off anything that didn’t find a new home at a worthy charity.

Make A Game of Post-Dinner Chores

Get your cleanup crew in gear with a cleanup sorting game: can it get recycled, composted or reused? Stoke competitive fire by promising a small prize or treat to the first to get everything put away. Track how much garbage you’re generating and see how your household improves over time.

Make Playtime Eco-Friendly

Is that garbage, or a crafting opportunity? Often old cartons and containers can be repurposed through glue, paint and a child’s imagination. One creative child we know transformed an old (and well-rinsed) laundry softener bottle into an Egyptian pharoah’s headdress, so the sky’s the limit here. Need some entry-level advice? Find those unmatched socks and take a look at this sock puppet guide from the masters of Muppetry, Sesame Street.

Families relaxing go green

Think ‘experience’ rather than ‘object’ at gift-giving time.

Think Green In All Things

When you’re planning a birthday party or a family vacation, brainstorm ways to minimize garbage. Consider giving experiences rather than things for birthdays and holidays. Go for bike rides or picnic in the park. Seek out environmentally friendly after school activities.

The best way to motivate your children to recycle is to demonstrate eco-friendly ways of living, and encouraging them to participate in green initiatives.

In general, creativity combined with a sense of fun make an eco-friendly childhood a snap. Before you throw anything away, consider if it could be reused or recycled in any way. By using fun and participatory activities, you can teach your kids how to recycle and tread lightly on this earth.

September 2nd, 2015

How to Greet–And Charm–The Teacher

Teacher and pupils working at desk together at the elementary school

Back to school means new classrooms, new school supplies—and a brand new teacher for the year. We spoke to a handful of British Columbia primary- and high-school teachers and asked them what would totally charm them for the new school year. Read ahead for the three things you need to make a great first impression on your instructor.

Detail from Michelangelo's famous painting

Help Children Craft the Story of Their Summer

It’s an oldie but a goodie, teachers say: asking students to share stories about their summer.

“It’s a great icebreaker for students if we can talk about our summers together on the first day of class,” says Mindy, who is welcoming back a class of Grade 2 students.

Not only is it a great icebreaker, she says, but the storytelling exercise can help students feel more at ease speaking in class. Many teachers plan to use a storytelling exercise in the first few days. So if your child has social anxiety in any way, or is perhaps just a wee bit shy, you can help by working with them to pick out a great story and practicing at home. A positive initial experience will help your child participate more fully in classroom discussions all year round.

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using Laptops

Organize the Not-So-Obvious School Supplies

Many students need more than just pencils and a backpack to navigate today’s classroom. Tuck a thumb drive into their pencil case to make getting homework assignments home a snap. If your teen is smartphone obsessed, ask them if they would like to experiment with an app like Remember The Milk or Wunderlist to help them track homework assignments, university applications and chores.

“Having any usernames and passwords easily accessible also makes the first day go smoothly,” says Lynette, a high school teacher. She recommends figuring out how to get them as soon as school starts, if not in a scheduled computer class, and keeping them tucked somewhere safe until the student has them memorized.

One key to a great first impression on your teacher? An open and positive attitude.

Show Up With Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude

“Whatever happened last year is in the past. Every one of my students starts with a clean slate,” says David, a grade nine teacher. Every teacher we spoke to reiterated the importance of being enthusiastic about the upcoming year and avoiding defeatist attitudes.

“I hate it when kids come in on the first day and say, you know, I’m no good at math,” adds David. “Everyone has subjects that they find difficult. Positive thinking helps everyone make a good start. It’s okay not to know everything on the first day – that’s why they call it learning!”

Ultimately, going back to school is a matter of preparation that extends far beyond the bookbag. And your child’s teacher is an important partner in helping your child grow into a happy, healthy adult. Charm them and you’ve got a charmed year ahead. 

June 3rd, 2015

Top 10 End of the School Year Gift Ideas

With the final days of school coming to an end for the summer, it may be time to start thinking about how you would like to document your school memories. For parents or students who are looking to thank their teachers or coaches with a year-end gift, photo gifts are a great way to document those memories. The London Drugs photolab has come up with some ideas to capture end of the school year moments for teacher mementos, sports teams, or even school fundraisers.


cookboookFor those students who learned to cook and create their own recipes in home economics class, a class cookbook is a creative way to document your favourite class dishes. A year-end cookbook can be designed from a compilation of each student’s favourite recipe. Gift your teacher with a custom made cookbook, or create one for each student totake home. Don’t forget to create a customized place mat to go along with your favourite cookbook recipes!


scrapbooksFor students who may be transitioning from elementary school to high school or from high school to post secondary, memories of your past schooling can easily be documented in a scrapbook. These mini albums are perfect for sharing and will keep your memories safe for years to come.


September 26th, 2011

Simple tips to keep families healthy

Limit your risk to cold, flu and infections during Back to School.

Children will be sharing more than just laughter and snacks with each other as they return to school. With cold and flu season around the corner, London Drugs is committed to helping parents and children learn simple precautions they can take to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Illnesses and infections such as a cold, the flu, pinkeye, and strep throat are common contagious conditions kids are likely to catch at school. Schools can provide an ideal breeding environment for viruses and bacteria and prevention is the key to help keep kids healthy.

Practicing the following ill-fighting habits will help to reduce the chances of getting sick:

  • Frequent hand washing. Regular handwashing using soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds. If water and soap are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer and ensure you rub your hands until the product is dry.
  • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or into your sleeve. Dispose of the tissue right away and wash your hands afterwards using the tips above.
  • Avoid rubbing your nose and eyes. Keep your hands away from your eyes, nose and mouth to keep germs from entering your body.
  • Don’t share. Avoid sharing food, utensils, water bottles and other things that could pass bacteria and viruses.
  • Taking a regular daily dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C intake can help decrease the duration and severity of a cold if you get one.
  • Rest well. If your child is sick, keep them home from school and avoid contact with others.

Aside from a good rest, medications are also available to relieve symptoms associated with commonly seen illnesses. London Drugs pharmacists are available for in-store consultation to provide with customers the most up-to-date treatments and care.

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