June 7th, 2017

Changes in bylaws regarding carbon monoxide detectors

Vancouver has changed their bylaws in an effort to improve safety regarding carbon monoxide in your home.

Vancouver Sun – May 17, 2017


December 7th, 2016

Canadian Winter Preparedness Checklist

winter safety checklist canada

Despite complaints of how it “lasts half the year,” we Canadians love our winters. In fact, we’re proud of them. They’re wonderful for curling up at home, visiting family and friends, and playing in the snow.

But our winter has a dark side with the risk of power outs, frostbite, vehicle mishaps, and more. As with any danger, the key is good preparation. Here are some helpful checklists for winter safety indoors, outdoors, and on the road. They’ll help you survive a Canadian winter in style:

In The Home…

Blackout Basics: Home is the coziest place to be during winter. Until there’s a power outage, that is. That’s when you’ll need three days of food and water, a first-aid kit, a battery-powered radio, candles, flashlights, and a few board games, too.

Fire Logs: When waiting out cold snaps and nasty colds alike, a roaring fire makes your home into a sanctuary. But maintaining a woodpile can be impractical. Luckily, artificial logs burn for hours. No fireplace? Grab a space heater, instead.  

A Generator: During prolonged blackouts, a generator can power all your survival essentials, like the heaters we mentioned before and so much more. Just keep it full of fuel and stored away. Even if you never need to use it, it’s great to know it’s there. 

On The Road…

Large Flashlight: If your car is stuck or can’t be driven safely, you might need to flag down assistance or head for nearby help on foot. In those cases, you’ll be glad to have a large, very bright flashlight to ensure you’re easily seen. 

Quality Scraper & Shovel: Don’t be forced to push snow around with your boot or use the old credit card window-cleaning trick this winter. Get a full-sized shovel and a quality scraper, instead. You’ll thank yourself later.

A GPS Tracker: Planning a long winter car trip? There’s a good chance you’ll leave cellular reception far behind. So it’s always smart to let someone know where you’re headed. Even better? Give them the ability to track you via satellite

And Out In The Snow.

Warming Pads: Being outdoors is exhilarating in the wintertime. But before long, your fingers and toes will start smarting. Or worse, they’ll become numb. Keep the fun going with heating pads for your hands and feet.

Insulated Drink Container: Canadians know the only thing better than a warm drink at home is one outdoors. If you’re headed out beyond the coffee shops (difficult in Canada, we know), a quality insulated container, like this one from Thermos, will save the day.

Phone Charger: You’ve been out all day taking and sharing pictures of your winter fun when you suddenly realize your battery is getting low. Sound familiar? For safety and convenience, carry a pocket-sized phone charger wherever you go. 

For more advice on winterizing your home, yourself, or your car, speak to an LD Expert today. Or, to make a purchase, visit London Drugs in-store and online.

Stay safe and enjoy the winter, everyone. 

July 19th, 2016

How to Make Your Own Summer Safety Kit

With warm weather comes adventures and activities – but it also brings scrapes, burns, cuts, and bites.

summer safety first aid

You should always have a first aid kit in your home and car, but what about when you’re out and about? You probably already have a lot of these items lying around the house, so take the time to keep your family safe this summer and create your own Summer Safety Kit. This DIY kit will make sure you have everything you need when an inevitable scratch or sting comes your way.


April 17th, 2016

LD Experts: Be Safe in the Sun this Summer

We all know the drill. The sun comes out, you run outside to enjoy it, and hours later you return indoors to find a sunburn. Ouch. The dangers of UVA and UVB rays are significant, so take a cue from LD Expert Amanda and take care of your skin. In this two-part feature on CFJC Midday Kamloops, Amanda covers off the St. Tropez sunless tanning line as well as some best practices for sunscreen application.


October 30th, 2015

Daylight Savings Canada: 5 Things to Do with Your Extra Hour

It’s that time of year again. On Sunday, November 1st, 2015, Daylight Savings Time returns to mess with Canadian families’ sleep schedule. It’s the homeward portion of spring forward, fall back, when we set our clocks back an hour, extending the day. Although it takes a week or more for your body to absorb the change, gaining an hour is easier than losing one, as we do in March. Here are 5 ways to consider spending your 60 bonus minutes this Sunday.

1. Check your smoke detector

check your smoke detector this daylight savings

Since we change our clocks twice a year, Daylight Savings is a good time to check your smoke detectors, change their batteries, and reassess your family’s escape routes in case of fire. Remember: good fire-safety habits save lives.


October 5th, 2011

Safety Superheroes Honoured at 7th Annual Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Public Safety

Three ‘Safety Superheroes’ have been selected to receive BC’s highest safety honour at the 7th Annual Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Public Safety.

The awards, which will be presented by the British Columbia Safety Authority on November 16, 2011, recognize individuals and organizations who demonstrate exceptional leadership, achievement or innovation in the promotion of safety in BC.

“We are proud to announce the 2011 award recipients,” says Catherine Roome, President and CEO of the BC Safety Authority. “Leaders in safety stand apart. Safety isn’t just a poster – they live it. Whether they are organizations or individuals, it is their actions that make it clear that safety of others is their paramount value. We recognize these winners and highlight their accomplishments because they are great examples of their commitment to vital, strong communities.”

Recipients of the Lieutenant Governor’s Awards for Public Safety are chosen by the Safety Selection Committee, which includes a senior staff member of the BC Safety Authority and respected individuals in the safety field from seven other organizations.


Laurie Lowes, London Drugs – Lifetime Achievement Award
One of Laurie Lowes’ favourite expressions is, “safety is not a trade secret” and he has spent most of his 30-year career sharing his safety knowledge with direct coworkers as well as colleagues across the retail sector. Lowes joined London Drugs in 1981 as Loss Prevention Manager, and became Health and Safety Manager in 1996. He is committed to the health and safety of more than 7,500 employees at London Drugs, Senora Resort and London Air, and to employees in other organizations as well. Lowes was a founding member of both the Retail Loss Prevention Association of BC and the BC Retail Safety Society. Lowes is also a part time instructor in Langara College’s Criminal Justice Program, a first aid instructor with St. John’s Ambulance, and volunteers with numerous business and community groups.

Michael L. Dine, Pender Island Fire Rescue – Exceptional Contribution to Public Safety: Individual Award
Deputy Chief Michael Dine is a champion for firefighter safety and training whose leadership is felt throughout the Southern Gulf Islands fire departments. Since joining what was then the South Pender Island Volunteer Fire Department, Dine has developed a leading volunteer fire fighter training program that is recognized as a model for volunteer departments across BC. He created a Southern Gulf Islands Wildfire Prevention program to educate children and adults, reducing fire and smoke-related calls by at least 30 per cent. In 2005, he also established a cadet program for teenagers to develop future fire fighters. Dine does all of this and more as a volunteer because of his passions for safety and giving back to the community.

Lifesaving Society, BC & Yukon Branch – Exceptional Contribution to Public Safety: Organization Award
The Lifesaving Society (formerly the Royal Lifesaving Society) is a not for profit organization whose mandate is to reduce water-related death and injury. The Society has been educating the public and training lifesavers and lifeguards since 1911, and in that time has touched literally millions of British Columbians through its many programs. The Annual Commonwealth Awards Ceremony for Honour & Rescue in March, and National Drowning Prevention Day in July, are the most important events on the Society’s calendar. Both events recognize roles that any British Columbian may find themselves in as either a victim or rescuer.


DATE: Wednesday, November 16, 2011
TIME: 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Vancouver Convention Centre (West)

Tickets to the event are $75 per person or $600 for a table of eight guests. A ticket order form may be downloaded from the BC Safety Authority’s website at www.safetyauthority.ca/events.

The awards are made possible through the generous support of the following sponsors: Fortis BC, WorkSafeBC (Platinum); Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC, CSA Group (Silver); BC Association for Crane Safety, BC Construction Association, Canadian Home Builders’ Association of BC, Electrical Contractors Association of BC, Justice Institute of BC, Spectra Energy, Teck Resources Limited (Bronze); and Black Press (Media).

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