April 25th, 2017

Floppy Boots Got You Down? We Take Care of That.

Are your winter boots flopping over and making a mess in your closet? Here’s a quick solution to get rid of #bootflop for good!

If you want to clean up your closet, and take good care of your boots over the spring and summer months, have no fear! You can end #bootflop forever with this quick and fun trick that uses an old pool noodle–we know you have one somewhere!

  1. Grab an old pool noodle.
  2. Measure and rough cut to the boot height.
  3. Place inside your boots and zip up!

It’s as easy as that. The pool noodle will keep your boots upright, so you can organize them in your closet without wasting any valuable space. Then, when winter rolls around again, they’ll be ready to put on and go!

LD Solutions offers solutions to everyday problems. You trust London Drugs for your tech, pharmacy, cosmetics, insurance, photography, and more–we help solve your everyday problems.

We hope you enjoy these other tips and life hacks, too!

March 31st, 2016

LD Picks: 4 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items

We all love a good home hack. But these ones are special – they all find another use for standard household items. They’re so simple, we felt a little dumbstruck: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Label electrical cords with washi tape

Home Hacks You Need

Photo via The Chic Site

Power cables. Necessary? Definitely. Annoying? Absolutely. How to keep them all straight? Untangled? Organized? How many of us have crawled under a desk to unplug a laptop, only to wonder which cord is which?

Here’s an easy and clever solution: Washi tape. We carry an array of sizes and patterns from Scotch, so you can colour-code and label to your heart’s content.

[More at The Chic Site]

* * *

Protect the iPad from kitchen messes with a Ziploc bag

Home Organization Hacks You Need

Photo via CNET

Who, while preparing food and glancing at an Epicurious recipe, hasn’t leaned an iPad awkwardly against the knife block or cutting board? Right in the spill zone, in other words. Cooking a new recipe can be stressful enough—there’s no need to worry about ruining an expensive device. Protect it with a handy kitchen essential: Slip your iPad into a large Ziploc bag. Sealed, it’ll protect the tablet from any unanticipated messes—and the touch screen works, as normal. (Use the same technique to protect beloved family recipe cards.)

[More at CNET]

* * *

Control unruly wrapping paper with a binder clip


Photo via Good Housekeeping.

These ubiquitous binder clips have a million uses, but we’re especially fond of this one. Use them to clip wrapping paper right to the roll, one at each end. They were designed for clipping stacks of paper, so it’s a natural extension. You can even devise a hanging system, gaining real space savings from what is usually an unwieldy item.

[More at Good Housekeeping]

* * *

Take control of messy power cords with Command strips

Photo via

Photo via Jen Thousand Words

If you’re an appliance junkie, you know how uncooperative these pesky cords can be. Rather than attempting to wrap the toaster cord around the base—it never stays put—before stowing it away, try this: attach the plug to the side of the machine, using a Command Picture Hanging Strip.

No muss, no fuss.

[More at Jen Thousand Words]

* * *

August 13th, 2012

Organizing tips for back-to-school

Home organization is the key to keeping things under control throughout a busy school year. From back-to-school shopping to organizing student schedules, Professional Organizer, Jennifer Zagorsky, shares her tips and tricks for making the transition from summer fun to back-to-school routines.

Tip #1: Create a centralized, accessible family activities calendar    
The first step to creating a successful routine is having a clear picture of everyone’s new schedules; classes, sporting events and additional extra-curricular activities. With so much going on, you’ll want to create a home base where everyone can see what’s happening at a glance.  Using a simple paper wall calendar works well but there are now more high tech options that are particularly useful in households with older children. The Joy Factory Klick Wall Mount ($54.99 at London Drugs) allows you to mount an iPad in a centralized location in the house so family members have easy access to enter their activities.  This will also allow you to instantly sync family member’s mobile devices, helping to keep everyone organized, on schedule and in the loop.


May 30th, 2012

Home Organization Pain Pt. 3—Kitchen Catastrophe

“My kitchen is a mess!” I say this all the time. But after spending some serious time cleaning and having my daughter help me organize a few cupboards I realized only one area is a total catastrophe—my spice shelf.

A few years ago I received an over-the-stove mounted microwave. It’s terrific. It also freed up the old microwave shelf when I moved the old microwave out. Somehow over time, my spices migrated to it. As you can see, it’s an explosion of bulk spice bags and gadgets that haven’t been tidied up since…oh pretty much since they moved into that space.

My rationale may have been ‘If I don’t fill this shelf up, the cat will perch there.’

Getting down to it

Step one was to pull everything down, take inventory, and clean that shelf. Thank goodness for these babies:
Whoever had the idea for these, I want to kiss you!

My inventory showed things like three bulk bags of cinnamon, and an empty spice jar labelled cinnamon; two bags of different toned yellow spices, neither of which smelled recognizable; my long-lost SlapChop—woo-hoo!

Step two was to make a plan. What spices deserve shelf space, and which ones get relegated to the cupboard (or trash for those “mystery spices”)? How do I deal with the fact I have different shaped spice jars and a space that is deep and tall? How can I use that area in the most helpful way?

Planning is easier when looking at a blank slate.
Once I had an idea of how I wanted to use this space, step three was to execute my master plan. I needed just a few new spice jars, and some kind of stacked display. London Drugs here I come!

I picked up a tiered spice rack, but it didn’t really work out. This shelf is at eye level and that angle wouldn’t allow me to read the bottle labels easily. Also, those differently-sized spice bottles meant I wasn’t able to get the optimum usage for the space this rack offered. No worries—I opted to use the tiered rack in my pantry to hold my seasoning packages and left-over bulk spice bags, which was an added bonus.

I found a solution that I tailored to the space. I attached three Rubbermaid storage trays together, and secured them to the back wall of the microwave cabinet. Now I could see all the spices I used most, and reach my most-used cookbooks easily. The kicker was the fact that the black and tan colours of the organizing trays matched the tones of the kitchen. This solution also let me access the electrical outlet that I’d totally forgotten was back there. Sweet!

I feel calm just looking at this organized space. Aaah…
I still have unused space at the front of this area, but that’s the trade-off for using a specific shelf space for an unintentional use. 
What space in your home is a catastrophe?

London Drugs Fan

Nala Henkel, a former employee and current contract proofreader for London Drugs, is a self-confessed fan of our store. We’ve invited her to share her quirky perspective on all things London Drugs from a consumer’s point of view.

May 24th, 2012

Home Organization Pain Pt. 2—Laundry Paradox

For the room in my house that I associate with utter cleanliness, my laundry room is sloppy and dusty. It’s also incredibly small—the washer and dryer fit against the wall side by side, and there’s just enough room for one person. It has a bi-fold door, so it feels more like a laundry closet.

When this room is jammed with dirty and clean laundry, and various other things that get left on top of the washer and dryer, it makes doing laundry a turn off. I thought about how to organize things, and decided that fixing these things would bring back the laundry day love:

  1. Get stuff off the floor 
  2. Keep clothes off the dryer
  3. Amplify the smell

Get stuff off the floor

Dust bunnies love to hang out around my Swiffer Wet Dry, which is propped in the corner of the room. So off I went to London Drugs, where there are some nice-looking choices. Originally I wanted to hang two hooks, but I had to go to Plan B due to the location of the wall stud. I installed this nice dual hanger hook, which got the Swiffer off the floor, and also helped with the next point.
This shiny double-hook beauty called to me.

Keep clothes off the dryer

With two teens and me doing laundry in one small room, that small space is usually overwhelmed in an explosion of clothes, dirty AND clean. I’ve already laid down the law for everyone to keep their dirty clothes in baskets in their rooms (thanks to a lovely seagrass hamper I found in the London Drugs housewares aisle), but the next step was to keep the dryer top empty. When one of us needs to use the dryer, there’s almost always a load in there saying “Hey! We’re ready to come out now.” And so we oblige by piling everything on top of the dryer. To avoid this, I’m using that second hook on the wall for a laundry bag where the clean clothes can hang out for a while.
This is where dirty laundry lives now—pretty classy!

Amplify the smell

This might be odd, but I have a strategy here. The laundry room smells okay, even when it’s been full of heaps of dirty clothes. I use a dryer bar, which smells great and has lasted a lot longer than I thought it would. I still buy dryer sheets, though, because they are perfect in your sock drawer, in the girls runners and even inside my pillow case. But my favourite smell by far is Gain Apple Mango Tango. I highly recommend this because it makes doing laundry a little bit more enjoyable and fills my small laundry closet with the BEST smell! The next time you’re in the London Drugs cleaning aisle, check it out.
I’m not even kidding about how good this stuff smells.
What space in your home is a paradox?

London Drugs Fan

Nala Henkel, a former employee and current contract proofreader for London Drugs, is a self-confessed fan of our store. We’ve invited her to share her quirky perspective on all things London Drugs from a consumer’s point of view.

May 10th, 2012

Home Organization Pain Pt. 1—Home Office Hurricane

I’m one of those people who have to trick themselves into cleaning and tidying up by calling it organizing. I’m not sure why, but there it is. So as I looked at my office desk after doing my taxes, I thought out loud “Wow, I have to really organize my space up!”

My taxes are a combo—self-employed and personal. The self-employed side means I have to dig through my mortgage statements, find my insurance form, pull together all my fuel receipts…it leaves my space looking like that aftermath of a tropical storm. This is because I’m not careful in my paper search by replacing the file folders and not-needed papers as I should. No, when I find what I’m looking for I do a happy dance and go back to calculating, leaving everything unfiled and unreplaced. I rationalize this by saying it makes the organizing easier.

I have enough furniture—filing cabinet, bookshelf, and desk. It’s really about what I do with all those bits of paper that come in the mail and out of my computer. Here’s how I sorted that out:

  1. Figure out where I’m failing—the things that don’t get filed
  2. Create a system that I will actually use—the filing cabinet is not working
  3. Start fresh—cycle out and store everything 2011

Things that don’t get filed

I was letting the utility bills pile up on top of the filing cabinet after I paid them. That’s close, but it’s not close enough. I bought a version of this and keep it under my desk, right beside my chair. Now I pay the bill, write down the confirmation code and file it right away. Score!
Argyle is awesome!

Create a system

There are bills I pay that need to be set aside for tax purposes, while others are strictly personal. The personal ones I used to file away in a holder near the kitchen phone, but they all migrated to the office where they clutter my brain by living on different surfaces. Now I’ve separated my mini folder holder into work and personal with coloured tabs. It may seem “Office Stationery 1.0”, but I LOVE highlighters, so that’s how I did it.
They’re like felts for grown ups.

Start fresh

To move forward on the right foot, I took out all my old papers and recycled what could go and filed what I need to keep in some bins that I now store in my basement. I also replaced my inadequate desk trash bin (tall and low capacity) for papers with a larger-capacity recycle bin.
This one takes longer to fill up.
This has made me feel pretty good! I think I’m going to tackle my laundry next.

What space in your home needs organization?

London Drugs Fan

Nala Henkel, a former employee and current contract proofreader for London Drugs, is a self-confessed fan of our store. We’ve invited her to share her quirky perspective on all things London Drugs from a consumer’s point of view.

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