September 26th, 2017

Disorganized Mornings? We Take Care of That.

Do you have trouble getting your kids to do their morning tasks, and getting them out the door before school? Here’s one clever (and tasty) trick that makes it fun for kids to complete their morning tasks. This little life hack will have you out the door on time with smiling kids. The answer to disorganized mornings is here!

Disorganized mornings? We take care of that.

  1. Grab a few popsicle sticks (treat your kids to one a day before!)
  2. Use classic markers to colour the top of each popsicle stick
  3. Use a sharpie to write different morning tasks on each one
  4. Make bed…Wash face…Brush teeth…anything to encourage them to get ready!
  5. Grab two mason jars–mark one for the to do’s and one for done
  6. Get out the door and off to school!

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August 22nd, 2017

3 Easy Steps to Declutter Your Garage

At London Drugs we’ve shared tips for cleaning your computerkitchen, vehicle, and more. What’s next to declutter? Declutter your garage, of course! The garage, after all, is the place where items from all these spaces, and everywhere else, often end up.

We get it. It’s a big space. But that doesn’t mean you should just put everything in there, wherever it fits, and look away.

Don’t worry, we can help you organize your garage in THREE EASY STEPS:

1. Make a Plan

First, consider the space and how to use it best. Already stumped? Start by hand drawing a floorplan, taking some measurements, and deciding where you’ll put the big stuff. For the rest, be sure to plan on putting what you’ll use most where you can get it easiest, as well as the opposite. Leaving space for a workbench and tools is also ideal, when possible. It’s just as important to consider what to remove. Remember: garages are often unheated, poorly insulated, and accessible to outdoor critters. So certain items should be kept elsewhere, including: plugged-in refrigerators (inefficient in high/low temperatures), paint cans (last longer indoors), pet food (too tempting for critters), paper products (ruined by humidity and mold), and noxious or flammable chemicals (better off in a shed).

2. Get Organized

After that, begin mentally or physically creating piles. One for things to keep, one to give/throw away, and another of things to sell. Take care of the non-keeper piles first, and do it fast. Many second-hand stores take bulk donations, and some accept unused building supplies. Then schedule a garage sale or list your sell-able items online right away. After that, begin dividing the keeper items into categories of similar objects, like “tools,” “camping stuff,” “clothes,” “kids stuff,” “holiday items,” “keepsakes”…the list goes on. After that, break those groups down more. Whose is it? What’s it made of? What’s it for? Let your organisational impulse run wild and never be afraid to use COLOUR coded bins or stickies. Once like is grouped with like, and you know where you want it to go, it’s time for some exercise.

3. Get Moving

That’s right, the physical portion of garage decluttering. You knew was coming, right? Don’t worry, it can be fun too. The key is having a place to put everything. So after leaving space for the big stuff, get to work creating perfect little spaces for everything else. Just take it one pre-organized category at a time. Of course, it helps to have enough containers, cupboards, hooks, shelves, jars, and boxes (just not paper ones, remember).  One thing you should really focus on is utilizing every inch of the wall space to save floor space for vehicles and walking on. You can stack, hang, shelf, peg, or hook a lot to garage walls, which are usually ten to twelve feet tall. Finally, make sure you have plenty of small or partitioned organizers, containers, and jars. When decluttering a garage, remember that it’s always okay to sweat the small stuff.

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Good luck, and happy organizing!

Here are just a few items at London Drugs that can help you organize your garage in no time. Well, okay. Maybe in time for fall! [CLICK PRODUCTS FOR INFO]


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April 25th, 2017

Floppy Boots Got You Down? We Take Care of That.

Are your winter boots flopping over and making a mess in your closet? Here’s a quick solution to get rid of #bootflop for good!

If you want to clean up your closet, and take good care of your boots over the spring and summer months, have no fear! You can end #bootflop forever with this quick and fun trick that uses an old pool noodle–we know you have one somewhere!

  1. Grab an old pool noodle.
  2. Measure and rough cut to the boot height.
  3. Place inside your boots and zip up!

It’s as easy as that. The pool noodle will keep your boots upright, so you can organize them in your closet without wasting any valuable space. Then, when winter rolls around again, they’ll be ready to put on and go!

LD Solutions offers solutions to everyday problems. You trust London Drugs for your tech, pharmacy, cosmetics, insurance, photography, and more–we help solve your everyday problems.

We hope you enjoy these other tips and life hacks, too!

March 31st, 2016

LD Picks: 4 Unexpected Uses for Everyday Items

We all love a good home hack. But these ones are special – they all find another use for standard household items. They’re so simple, we felt a little dumbstruck: “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Label electrical cords with washi tape

Home Hacks You Need

Photo via The Chic Site

Power cables. Necessary? Definitely. Annoying? Absolutely. How to keep them all straight? Untangled? Organized? How many of us have crawled under a desk to unplug a laptop, only to wonder which cord is which?

Here’s an easy and clever solution: Washi tape. We carry an array of sizes and patterns from Scotch, so you can colour-code and label to your heart’s content.

[More at The Chic Site]

* * *

Protect the iPad from kitchen messes with a Ziploc bag

Home Organization Hacks You Need

Photo via CNET

Who, while preparing food and glancing at an Epicurious recipe, hasn’t leaned an iPad awkwardly against the knife block or cutting board? Right in the spill zone, in other words. Cooking a new recipe can be stressful enough—there’s no need to worry about ruining an expensive device. Protect it with a handy kitchen essential: Slip your iPad into a large Ziploc bag. Sealed, it’ll protect the tablet from any unanticipated messes—and the touch screen works, as normal. (Use the same technique to protect beloved family recipe cards.)

[More at CNET]

* * *

Control unruly wrapping paper with a binder clip


Photo via Good Housekeeping.

These ubiquitous binder clips have a million uses, but we’re especially fond of this one. Use them to clip wrapping paper right to the roll, one at each end. They were designed for clipping stacks of paper, so it’s a natural extension. You can even devise a hanging system, gaining real space savings from what is usually an unwieldy item.

[More at Good Housekeeping]

* * *

Take control of messy power cords with Command strips

Photo via

Photo via Jen Thousand Words

If you’re an appliance junkie, you know how uncooperative these pesky cords can be. Rather than attempting to wrap the toaster cord around the base—it never stays put—before stowing it away, try this: attach the plug to the side of the machine, using a Command Picture Hanging Strip.

No muss, no fuss.

[More at Jen Thousand Words]

* * *

August 13th, 2012

Organizing tips for back-to-school

Home organization is the key to keeping things under control throughout a busy school year. From back-to-school shopping to organizing student schedules, Professional Organizer, Jennifer Zagorsky, shares her tips and tricks for making the transition from summer fun to back-to-school routines.

Tip #1: Create a centralized, accessible family activities calendar    
The first step to creating a successful routine is having a clear picture of everyone’s new schedules; classes, sporting events and additional extra-curricular activities. With so much going on, you’ll want to create a home base where everyone can see what’s happening at a glance.  Using a simple paper wall calendar works well but there are now more high tech options that are particularly useful in households with older children. The Joy Factory Klick Wall Mount ($54.99 at London Drugs) allows you to mount an iPad in a centralized location in the house so family members have easy access to enter their activities.  This will also allow you to instantly sync family member’s mobile devices, helping to keep everyone organized, on schedule and in the loop.


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