October 20th, 2016

5 All-Time Favourite Halloween Treats

What was—or is—your all-time favourite Halloween treat?

You might be able to tell simply by paying attention to what you buy this year, since a good portion of adults actually choose the treats they hand out based on their personal favourites. (We don’t, after all, want to be left eating treats we don’t like, should the little ones not show up, right?)

Or check out our list below to jog your memory. And if we haven’t included one of your all-time faves, just let us know!


August 15th, 2013

Music made for summer

summer-music_1Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band by the Beatles
I was 14 years old on December 8, 1980. Before that day I don’t think I could have told you which Beatle was which. But as the sad days unfolded after the death of John Lennon, my fascination with the Beatles grew, stoked by buying records, pouring over liner notes, reading every newspaper retrospective printed, and listening to DJs talk about their memories of their first introduction to Beatles music on the radio.

I don’t believe “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” (“Sgt. Pepper”) was the first Beatles album I bought, but it was likely second. The more I read about the Beatles, the more I discovered that this album had been a great musical influence for so many bands that came after them. In fact, it was a huge turning point for rock and popular music history in general.


April 18th, 2013

Everything old is cool again

Here’s a question: What’s the size of a credit card, as thick as an iPhone, and has two wheels? Or how about this: What is round and black with one continuous groove on it? Or finally: What is round, is as shiny as a mirror, and has a hole in the middle that lets you spin it on your finger? The answer to all questions is music (tape cassette, vinyl record, CD.)

London Drugs CDs records and cassette tapes

Compared to past generations, music has attained a superpower: invisibility. Remember how heavy and cumbersome it was to move your record/cassette/CD collection to a new living space? Now 10 times the size of your old music collection floats over your head in “the cloud,” somehow following you wherever you are. I barely understand how this works—magic?—and you can bet I can’t even try to explain this to my mom, who’s still suspicious of fax machines.

Old technology can be strangely satisfying

I’ll confess I’ve been a cherry-picker when it comes to music. If I hear a song I like, wherever I am I’ll immediately buy it online. Then I’ll listen to it as many times as it takes to learn the lyrics. Technology lets me have immediate gratification, but I don’t know if it’s fostering true appreciation, which makes me sad because I truly love music.


The best of both worlds—play your records, then record them as digital files to import into your computer.

Recently a good friend gifted me with a great find—a Sony turntable from a yard sale (and a couple decades ago.) I dug out some of my old vinyl and started listening again, and it was wonderful to hear the songs in the order the artist intended them to be listened to. Instead of being cumbersome, there’s a strange contentment to pulling the sleeve out of the record cover, placing the record on the turntable, and gently letting the needle drop. A large part of my knowledge and appreciation of music came from just listening and reading the liner notes.

Technology doesn’t always mean better

I like that London Drugs recognizes that just because technology changes, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Sure, the latest and greatest can bring a difference to your life (like efficiency,) but I love that London Drugs doesn’t abandon some of these products because they may be perceived as “old school” or not cool. In fact, as my turntable-gifting friend pointed out, a retailer like London Drugs is the perfect place to pick up old vinyl favourites that you can’t find in good condition at small stores or garage sales. And these re-pressings are exceptional in listening quality. Chris Gibson, an electronics buyer with London Drugs agrees. He told me “We’ve seen a resurgence in vinyl LP sales, and we’re hearing from our customers that it’s because the experience is altogether different than today’s digitally downloaded music.”


March 25th, 2013

Vidal Sassoon and the hair rescue

Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Hair Dye

It’s happened to the best of us—a hair colour turns out a little too dark or a little off hue compared to what you saw in your mind’s eye. But what if your fun night of dyeing hair with your girlfriends turned into a bad result of pinkish-purple and orange?

This was the dilemma my daughter Taylor faced recently, and as she’s a working college student with a car loan, the best bet seemed to be a do-it-yourself fix of dark brown. And what kind of a mom would I be if I didn’t dye my hair along with her in sympathy?


August 29th, 2012

Cooking under pressure with London Drugs

When I was much younger, as in elementary school younger, food really affected my life. If I opened my lunch kit and found a lemon spread sandwich—score! If my mom said I was to come home for lunch, that meant tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich DOUBLE SCORE!

However, if I got home and the pressure cooker was out on the stove, my heart sank. Pressure cooker equaled stew which equaled turnips my mom would try to pass off as potatoes. I was wise when I was six, and I’m wise now—I DO NOT eat turnips! I do eat brussels sprouts, so I’m not completely stubborn.

But I recently read a guide about pressure cookers, so now I know they can be used for good and not evil (turnip stew). I also learned a few other things.


August 13th, 2012

Sugar-free options at London Drugs

Things just got a little easier for those looking for sugar-free options.

A few years ago, a friend suggested I try a sugar-free chocolate bar. She had been changing her eating habits, and found the sugar-free chocolate bars were a great treat that didn’t interfere with her weight loss efforts. To find them, though, you had to go to the pharmacy and find the diabetic products. I almost felt bad, like I was buying something that I shouldn’t. But I have to say, they are a decent alternative to regular chocolate bars.


July 21st, 2012

As seen on TV…and at London Drugs!

We’ve all done it—ate something too close to bedtime, or exercised a little too late. Whatever the reason, there you are A-W-A-K-E! And the worst thing is, as soon as you realize you’re not asleep you look at your clock, which tricks you into wakefulness for at least another hour. Maybe two.

Sometimes it’s not bad to be awake, especially when you realize the next day is Saturday. That is the best feeling ever. Sadly, it’s rarely a day off the next day, and getting up at a certain time is mandatory to meet all the other deadlines, like waking kids, getting kids on their way to school, getting yourself to work, etc.


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