October 20th, 2016

5 All-Time Favourite Halloween Treats

What was—or is—your all-time favourite Halloween treat?

You might be able to tell simply by paying attention to what you buy this year, since a good portion of adults actually choose the treats they hand out based on their personal favourites. (We don’t, after all, want to be left eating treats we don’t like, should the little ones not show up, right?)

Or check out our list below to jog your memory. And if we haven’t included one of your all-time faves, just let us know!


October 17th, 2016

5 On-Trend Costume Ideas for 2016

Halloween is only a few weeks away – so now is the time to start planning your costume. Whether you’re trick-or-treating or celebrating with friends, Halloween is the one day a year that you can be anything you want – so make it a good one!

Here, we’ve picked our top 5 favourite on-trend costumes, and as an added bonus, they are all pretty simple to create.


halloween costumes 2016

Who ya gonna call?

One of the year’s hit films, there’s definitely going to be a bunch of ghostbusters circling the neighbourhood come October 31. This one is easy to DIY – you just need a cheap backpack, a tan jumpsuit, and some craft supplies. An accompanying ghost is optional.


September 28th, 2016

Best Reasons to Love Fall in Canada

The end of summer is a sad time – farewell to warm sun, blue skies, and bare feet. Many Canadians wait all year for the summer months, and quick as a flash, it’s over. But don’t worry! Before winter descends, we’ve got fall – the most beautiful, colourful season of them all. There’s lots to look forward to – here are our favourites.

Jumping into a pile of leaves


Rake all the leaves!!!

Maple leaf selfies

“It’s as big as my head!”

Seasonal beverages

Photo by Jellaluna.

Photo by Jellaluna.

Whether it’s a pumpkin-spice something or a steaming cup of chai, hot drinks are everything in the fall.

Fuzzy (bunny) slippers

A photo posted by Emma 🎀 (@emma_rob19) on

Bye bye flip flops, helloooo slippers.

Walking on crunchy leaves


Come on, you totally went out of your way to squash that particularly crisp leaf.

Slowly changing colours

There’s nothing like that mix of blue, green, and orange.

Pumpkins as decor


Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween!

Cozy fires


You’ve waited all summer for this. Enjoy.

October 20th, 2015

LD Picks: Best Halloween Decorating Ideas

The spookiest day of the year is upon us. Read on to be the King or Queen of Halloween.

* * *

DIY Trick or Treat Tin Can Luminaries

Image courtesy of Jolly Mom

These DIY luminaries light a path to your door for all the ghosts and ghouls hungry for candy. Come November, you can recycle ’em.

[More at Jolly Mom]

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October 13th, 2015

LD Picks: 23 Killer Jack-O-Lantern Ideas

We might have gone a little pumpkin crazy. We just can’t help it. Halloween will be here before we know it!

* * *

1. Skeleton Pumpkins

Skeleton Pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

2. Sparkly Pumpkins

Sparkly Pumpkin

Photo courtesy of The Farmer’s Daughter

[How-to at The Farmer’s Daughter]

* * *

3. Constellation Pumpkins

Constellation Pumpkin

Image courtesy of Country Living

[How-to at Country Living]

* * *

4. Mummy Pumpkins

How to make a mummy pumpkin

Photo courtesy of Hands On As We Grow

[How-to at Hands On As We Grow]

* * *

5. Black Cat Pumpkins

Black cat pumpkins

Photo courtesy of Sunset magazine

[How-to at Sunset]

* * *


October 4th, 2015

5 On-Trend Costumes Ideas for Halloween 2015

Inside Out

Inside Out Halloween Costume

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Pikawil

Pixar is brilliant at creating adorable characters than children want to emulate. But Inside Out is going to be great fun for adults too! Get a crew together to represent Joy, Sadness, and Disgust (and Anger and Fear too!). There are makeup tutorials available here.

Taylor Swift with her squad

Taylor Swift and her Squad

Image via Flickr user marcen27

Being the year of Taylor Swift, it’s inevitable that there will be countless Taylor Swift costumes out there. But this one is extra fun. Once you’ve got your sparkly dress and high heels and red lipstick, attach a bunch of dolls to your belt to represent your squad (you can even add a Ken-doll Calvin Harris!).


#thedress Halloween Costume

Photo courtesy of Yandy.com

It’s been a while since the internet was swept with #thedress, but it won’t take much for people to be reminded. Was it black and blue or white and gold? Find two dresses and sew them together (half and half!) or make it a partner costume, each representing one version. You can also go all-out and order this one online.


Emoji Halloween Costume
Emojis have been a popular Halloween costume for awhile, but with the new keyboard being released on iOS this year, there are plenty more to impersonate! Get a group of girls with multiple colours of hair & skin to wear pink shirts and represent the sassy girl emoji, or rep the costume classics – the salsa dancer and the twinning girls.

Donald Trump

donald trump halloween costume

Image via Flickr user iprimages

This is an easy one. All you need is a suit, a red tie, and some really bad hair.

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