November 30th, 2016

How to Make the Perfect Care Package

Care packages are the perfect remedy for those who are feeling homesick this holiday season. Whether they’re overseas on a business trip, across the country studying for exams, or even just next door fighting the flu, everyone will be grateful for a little thoughtful delivery. Perk up a loved one’s day by making them a care package for every occasion.

care package

Keys to a great care package

You don’t have to blow the budget to assemble the perfect care package. Make sure to keep these tips in mind before you begin:

  1. Look for decorative bins and multipurpose storage boxes to contain your gifts. Not only will they keep everything safe and neatly packed, but they can also be reused.
  2. Wrap your items in tissue paper for added cushioning, and invest in some bubble wrap if you’ve included any breakables.
  3. If you’re planning to send food, make sure to double check with your postal outlet for any restrictions. If anything has the ability to melt or burst, this is where the bubble wrap comes in handy.
  4. Don’t go overboard – keep it small. This will make it cheaper to ship, and easier for the recipient to bring home.
  5. Take your package to the post office and have it weighed to ensure that there are no shipping complications. If you’re on a deadline, have the parcel expedited.
  6. Have fun! Surprise your loved one with inside joke items, heartfelt notes and anything you think will put a smile on their face.

care package gifts

Make it a treat

Most people are excited whenever they receive snail mail that isn’t a bill. Make it extra special for them this season, and include something that they may not have time to pamper themselves with on a day-to-day basis.

Make it tasty

If someone is missing home and unable to get their hands on certain food products where they are, make sure to include their favourite snack or holiday treat for a little taste of home.

Make it helpful

Everyone needs an emergency kit during flu and exam season. Make yours functional and fun by including necessary distractions along with the essential cold fighters.

Make it personal

Make your care package unique to whoever is receiving it. Include family photos, handwritten cards and anything else that reminds them of home.

December 17th, 2015

The Best Way to Get Into the Christmas Spirit: Giving Back

London Drugs partnered with Airdrie Angel to make this holiday season a bit brighter for families who have fallen on hard times due to illness, financials difficulties and other trying circumstances.

“This is a really hard time of year for a lot of families and it’s really important that we support however we can,” says Colleen Lancaster, Store Manager at London Drugs in Airdrie.

Staff from her store and a group of volunteers from The Carre Group surprised families with everything from a Christmas tree and decorations to stockings and stuffers and gifts for the entire family.

“What a day like this does for all of us is to make us appreciate what we have and how we can share with others,” says Lancaster.

Airdrie Angel founder, Matt Carre, adds, “It’s about giving a lift to the spirit. This is exactly what Christmas is all about.”

December 2nd, 2015

Move Over Martha – London Drugs is Helping Chefs Impress this Holiday

Holiday Entertaining Made Fun and Easy for the Entire Family

Small appliances are always a hot ticket item during the holidays—they make ideal gifts and are great for holiday entertaining. However this season, in addition to the traditional small appliances, people are stocking up on new and unique novelty small appliances for family friendly holiday fun.

From hot dog steamers to indoor S’mores makers to snow cone makers, London Drugs has expanded its assortment of novelty appliances this season to help chefs of all ages create conversation worthy culinary delights for their family and friends.

Great under the tree as a gift, or used for creative holiday entertaining, here are our top picks for novelty appliances for this holiday season.


Smart Planet Milk Cookie Shot Maker

You’re sure to make Santa’s ‘nice’ list every year if you leave him cookie cups filled with milk this Christmas Eve.

Make six cookie cups, melt the chocolate, fill with milk and enjoy!

Cuisinart Snow Cone Maker

Impress your guests with a sweet treat at your holiday party. The snow cones and slushies are a perfect treat for kids. Add a little Yuletide cheer for an adult party drink.

Salton S’mores Maker

You don’t have to be Martha Stewart to impress your guests. Bring the traditional campfire treat indoors this holiday season and enjoy delicious S’mores treats anytime!

It comes with an indoor safe heating element – no open flame – to roast marshmallows in approximately two minutes. It’s safe and easy to use, and comes with four marshmallow sticks and a serving tray with four compartments.

Smart Planet Peanuts Grilled Cheese Maker

It can be a Charlie Brown Christmas for the kids as they make fun Snoopy and Woodstock character grilled cheese sandwiches at home in minutes.

Featuring a non-stick cooking surface, it will make two perfect golden brown grilled cheese sandwiches every time, and store away easily without taking up much kitchen space.

Hamilton Beach Quesadilla Maker

Holiday entertaining can be quick and easy with this non-stick quesadilla maker. The 9.5-inch surface easily makes six wedges, or enough for 2 to 3 people in mere minutes.

Try setting up a do-it-yourself quesadilla station at your next holiday party to have guests easily assemble their own hot and delicious eats so you don’t have to sweat over the stove the whole time.

Smart Planet Peanuts Hot Dog Steamer

When all the turkey and trimmings are done, you may be ready for something familiar and simple for your family. The kids can make mom and dad dinner with this fun and family-friendly hot dog steamer.

It makes two perfectly toasted hot dogs at home in minutes. With five adjustable toaster settings, you can get the bun exactly how you like it. Just insert the buns and hot dogs, choose the desired settings and enjoy!

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day—especially when you’re getting ready for a day of opening presents with the family.

Treat the family to delicious and easy-to-assemble homemade breakfast sandwiches in less than five minutes.

The non-stick cooking surface makes it a breeze to clean up, and you can set it and forget it with its built in timer.

November 25th, 2015

Gift Ideas For Even the Most Hard-to-Buy-For Teen – Gifts under $100

1. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8

Polaroids have made a big comeback with teens in the last few years. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is a compact camera that prints fun polaroids instantly – keepsakes they can hang in their locker or share with friends.


2. The Star Wars Battlefront Game

With all the hype surrounding the soon-to-be released movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Star Wars Battlefront will undoubtedly be on every teen gamer’s wishlist. The game is available for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


3. The Ion Party On Bluetooth Speaker

The ultra-versatile Ion Party On Bluetooth Speaker is a Bluetooth speaker that streams music wirelessly, while red, green and blue coloured lights flash in synchronization to the music. Adjust the settings for a spontaneous dance party or easy listening while studying.


4. The Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit

Create endless manicure patterns and styles with the Red Carpet Manicure Starter Kit. A portable LED light cures each layer of gel polish in minutes, resulting lasting gel manicures, just like in a professional salon.


November 25th, 2015

You Won’t Believe These Cool Gifts for Teens are All Under $50

1. The Infiniti Pro by Conair Quick Twist

Braids have never been trendier among teens, and this easy-to-use device can create fashionable braided styles in 3 simple steps. The Infiniti Pro by Conair Quick Twist braid maker even includes a starter kit with 30 accessories, for endless combinations.


2. The Skullcandy Uprock Headphones

For teens, style is priority. The Skullcandy Uprock Headphones with transparent casing feature Supreme Sound ™ technology, while also doubling as a stylish accessory.


3. The Cobra Micro Drone Helicopter

Drones have easily become the hottest tech item of the year. This micro drone by Cobra is small enough to lay in the palm of your hand, and can be used indoors or outdoors with incredible stability.


4. The Smart Planet Peanuts Hot Dog Steamer

Make perfectly toasted hot dogs at home with the Smart Planet Peanuts Hot Dog Steamer; just insert the buns and hot dogs, choose the desired setting, and teens can enjoy a fun lunch with friends in minutes.



November 25th, 2015

4 Perfect Gifts Your Teen Will Love – All Under $30

1. The NYX Professional Makeup Travel Set

This NYX travel set comes in a compact case with all the NYX makeup basics for a fresh everyday look and touch-ups on the go. NYX offers a wide range of gift sets to choose from that are suitable for a young beauty buff.


2. The Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit

The simple gifts can make the biggest impact for a young teen. Opt for a basic skincare kit, specifically one that fights acne, like Clean & Clear’s Advantage Acne Control Kit.


3. The Zoella Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist

Zoella, one of the most popular YouTube stars out of the UK (with 9.4 million subscribers), has launched her very own beauty collection, which is now available in Canada. Described as bliss in a bottle, Zoella’s Blissful Mistful Fragranced Body Mist is a relaxing and serene scent.


4. The Lost Ocean Colouring Book

One of the biggest trends this year has been adult colouring books. From the creator of the world wide bestsellers Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest, Lost Ocean Colouring Book will take them on a magical journey beneath the waves.



October 8th, 2015

4 Health and Wellness Gifts You’d Love to Get

They say in giving, it’s the thought that counts. It’s a sentiment doubly true of health and wellness gifts, which have the potential to rub people the wrong way. “Here’s a present to help improve your current condition!’’ Thinking in advance about the wants and needs of your giftee improves  giving accuracy, helping you avoid awkwardness and waste.

When it comes to health- and wellness-related gifts, it’s all about the lifestyle and aspirations of your giftee. Is he or she more about jogging or marathons? Swimming lengths or aquasize? Lifting weights using a workout torn from a magazine, or taking classes with a professional trainer?

Knowledge is power, and we’ve got a suite of helpful suggestions. Of these four people, we bet you have at least one on your gift list.

Your Best Friend

Your bestie Amy practices yoga at home and at the gym, wants to lose weight, and is careful about what she, and everyone else, eats.


A workout mat and a colourful yoga outfit is the perfect gift — the clothes can double as a “run-around-town” outfit for when she’s out with the kids.

Your Parents

Your mom and dad, who love you and want to be alive and healthy for a long time. They take a daily walk for exercise, occasionally ride bikes, and make delicious organic smoothies for everyone.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 4.36.44 PM

A wearable fitness tracker. Mom and Dad are now fluent with their smartphones, and like to assist their exercise with a handful of apps. Take it to the next level with a Fitbit.

Your Brother

In addition to lifting weights with a trainer, your competitive brother Dan does cross-fit, runs a few kilometres each week, and loves his morning protein shakes.


Prepared smoothie and shake mixes. Dan’s probably got strong preferences when it comes to protein powder, so do reconnaissance before you shop. If you’re not sure, Vega makes an excellent protein smoothie for early mornings short of time, or top-ups throughout the day.

Your Sister

Your sister Bella is naturally slim and fit, which is annoying, and she’s considering starting a “10,000 steps a day” program.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 4.34.48 PM

New headphones will help divert Bella from the pain of her heavy duty workouts. And a Go Pro will give her something to upload to YouTube when it’s over.

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